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Sierah’s basketball team upset the number one ranked team in the state last night and beat them by 5 points.  (South Bend Washington.)  South Side is ranked #11.  It was a great opening game.  South Bend Washington is a great team.  YES!   I LOVE basketball! 


To read the story from the South Bend paper click here:  The Story


We traveled several hours to play them, I rode along in the stinkin fan bus with Acacia and Marcus…and about 30 other saps…..sitting on those ungodly hard seats, bouncing all around, the bus driver got lost, drove us an hour out of our way, and we missed half of the Reserve teams game.  Ugh.  No matter though, the girls went up there and showed em what they got and kicked but!  You go ladies, good job.


This was the first road trip that I went on and was totally unprepared.  Jenna had an issue at school yesterday, school was calling, I had to run to the Doctor, ran Sierah some money up to school for something to eat before the game, took my sister out to lunch and did some other running around……by the time it was time to go I realized I hadn’t bought any snacks or drinks……nothing for my little cooler I normally take.  Marcus was on his way to the house so he could ride to school with me and I was totally unprepared when he pulled up.  I ran out of the house without even a jacket or a single cheese nip.  A motion I soon regretted on the ride home in the extremely chilly bus at midnight with my stomach growling.  We by the way, had a police escort out of town on the bus……basketball in Indiana aint no joke.  Lol




I took half of the day off work yesterday to go to the Doctors office.  While there I asked to be put back on my anti-anxiety medication.  The stress of 5 children, a demanding job and I guess life in general causes me to often have chest pain, numbness in my tongue, lips and fingers and shortness of breath.  After extensive testing a few years back they determined it wasn’t my heart…..but simply stress.  I took the medication they prescribed for a period of time, and then stopped after a while.  (I hate medicine.)  As of late, I have felt the symptoms almost daily again so I decided to be a good girl and get back on the medicine.


Yesterday after looking at me, the Doctor seemed much more concerned with my psoriasis than my ankle. (Technically it’s on my ankle too…. both of my ankles and my right foot….also my right  hand.)  It has gotten really bad and she had a long talk with me about me not taking proper care of it.  Said it would soon become ulcerated. (Not exactly sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.) Asked me why I hadn’t been in there to get more medicine for it, I told her my normal excuses…. it was hard for me to get away from work, etc etc…..She then she says, ”Working, working, working… are always working……you work too much.  You must take care of you first Ms. Moore.”   (Point taken Doctor.  Thank you!)


I love to hear her talk…..she has this heavy African accent.  I have no idea how long she has been here but her accent is still very prevalent.  She fascinates me, is always impeccably dressed, beautiful hair, almost no makeup ~ a natural beauty and always wears gorgeous designer shoes.  Yesterday she was wearing a beautiful pair of ferragamos.  Granted, I don’t have money for that stuff any more, but I did have a time in my life that where the finer things in life were a given.  Even though I’m broke now, I still appreciate a nice handbag, good cologne and a fine pair of shoes.  (Thanks Mom!)


So that’s an update on my ankle, basketball and my life in general.


Now what are you guys up to?




  1. Ulcerated is when the skin breaks open and doesn’t want to heal.  Very painful and not in any way fun.
    I’m directing the Musical at my high school Alma Mater.  And havingthe time of my life!

  2.  Hi Laura-
    I have had my share of orthopedic problems and when you mentioned that the front of your shin hurt when you fell down the steps that instantly made me think of an injury of mine. I think it wouldn’t hurt for you to go see a Sports Medicine doctor and have him check out your ACL- the muscle that runs from your ankle to your knee.  If it’s torn it could make you unsteady on your legs. I had a torn ACL and I didn’t know it.  They ended up having to replace mine. It had been like that for I don’t know how long and it wasn’t hurting me.  Just a thought as to why you may be faling down those steps. I fit is messed up you don’t want it to get to the stage that mine did.
    Also, my mother has a bad case of psoriasis and they have put her on a cancer drug called methotrexate(sp) and it works pretty well. I’m sure your insurance should cover it because it’s widely used as a treatment for psoriasis. You don’t want ulcers. I got a bad one from a spider bite and they ended up having to lance it becaue it got infected too. That hurt so bad.
    Congratulations on the basketball win and take care of yourself!!!

