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So I spent half of my day sitting at the Orthodontists office while Sierah had her entire mouth wired up.  I must say I was impressed with the Doctor’s office….it ran like a finely tuned machine.  I was impressed with the Doctor (who also happens to be extremely polite and good-looking) the entire office staff, who all had perfect teeth and smiles and were all incredibly perky despite the early hour, the decked out lobby geared towards kids with built in X-Boxes, Play Stations, plasma TV’s, the incredibly smooth operation of the entire office, the touch screen monitor with photos of the kids on it so the children were able to check themselves in when they get there, the fresh Panera bread…The list is endless….I guess you could say the whole office was great……..but the thing that impressed me the most was the coffee machine….the Keurig Special Edition B-60 Single Cup Brewer.  This is the Cadillac of all coffee machines…….I WANT ONE!  I have to have one.  I love it.  It was so cool……you put a little cup in the top, that is the size of a large creamer, close the lid, pick the size of your cup, set your cup below and bam….in a flash you have perfectly brewed coffee.  What’s not to love about that?


Sierah’s Dad showed up to pay his half of the money and he was also immediately impressed with the office…….I said, “Yeah, and the best part is they have the coolest coffee machine ever.”  He had to go check it out ……he liked it.  He liked it so much in fact he then asked the lady at the desk a line of questions about it, where she got it, where she purchased the little things of coffee, etc. 


I must say I WILL be purchasing myself one of these coffee machines…….but I was thinking….. Since I paid almost $6000 for her braces yesterday ….wouldn’t it seem fair if the orthodontist just threw one in for good measure….?  A “thanks for the 6 grand” kind of gift. 


Seems logical to me…..


Now if he did that……I would be REALLY impressed!




  1. Sierah looked like an absolute princess!  Hope she had a blast at her prom.  Makes me feel old to think about how long it’s been since mine!
    As for the tattoos…yes, they are addicting.  I have three.  I got my first on my senior class trip right after high school.  I was 18 and my mom actually thought it was funny when I came back with one (if you knew my mother at all, you would know how weird this was).  Then I got my second when I was a sophomore in college on a girls-only trip to Arizona with some high school friends.  After that I talked about getting another one, but the boyfriend I was with at the time told me I "had enough" and didn’t need any more.  Needless to say, once we broke up…I got my tattoo!  Last time someone is going to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body!
    It’s funny that you mentioned the turtle rescue.  I have recently done the same thing.  Well, I TRIED to save a turtle one day only to see a garbage truck get to it before I did…do good intentions count?  (probably not to the turtle).  However, I was redemmed one day and actually got to save a turtle.  I had an advantage because I was working so I had pretty blue lights on my car to stop traffic.  Hope the little guy didn’t try to cross again when I wasn’t there!
    Glad all is going well for you.  Take care,

  2. Coffee maker…free with your kids braces.
    You could be onto something.
    A gift with purchase sort of thing at a medical office.

  3. You know I was just thinking something similar the other day as I lay in the dentists chair, my mouth agape.  I’ve been having alot of trips to the dentist lately, had some cavities and needed some old fillings replaced.  So as I was laying there drooling on myself I was wonderng how many more I needed fixed before they would do one for free.  I think dentists should give those kinds of incentives… 3 get one free, heck, I’d even settle for the free coffee maker.

  4. We  have the Keurig B100 here in the office and we love it!  You can order it online through a number of sites and get free shipping and a sample pack to get started. is where we order our supplies and it’s got decent prices.
    With the single cup brewers, it does cost more per cup but the quality so SOOOOO worth it! 
    And there’s tea k-cups too.  Including Twinings and Celestial Seasonings.

  5. I wanna go to your orthodontist’s office, and I don’t even have a need to – – I just want to hang out there!!  Cool digs, I say!  🙂

  6. I have a similar coffee maker here at home. Since I live alone it actually saves me money as I don’t pour coffee down the sink from making too much in a coffee maker. I got mine FREE (sorta) from Gevalia. You just have to buy a coupla boxes of their coffee pods (which are good, by the way). Once you meet your obligation you can cancel the coffee but keep the coffeemaker. I think the Cadillac of the pod machines is the Tassimo (sp). You can make all kinds of hot drinks in that mama-jama!!
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the dentist would lower the cost of the braces and do away with the bells & whistles in the dang lobby???

  7. lol, sounds pretty impressive as it is : ), hugs Kat

  8. My office has one and they keep it stocked with all different flavor coffees.  I was dumbfounded the first time I came across it.  I really think a free coffee machine with a mouth full of braces would be a great thank you gift!  That’s a great marketing plan…genius!

  9. That, and you should get your own personal Juan Valdez to supply the beans! Good Grief!

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