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It has been a while since I posted.  Cant say it is for any other reason than simply being busy.


So much has happened since my last post,,,,,, including my boss getting fired.  The same week they fired a lady who has been here for 13 years.  That is scary…..Now as far as my boss goes it really shocked me.  I thought he was doing well……I was absolutely shocked when I got the email. 


Then I felt really bad because so many people thought that I would then get that job.  I wouldn’t WANT that job……it is a preverbal hot seat.  I have had 4 bosses in two years.  Too high of a turn over rate for me.  I want my Brian back!!!


I called Brian at home and asked him what happened…he didn’t really know….they just offered him a nice severance package and sent him packing.  That just sucks.


I haven’t even spoken to the other lady yet but she was one that I saw coming.  Doesn’t make it any easier I guess.  She has worked her for a long time…….two people getting whacked in one week sent a chill thru the rest of us.  Me included.




Sierah’s basketball team is playing in a summer league out of town.  They are playing out of town because last year they “blew out” all of the other Fort Wayne teams by 40 points or more.  It was of no good to them to simply blow out teams, they needed some competition so they decided to get in another league.  (It is a small town about 40 minutes from here.)  They play 4 games a week, two games Tuesday and two games Thursday. 


The interesting part about all of this is the team that is hosting the league is the team we lost to in the Regional last year.  I hate to say it but it is an extremely racist little town and Fort Wayne teams have always had a notoriously hard time playing there.  We all hate to go there because racism is so prevalent.


Sierah’s team is now in this little town blowing out everyone, are the only undefeated team,  won the tournament Saturday, ……our only problem is…… the hosting teams head coach..


During a game (against the team we lost to in Regionals) the head coach came over and started going off on a small group of us.  I guess he was pissed because his team was down by 15 but none of us knew what he was actually talking about.  He kept saying “I’ll put you out if you say one more word, don’t say one more word.”  Bla bla bla, going on and on.   Then he walked away.  We all looked around and said, “Who was he talking to?”    None of us had been talking to the refs, the coaches or anything.  We were yelling for our team.  So he comes back and started the same sh*t, basically harassing us and I said, “No one was talking to you, we were talking amongst ourselves, no one was talking to you!!.”  Well…..that really pissed him off so he kept going off…….I kept saying the same thing.  Now he has me pissed off.


Just then a parent from our team, who was sitting about 5 bleachers back, who also happens to be a Fort Wayne Police Officer says to the coach…..”Speak to them with respect sir.”  The A-hole coach says, “I’ll talk to them any way I want to…….this aint the Fort Wayne league, we’ve got rules in Huntington, I’ll give you your dollar back too and put you out too.  I’ll call the police if I have to.” (Guess he didn’t know he was already talking to the police)  The cop says, “I aint going no damn where, just like them… I didn’t do anything wrong.”   It started an all out war………We all left there so mad.  (This was Tuesday)


Thursday when they returned to play they started the same sh*t.  The head coach even followed me out of the bathroom, down the hall trying to get me to come into the big gym to talk to him alone…..I told him he was crazy I wasn’t going anywhere with him and I had nothing to say to him.  He followed behind me harassing me till I got to where the girls were playing.  If it weren’t for my child, I would have busted that damn guy in the nose right there in the hallway.  He seriously pissed me off.


I’ve got to say it was the most disappointing thing I have seen since my child has been playing High School Basketball……a coach with a serious case of racist behavior, sour grapes, poor sportsmanship, poor coaching professionalism,……the list is endless. It was pure D ugly.


I’m not worried about it though……that old man will get his…not only on the basketball court but you know what?… God hates ugly…..and that includes old, evil, ugly acting basketball coaches.


Let the season begin!  Go South Side!




  1. Wow what a week for you!  There is just no excuse for racism anytime or anywhere.  That’s really sad for the kids.

  2. What a jackass.  Why does he waste all his energy being a complete prick?  Doesn’t he have better things to worry about?  Like his team.  That just makes me angry.

  3. Don’t you just wonder why this man makes himself so miserable? I can’t imagine living with that much hate and resentment inside. Is Sierah on an AAU team? I’m all for kids getting to play more and work on their games, but I’ve seen some horrible stuff from people (coaches and sponsors and the like) who get involved with AAU ball. A lot of those coaches act more like agents than coaches. Ugh! When she graduates, send her to my college to play ball in Texas. We’re always looking for good players and we’re like a family.

  4. I’m with Mandy…he should spend some energy actually coaching.

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