  3. Hey Laura –
    Been out of the loop the last few days, but your blog was the first one I went to once I was able.  🙂  Sorry to hear about your ankle!  Ouch!  Sounds like you have a great doctor, though.  I used to have a woman physician, but she moved out of the area… She was the best doctor I’ve ever had – sounds kind of like your doc.  Women doctors rock!
    The new pics are great.  Beautiful eyes run in your family.  🙂  And I loved seeing Charlie Tuna again!!  Hope he’s doing okay now.  Have you heard anything on Boris?  Any news on the potential new job?  Questions, questions, and more questions… LOL
    Have a great weekend, Lau – ruh / Lor – uh !!

  4. Swerds~  I think it is already ulcerated.  It does look bad.  ouch.      Oh directing the play sounds like fun!  🙂  U go girl.
    Denise~  Sierah see’s the best sports medicine Ortho Doctor in town.  I just love him, I will talk to him about it next time I take her.  I think he did mention that medication for my psoriasis once or twice B4 but I want to say he said there was a chance it would bother my kidneys.  I cant really remember.  Normally the sun in the summer really helps.  This time it only helped on my hands, the rest just keeps getting worse.  I know I need to do something different because it has gotten so bad.  Honestly, it really is bothers me and hurts most of the time…….grrr. 
    Beverly~  I worry about you when you dont show up.  Dont make me send out a search party!  ;o)  The ankle is much better….I still have  a bit of a limp but it’s not keeping me down.  Thanks on the eyes……Acacia has beautiful eyes but they dont photograph as beautiful as they are in person.  In person they are very open, almond shaped eyes.  They are beautiful. 
    Charlie is doing much better.  He really just started coming out and wasnt sure at first.  For some reason he seems way more loving now…..not sure what got into him. 
    Boris is good.  His skin is about the same, but he still seems his goofy self.  I really wish I could send myself to live on my friends farm…… :o)    I just love going out there.  (Nothing like fresh chicken eggs) 
    No more news about the new job.  That all rests in Wendy’s hands……I just keep it in prayer.  🙂  I find that is the best way.
    Life is good!

  5. Well,we all know now your psoriasis could ulcerate,but hows the ankle? LOL I am glad to hear of how Boris s doing BTW,and poor Charlie tuna.I am glad he is coming out and being Lovey,its a good sign.Take care of you,Laura,and have a great weekend.

  6. Well,we all know now your psoriasis could ulcerate,but hows the ankle? LOL I am glad to hear of how Boris s doing BTW,and poor Charlie tuna.I am glad he is coming out and being Lovey,its a good sign.Take care of you,Laura,and have a great weekend.
    Whats up with spaces tonight,every comment I try to leave encounters a server problem,have to try again.Aargh!

  7. Gooooo SouthSide! I’m happy to hear the girl’s kicked butt. Girl’s kicking any kind of butt always brings a smile to  my face.
    Glad you went to the Dr. and she is right. Make time for yourself. With everything you have going on it’s just that "MAKING" the time because I’m positive you don’t have it to spare. Hoping you feel better soon. =)

  8. There is a town in Washington state named South Bend which is near where I grew up.  So I read your story about South Bend Washington (just thinking you were comma challenged), clicked on the South Bend Tribune and read half of it until I realized this CAN’T POSSIBLY be about South Bend, WA because it is such a tiny town, and although they have a good football team at times, they’re not good enough to go all the way to Indiana for a competition.  It’s strange, but nowhere in that paper did it include the info it was from the state of Indiana.
    I always enjoy your blog and your dog or cat stories (Cheyenne and the nighttime potty adventures was hilarious).  Do take care of yourself and I hope the psoriasis improves soon.

  9. how long have you had Psoriasis and what have you treated with. I can help you with your psoriasis if you are interested send your reply to

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