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Well, Boris is progressing well.  He is such a loving dog with a wonderful personality……the news that the lump was non-cancerous was music to my ears.  He is a wonderful dog and will make someone an excellent companion.  Just finding the perfect someone now is the problem.


I have spent lots of time this week getting to know him better and I am starting to get a much better feel for him.  I think he lived a lot of time in a garage or on cement somewhere…..he seldom poops or pees on anything other than the sidewalk directly behind the house even when he has an entire grassy yard to choose from.  He also doesn’t know that going for a walk is a time that he should go potty.  He almost seems so busy looking around and observing everything while we are walking, he almost seems too busy to poop or pee.


He doesn’t miss a thing.  Last night he alerted on a guy who was walking down the other sidewalk and he stood perfectly still picking his scent up off of the wind for about 5 minutes while the guy passed by.  Something caught his attention about the guy, he didn’t bark and wasn’t acting silly… I just let him sniff and watch him while we both stood still and watched him pass by.


My dogs all learn basic obedience and I have begun teaching him but for now I am letting him be stimulated by everything that captivates his attention and kind of just following his lead when he sees something that interests him.  I know when they are in the shelter they spend lots of time in the cages and have little or no stimulation…sure they get lots of audio stimulation from other dogs in the shelter barking but being outside, breathing fresh air, meeting new people, seeing new things, smelling new smells……etc….dogs need that.  Boris needs that right now.


I love to take dogs with me in the car when I am dropping off the kids for running errands……walking in the park, going for day trips…..anything that will get them out of the house and out of our back yard.  Boris loves to ride in the car, but when I take him I have to drape the back seat with a sheet because he is still really stinky due to his skin condition.


While walking he always looks back at me for direction and that’s a good thing when it comes to training.  On our walks I’ve discovered he seems strangely interested in stairs and walks most of the time on a nice loose lead although I don’t think he was walked much in his previous house.  He doesn’t seem to have been abused in a physical way (as in being physically hit although we all know he was abused by his previous owner by neglecting to treat his skin condition) and he hasn’t been scared of anything that we have encountered so far…. other than a hidden hissing cat that we came across one night in a large bush down the street.   


He’s doing great and his lump has gone all the way away…….




  1. He’s so cute…love the new pics!  Is his skin responding to the treatments?

  2. That’s great news.  He seems like he’s a real nice dog.  Once his skin heals up you shouldn’t have a problem placing him.  I wish my dogs would walk on a loose leash *sigh.*

  3. I am so relieved to hear about Boris,he sounds like a wonderful animal.I hope you find a solution to his horrible skin condition,and I hope that you find him a great Human.He is ready tio make someone a loyal companion I am sure.Besides he has a sweet face,who wouldn’t fall head over heels over him? Our cooper had allergies that led to hot spots,not nearly as bad as poor Boris,but the only thing I ever did that worked,including all the steroids from the vet ,was to apply cortisone 10 cream to the areas several times a day until healed,I would notice him scratching/biting and on would go the cream It stoppe him chewing .The vet said unfortyunately the chewing becomes habit,we had to break the habit before he would heal. Well that worked for me.

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