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This past weekend all 5 kids, Stacy, myself and Sierah’s boyfriend Marcus packed up two cars and headed for the hills……well Pokagon State Park to be exact.  (For another fun filled weekend of camping.) 


Only one problem, upon arrival there was a large sign….CAMP-GOUND FULL.  (ugh, so much for planning ahead and making reservations on my part….reservations for camping and it’s not the 4th of July….who’d of thunk it?) 


Okay, so here I am with 8 people, two cars full to the hilt with camping necessities and nowhere to go….freakin’ ”camp ground full”……I wanted to scream.  This was NOT part of the plan.


We decided to enter the park, cook lunch on the grill and pray for a cancellation.  No luck, camp ground was still full….so we decided to try another place….a place that hung somewhere in the remote parts of my memory.  Bixler Lake….(It was that or pitch the tent in the back yard and that suggestion didn’t go over so well.)


In a near by small town there is a small lake that I use to take my children to. Half of the lake is a city park and the other half is a campground.  It was a charming little place that the kids always enjoyed and these trips the kids loved cost me nothing more than a $2 entry fee and gas to get there and back.  (Day trip with 5 kids and two dogs….priceless….(well actually $20 bucks tops.)  We had never camped there, just taken the day trips…. and once while we were day tripping it, we drove thru the camp ground to kind of get the feel of the place….it was small, but clean and quiet…..right on the lake.  I remember saying….”This would be nice to camp here one day….”


So at 6:00PM Saturday evening we headed off to our second destination, not knowing if it would also be full or not, but we were ready to make a move and the kids were all looking at me kind of crazy…..I dreaded running into another “camp-ground full” sign…..they might all decide to put me out in the middle of the street and leave me…..pray for an opening.


Luckily after an hour drive…. and me racking my brain trying to remember how to get there…..we were lucky they had some available spaces……YES….I knew God would answer my no camp grouond full sign prayers….(no walking home for me.)


We pitched the tent, cooked on the open fire, swam in the lake, roasted marshmallows, played football and swatted mosquitoes to our hearts content…..Ah, the joys of camping…


We had a ball, came home exhausted, everything smelling like smoke and or wet and broke….I had $2 to spare……phew, but it was fun!!.


Oh, did I mention we are going back Friday? 





  1. Hey Miss LAura….
    thanks for your kind words….
    I guess its just part of dog life egh?… have them for a while, but eventually you have to let them go…..its never easy
    My heart is always open to a new pooch…id be lying if i didnt tell you I have been scouring the pages of looking at whats available for adoption….I guess I’ll know when its time and when its the right one
    So…for a guy who hasnt ever been camping…sounds like its becoming second nature for Stacey…that is just too funny
    laura…what on earth do you do with the pooch crew when you go away?

  2. Laura,
    Your family’s gorgeous!  U must be very proud!

  3. Have missed your blogs…good to see you back…what a beautiful family!

  4. Lol….ok…..I live in Kendalltucky….and I’ll say one thing…..the fish in that lake bite.  I don’t care that they’re sun fish.  😐  My husband convinced me to go swimming in Bixler and see how cute the little fishes that nibble on your toes are.  I was completely enchanted until something took a chunk out of the back of my knee and I ran screaming out of the lake bleeding.  It was not a nice experience to say the least.  On another note….if you guys come out this weekend, there’s a cruise in downtown with live band and antique cars on Saturday night I think.  Might be some fun….lol.  What do you do with the pups?  I know ppl bring them out there all the time, it is REALLY nice….barring the man eating sun fish.  🙂

  5. Hmm, Bixler, huh? Did you take time to hike around the lake? That’s an adventure, at least with the people i went with last time I hiked it;) Forks in the trail, everyone g oing in different directions, backtracking to find the others…it was great.

  6. Hey Girl –  Guess you’re back at the lake — glad you and the crew had so much fun last weekend!  I’m sure there’s more fun ahead. 🙂  This blog brought back so many memories of camping with my family as a kid.  And we, too (of course), experienced the "Campground Full" sign more times than we wanted… :-/  Me and my sisters handled it less graciously than you guys, though.  We were NOT happy campers (har har – sorry, couldn’t resist!) !
    Hey – you’ve gotta post a pic of your tat!!

  7. Arg, everyone’s camping but me : (
    lol, loved the pics, happy looking kids : )
    Til next time, hugs Kat

  8. i wanna go camping!!

  9. How did the second round of camping go??

  10. I am just NOT a camper…I would have to have a full size RV complete with bathroom, kitchen, and TV. My dad loved to camp and all I remember about it is mosquitoes the size of my head and the heat. Ugh. I love day trips, I love hanging out beside the water…but I have to have a hotel to go home to.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it though!! 🙂

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