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I have spent the first 40 years of my life tattoo-less……I have lived in the skin I was born with…..with no alterations, other than my pierced ears and the array of stretch marks that my child bearing years have left up my tummy.  My voluptuous breast, although many have questioned if they are real or not……are indeed mine……it is a product of DNA rather than a great plastic surgeon…….So as to this date……I sport the skin and accessories that I was born in……but not for much longer.


I have decided to get a tattoo. 


I have done many things in my life….raced street legal race cars, jump 6 foot fences on a beautiful thoroughbred,  danced on the bar at O’Salivan’s Pub in my cheerleading skirt,  became a member of the Heineken Club at the Munchie Emporium and had my name written on the ceiling after drinking 12 Heinekens in a row,  dated a famous football player, a finalist in the show us your tan contest without showing my ta-ta’s, voted girl with the sexiest legs in school,  won a zillion drinking games against burly football players because I have the constitution of a horse,  been on the cover of a record album…..the array of strange random stuff I have done and/or been a party to are endless……I think I have done it all except one thing…. get a tattoo……so…..I guess at age 40 it’s time.


I have thought long and hard about this and I finally decided what my body art will consist of…..


The tattoo will be a symbol…..a “sankofa”.  It is a Adinkra symbol from the Ghana Coast of Africa.  It translates to “you must understand and learn from your past in order to move into the future.” 


Ah….the things I’ve learned in the past 40 years…….I could write a book……but what a great 40 years it has been. 


So now I guess the next 40 will include a tattoo…..or two.





  1. ummm
    pardon me for asking
    wheres your sankofa gonna be?

  2. Love the meaning behind the tatoo you’ve chosen.  You gonna take a pic for us to see?  Better!
    Now you know, you just HAVE to tell us the album cover you adorned, AND the famous football player you dated…. Give it up!  😉

  3. Good meaning, interesting symbol – I say good for you!I, being the freak I am, will probably get an Apple logo…:-P

  4. Never been in to body art myself,except for the 6 holes in my ears,my body sports only scars.Tatoos are serious,you live with them forever,but if you must get one the sanfoka looks pretty cool.I actually think some of the tribal tatoos are kinda cool as well.

  5. HA!! You go girl!! I got my tat when I turned 40. There must be something about 40 that makes ya wanna do something "adventurous." The boss I had at the time looked down his nose at me and said I was trying to act like a kid. I turned astonished eyes at him and said, "You’re a 50-something year old man who drives a tiny sports car and you have the balls to say that to ME?" Shut him up pretty quickly. Ha. My tat is a shamrock  to pay homage to my birthday being on St. Patrick’s Day. Your choice sounds cool. WARNING: They really are addictive. After one you immediately start thinking about the next…

  6. Hi, First time here, by way of Mannys site. I will definitley be back regular though. I love yer site. Yer daughter looks absolutley beautiful for her prom. I love that dress : )What a handsome date she has too!!
    Sorry to hear about the flasher of yer younger daughter. I worked with those kinda kids for 15 years. Burnt me out but good : (
    A Tattoo? I have never wanted one but if I had to have one I think yer choice is a good one. I would want it to signify something similar. Well as i said nice space, I’ll be back, hugs Kat/Blabby

  7. I love tattoos!!  I have three.  Make sure to show pics of the final result.  (Be careful as they really can be addictive.)

  8. Good for you!!  I have one tattoo.  I wanted one when I was 18, but didn’t want to regret it so I waited till the ripe ol’ age of 23 and got one for my birthday.  I love the meaning behind it.

  9. You will Love it. I got one for my 25th birthday, it was like a gift for me.  I would really like another one. But I will wait.  I need a reason for one. I don’t have the heart to just go get one. Besides, I need to wait for the baby to get here any way. Just gives me more time to think about what exactly I want!!!!  Have a great day!!

  10. I am with Beverly, you have got to tell us what album & what player!
    Well, you are a big girl and can do what YOU want. So go for the tattoo!

  11. Lov the meaning behind your tattoo.  I thought about getting one when I turned 40, but chickened out.  Besides, my little bro has enough tattoos for all of us kids. 
    Oh, and yea, we need to know which football player and which album cover.  Can’t leave us hanging!!

  12. i think that is a great symbol and meaning for a tatoo! let us know when you do it!

  13. I love both of my tattoos so much.  I felt more changed after the first.  It’s a fleur-de-lis star in the middle of my back that to me means that my head, hands and feet can get me through anything…  I wanted a symbol of perseverence but this worked much better for me!
    The second is purple music notes and a treble clef on my left ankle.  Much more visible and a little "in-your-face" but still feminine and a little delicate too. 
    I want more but am waiting for the right one.  I keep waffling on what to get.

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