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With the recent addition of Boris to our household, the possibility that his lump was cancer and he being the first dog with his condition in my care I decided to seek out some alternative treatment.


In the coarse of my adult life I have suffered different illnesses and have found great relief in natural remedies.  Sure, they don’t all work but I am willing to give something a try if it is natural and seems harmless enough.  Don’t knock it till you try it….right?


Just so happened that in one of my dog magazines that I was reading last week there was an article about Willard Water .  Can’t say I have ever heard of it so after reading the article that seemed incredibly promising I plunged into the Internet to get more information.


After reading everything that I could get a hold of on the Internet, I have decided to try the free sample.  (You pay only shipping and handling.)  Worst that can happen is it doesn’t work…..


I pray something works for Boris and maybe even for my psoriasis.  I am willing to try almost anything…..I will let you know.




  1. crossing my fingers for you and boris…

  2. Wow – never heard of it.  Interesting.  Hope it helps. Have you noticed any improvements with the treatment you are currently using on Boris?  Love the new pics, btw.  🙂

  3. you know…
    i’ve never been a fan of that name…Boris..
    but when you add a Mr.  to it…Mr. Boris… takes on a whole new meaning…its very fitting
    i just love the little guy….his eyes and expression just make me want to kiss him a million times….give him one for me!

  4. You are a saint, I think.  I love dogs at a distance, especially the bigger breeds, but cats are my true love.  I have a dear friend who only adopts the ugliest dog or cat at the pound.  I’m just not that good–I think pretty cats need love too.  Thank God for people like you though–you really accomplish wonderful things with these needy animals.  And from the pictures it looks like your kids will continue your work.

  5. Mannyed………I have my fingers crossed too!  😛
    Beverly….He is finally starting to look better…..I will post new pics of him this weekend.
    Ms Diane….Where have you been young lady?
    flooz…..I love cats too and have a wonderful 3 legged cat who adopted me named Charlie Tuna.  (He hates Boris by the way.)  I also love big ugly your friend!  🙂

  6. Mishka & Vlad send big sloppy kisses to boris, they’ve been to the vet three times this week so they understand some of what he is going through.  They say he can come and play anytime he wants…..well after they finish their meds for whipworm & coccidia.  We wouldn’t want to give him something else to worry about. 
    Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my new ‘do.  It’s starting to grow on me.  I’ve gotten tons of compliments, so I have to love it, right?

  7. I’m SO glad it is not cancer!!  What a relief!!  You’ll have to let us know if the natural remedy works!  🙂

  8. My dad has a Boris.  Part Rotty, part shepard.  Has quite the personality.  He’s jealous of my step mom.  If she sits too close to my Dad, Boris jumps up and sets his butt right in between them.  He had a sister named Natasha. 
    Your Boris is a doll!!  I would love a dog like that.

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