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Okay toe tapping ladies…….to solve the mystery….. I did not….but I AM.  How’s that? 


Ok….Ok…..Let me better explain….I was unable to make it to Marion to meet “Boris” this past weekend but I have requested this Friday off of work, to go check him out.  (And we will have to work on that name…..)


I emailed Michelle to see if they could keep him till this Friday…..I know his time is short but she graciously granted my wish and extended his visit with them till Friday, so I have a chance to get up there. 


I am aware he has a flea allergy and has already bloodied himself scratching.  I purchased some kelp to help ease his discomfort and help to grown his coat back.  I will stop by my Vet’s Friday morning to buy a “Frontline” for him to kill the existing fleas…..I don’t wish to carry any fleas home because my dogs are continually treated, we are currently flea-less at our house.  It is easier to prevent them than to get rid of them.  I also need to buy him a new crate today……along with the usual doggie necessities, vitamins, toys, crate blanket, chew stuff, a new collar and leash……etc. All dogs at my house have their own crate… they can get away from humans or other animals if they wish to.  They are also fed separately in crates….doors open, but it gives them enough space to feel comfortable.  Crates are necessities in multi dog households.


I know fostering him and finding him a great home is going to be a timely process…..I just hate the thought of them putting down such a great dog….. Michelle seemed so adamant about his personality and that he was a really special dog.  I know when you work in a shelter certain dogs “speak” to you differently than the others…..obviously all dogs and cats matter to these people because they continue to do what they do, but I know that certain animals pull on their heart strings for various reasons…..that is why people who rescue or work in shelters all have too many resident dogs……(*cough*canyousayjustlikeme*cough*)  Often these dogs are un-adoptable for various reasons or sometimes they are just dogs who we fall in love with and/or who fall in love with us while we are trying to help them…..none the less, we all seem to end up with a house full of them.


As soon as I get "his" (not going to call him Boris) coat looking better, establish if he is truly good around other dogs (big ones and little ones) and kids and better access his personality……I will make flyers for Vet offices to hang up and put the word of mouth out that I have a dog to place.  I will also start working on basic obedience and obviously potty training with him.  Lord only knows how long it’s going to take to find him the perfect home……Staff’s or Pits are so hard to place because so often, the wrong people want them for the wrong reason……you have to screen your applicants so much harder than normal.  I just know this is going to be a long road ahead……I pray it goes smoothly….and the best part about the whole thing……it will be one more doggie saved….




  1. It loooks like you made Stacy’s birthday very special…you are SUCH a sweetie, Laura!!
    HUGS!!   🙂

  2. Pictures please!
    Boris isn’t suck a bad name.  Makes me think of a Russian bodyguard.  Maybe a "good ol’ boy" name would work for him?  Bubba.  Barney.

  3. I like the name Boris . . . reminds me of the bad guy from Bullwinkle.  Boris and Natasha are names I have picked out if I ever adopt a boy/girl set at the same time.  But then I also like the names Moose and Squirrel for a double adoption pair . . . What can I say?  I have a strange sense of humor.

  4. I hope you find a good home for him. Keep us informed!

  5. Yippeeeee!  I’m so happy for the little guy, and of course for you, too.  I know you love what you do for the little babes that you rescue.  🙂  Post a pic as soon as you can!  And hey, how about renaming him Basil?!  (Not kidding – I love that name!) Kinda sounds similar to Boris, so the little guy won’t be too confused when you start calling him by another name!  Have fun bonding with your little guy tomorrow!  You’re really wonderful!

  6. Laura…YOU ROCK!!!   In my next life I want to be one of your dogs.  Hope that all goes well and that you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hurray!  I am so looking forward to new adoption stories.  You have such heart in your entires about these poor dogs in a bad position then you bring them home and fill them with love.  I can’t wait to see pictures.  My brother has a Staff. Terrier, Taqueo(sp) – we call him Taco, and he has flea allergies too.  Poor things. 

  8. pictures…you must promise me pictures….
    PERHAPS…we could have a dog naming contest…
    now that would be kickin……
    ponder the thought miss laura

  9. omg
    the poor soul
    he needs you very badly…
    he has precious eyes…….its like he is just looking for someone to love him

  10. So glad you are able to help Boris!  I like his name also…he looks so sweet!  I hope the demodectic treatments go well…I went thru that with one of mine and while it was a slow process, she now has a full, healthy coat.  So you MUST post more pictures as he improves! 

    You are so special to take him on…you are his angel! 
    Have missed your blogs, but happy for you and Stacy…enjoy!

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