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I purchased a little Escort station wagon for myself Friday……Yes….A station wagon…..ugh……just the thought makes most peoples top lip curl up….including mine but it was available for a great price and only has 21 thousand miles on it.  So….I thought it would be ideal for me to drive for work considering I do so much driving, it is a 4 cylinder, good on gas and runs great.


The interesting thing about the wagon, now affectionately named “Kid tested, mother approved car” is that it has manual everything……no big deal to me, but it brought the strangest comment from my second oldest child when I asked her to lock the door after getting out of it for the first time.


Me:  “Lock the door please because I can’t do it from over here.”

Acacia:  With a puzzled look on her face…..”Just push this thing down?”  Pointing to the door lock.

Me:    Oy.


Now mind you my children have not lived a privileged life, but somehow I guess I have managed to go for years, lucking out, finding cars with power windows and locks.  


I simply don’t have enough money to purchase really nice cars with all the bells and whistles (like Grandpa’s new BMW Z that all you have to do is take the key into the service area, they plug it into a machine and know what if anything is wrong with the car.)…..I always have to purchase car for cash clunkers that get me from A to B with hopefully little or no problems.


Acacia caught me off guard for a moment asking me about the door locks… then we both laughed when I said…. “Yeah, well duh ya goober.”


Guess she forgot about the previous manual locking vehicles I had over the years that were……well……full of personality. 


There was the incredibly ugly Citation that had a door that would periodically swing open when you turned a corner too fast and finally died in the middle of Rudisill Street leaving me walking with 5 children in the middle of summer in 98 degree temperatures… there was the little red Honda hatchback that wasn’t actually big enough to fit all of us so Devon often opted to ride in what we called “the trunk” (not really the trunk, but the hatchback part)….Oh and it wouldn’t start if it got too hot, so you had to always park in the shade, and last but not least….there was the green truck that had a rusted out floorboard that was so bad in fact if you drove thru a puddle doing about 25 mph or so, and didn’t have the floor mat over the hole in the floor you would get soaked….now…..all of these lovely vehicles had manual locking doors.  So tell me how could she possibly forget about all of those memorable cars?….







  1. Its how it works – you just very conveniently forget those cars. To htis day I don’t remember a thing about our really old baby blue Chevy station wagon(well, I was about two when we replaced it…) – but I remember an awful lot about the Saturn, which was right after it.

  2. I am ashamed to say that I actually want a station wagon.  A Subaru outback wagon, someday I’ll have the money.  The worst part is I have no children, just want the wagon. 
    As a rental car agent I have had to explain to an adult how to work manual locks (that was an interesting phone conversation.)

  3. Kid Tested, Mother Approved!  I love it!
    You’ve had some crazy cars!  My mom had a Citation when I was little.  It was my parents first car they bought that was brand new.  Turned out to be a lemon that was never running right.  She got stranded several times as well!
    Now that you have a new car….are you saving for your fancy coffee maker?

  4. But that wagon screams "I AM LAURA’S COOL CAR"

    Can’t you hear it? No. Ok, well just make sure you don’t let it become your second home. HA. 😉 We keep so much stuff in my mommy-car that it’s pathetic.

  5. So does this mean you will now have to change your blog address to 😉

  6. LOL @ Acacia’s comment…too funny! 

  7. Wow, amazing day and age we live in that our children forget about manual door locks.  See we’re moving up in the world and are feeling pretty privilaged because we just moved into a house that *gasp* has a dishwasher (happy happy joy joy) and disposal.  AND, (omg will wonders never cease) the fridge MAKES ice and water!!!  I love modern conveniences.  Power locks and windows and what not. 

  8. I drive a 2003 Ford Focus wagon.  Got it just to drive the dogs around.  The first car I’ve ever had with automatic door locks.  I locked myself out of it twice the first week we had it.  Hubby was NOT happy as he had to come rescue me.  Love the wagon.  I wonder why I didn’t get one sooner.  The dogs love the wagon too. . . . lots of room for them and no more fights about who gets the window.  
    BTW – my first car was a 1974 Ford Pinto.  Yes, that Ford Pinto. 

  9. Too funny! I have had a few that resembled your cars.Like My first,A lime green maverick with rust holes on the TOPS of the fenders?I never figured out how a car rusted out up there,LOL There was a 67 pickup that wouldn’t start,sold it,the guy tuned it up and it ran,go figure.And a jeep CJ 7 that would do donuts on the ice when you least expected it,I about had a heart attack the first 180 I did. Ah the fond memories.

  10. How funny…I’m sure my kid has no idea how to manually lock a car door. He probably won’t even know how to unlock the door without the keyless entry thing. Geeze, I gotta remember to teach him some things.

  11. 🙂  The battery in my alarm/keyless entry remote died one day, and I called my Mom in a panic.  I told her, "I have to be at work, and I can’t get in my car.  I am locked out."  When I explained the situation to her, she laughed hysterically for a few minutes and instructed me to "Insert your key in to the lock and turn, blondie!!!"   I still haven’t lived that one down.  🙂

  12. This makes me think of a recent incident. They were talking about this kind of phenomenon on Bob and Tom recently – how things like the "ding ding" at the service station have disappeared (including the "service" station itself).
    Anyway, my  Sierra (age 9) used my phone to call her friend one day. We no longer have a land line – another "thing of the past." As she just sat there, I said, "Isn’t anyone answering?" (Duh. "Here’s your sign…" She woulda been TALKING.)
    "Well, are you gonna leave a message?"
    "It’s still ringing." Pause. "It’s a funny ring, though."
    I had a rare moment of clarity. "Gimme the phone." It was a BUSY SIGNAL. My 9-year-old daughter did not know what a BUSY SIGNAL was.
    Once I thought about it, the last time I heard such an oddity myself was when I tried calling a St. Louis radio station…

  13. LMFAO Laura!!!  🙂

  14. Ok, it’s just been too long without a new post.  Why must you make me suffer like this? 
    My car is a 2001 and nothing is automatic in it.  Of course now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car that had anything automatic.  I’m guessing it is because I’m always broke and can’t afford a car with all the bells and whistles.  *pity party*

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