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Boris is doing wonderfully. He is such a good dog… he has the best personality.   When he wags his tail, he wags his whole body.  He is a real lover.


As you can see from the photos we have a severe skin problem on our hands….


After picking him up Friday I decided to drive straight back to Fort Wayne after leaving the shelter and check to see if the Vet could squeeze us in….luckily he did. He had a skin scraping done and sadly they determined he has Demodectic Mange. (A rather severe case.) The Vet said he had another case he is treating right now and the dog is responding to treatment well……let’s pray Boris does.


His course of treatment has already started and will continue for at least the next 8 weeks. He has to take 3 Keflex a day, a bath once a week in OxyDex Shampoo and shots twice a week at the Vets of Ivermecticin.


He was so good for his bath and stood in the tub like he actually enjoyed it.   The Doctor said the medicated shampoo would give him relief from his itching right away. He sure seemed happy after the bath. He also got his nails trimmed. During his bath we found a large lump in his neck and if it is one of his glands, it is the size of an egg……I will have the vet check it out when he gets his next shot.


His has only had two potty accidents in the house and seems to be totally crate trained. When in the crate he has two bones and seems okay when crated. He is loose in the older twins room with them most of the time and he likes to lie on the bed and look out the window. Alternating beds and the floor stretching out on the floor like a frog. He sleeps with one of the girls at night.


He road really well on the way home in the car but all of the fleas that jumped off of him, jumped onto me. (I had tiny fleas all over me by the time I got home.)……..not good…….but at least the flea stuff worked and I am sure he is feeling better. Now I think I need a flea treatment. 🙂


He has been introduced to my oldest dog Cheyenne and he and she both indicated they wanted to play so that’s good……he is hacking so I am going to keep them all apart for a few weeks.


I didnt take a stool sample in but will Tuesday when he goes back to the Vet for his shot. His stool is really loose and I would almost guess he has whips or hooks…….Franny was loaded with both when she came. If so, we will take care of it. I will have him neutered as soon as they can get him into the clinic.


He is eating his dry food mixed with canned really well and we are giving him his antibiotic and kelp tab in the soft food. So far, so good. I swear his skin already looks better…..he is scratching way less.


After his bath he ran around in the yard with Sierah for a while. He knows sit and wants to just follow us around most of the time. I was hanging laundry and going back and forth from the basket and he was under foot every time I turned around. (trying to help me I guess.)


So far, he is doing well….he is getting treatment for his illness….I will keep you all updated on his progress.


  1. Poor little dude…I cannot even begin to imagine how uncomfortable he must have been.  He probably thinks he’s in heaven now….what a relief for him!  Hope he responds well to all that you are doing. 

  2. Ahhh, Boris looks so happy and sooo sweet.  I’m so glad he has you and your family.  I know it’s making a huge difference for him.  🙂  And I just love that your kids have such compassion, too!  Awesome reflection on you, Laura!  Please keep us posted on his progress.  And thank you, Laura, for being such a loving person!!
    p.s. I’m off to Google Demodectic Mange, as I don’t know anything about it.

  3. Awwww, he’s a cutie.  Too bad he’s had to go so long without treatment.  I hope he responds well and it is good to hear that he is feeling better already.  He sounds like a keeper to me. 

  4. Thank God for people like you!  This poor little guy has found a little piece of heaven with you and your family.  I hope once you get him healthy you can find a home for him that he deserves.  Keep us updated on his progress.

  5. Just looking at Boris makes me itch!! He’s a pretty dog. Pits are often the victims of such abuse due to their reputations. Very sad.
    I admire you for your rescue work!

  6. Poor fella.  He looks like such a lover too!  I wish I could take him off your hands when he is well but my living situation wouldn’t allow it now and until I have a stable environment to bring a 4-legged kid into I don’t dare plan.

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