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Yesterday Boris went to the Vet for his second shot. I told the Vet teck that we found the large lump near his throat and asked her to feel it… didn’t feel like swollen glands to me (felt too large and centralized) and I couldn’t feel any swollen glands in his back end. She said she would see if the Vet could take a look at it while we were there……


We took him back and he was his usual happy self, flirting with all of the girls at the Vet’s office….including the vet. Wagging his entire body. passing out kisses. Stood there perfectly for his shot.  He is such a good boy.


Once we made our way back to the room, the Vet felt the mass and wasn’t sure about it either so she decided to extract some cells and look at them under the microscope. She was looking to see if she could tell if they were lymph node cells or cancer cells. She said if she was unsure and/or if they looked like they could be cancer, she would have to send them off to the lab.


She returned a few minutes later and said she needed to send them off to the lab. We will have the results in about a week.

I have a feeling she knows .. and just wants to confirm it. Im not sure but I pray I am wrong……but she had this look on her face when she returned to the room……I almost cried just sanding there in the office.


Please take a look at the photos of Boris, 9 of 9 and you can clearly see the lump near his throat.


I am waiting to hear something from the Vet…….I am praying for the best.




  1. I’ve been reading here for a while and started to comment many times but Boris’ face really sticks with me (maybe because I have 2 rescued pit boys myself) and it breaks my heart to think of him having something else to go through. The lump does look strange but I have a rescued Border Collie that has lumps all over her that were apparently caused by her skin allergies or abuse in her past so hopefully it’s something benign. I know it’s an expense but many dogs I’ve known have pretty good success with lumpectomies (sp?) when there was just one cancerous mass so it might not be a death sentence for him even if it is cancer. I’ll keep you and Boris (ick-that name) in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Laura… I hope that it turns out to be something treatable.  I’m so happy that he’s with you guys, knowing that he’s cared for and feeling love for probably the first time in a while.  Let’s keep positive thoughts and I think a lot of us will be praying for a positive outcome.  His biggest blessing is being loved by you.

  3. *sitting here with tears in my eyes*  Poor Baby.  Please let this turn out to be just a scare.

  4. I pray that sweet Boris will be O.K. He is fortunate for you,you have been his angel.I know you will do anything you can for him.

  5. Laura,
    if you have time, please take a look at the newest member of my family!  She’s a tiny little girl who I am not sure what to name yet!  Thinking some kind of maybe havanese, papillion, or pekinese mix.  She’s less than a year, and seems to have a bit of gas, and also a bit of a runny eye, but has a great personality and is very affectionate and loving.  I’m very excited to welcome her home!  Any suggestions on names?  I will be taking her to the vet soon for a routine checkup.  She came from a rescue group has given her some of her shots, but not sure that she’s been fixed, or had all of her shots.  They listed her somewhere between 7-9 months, but she’s not been housebroken yet.  Love her company already tho!  I’m so excited!

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