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In every young woman’s life there should be a night where she looks and feels like a princess….tonight was Sierah’s night.


You looked so beautiful baby.

I love you.




  1. She does look beautiful!  And very princess-esque.
    Is that your mom in the photos w/her?  I love all the wood decor in the living room, and the big picture windows. Looks very warm and inviting.  🙂
    Hope you, your boy, and your tribe are having a fun Memorial Day weekend!  Whatcha cookin’? 😉

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! What an awesome dress. Ahhh, prom……

  3. Siera does look like a princess,and her date is quite handsome in his tux as well.I bet the dress was worth every pennt seeing her smile like that.

  4. She looks beautiful…. assuming the boy went with tradition and picked up her corsage, he did a wonderful job…..they go really well with her dress I think. 


  6. OMG, what a gorgeous dress! And of course, Sierah is always beautiful…but that dress is perfect on her. Did you do her hair?

  7. I want that dress!!!!  That color is perfect on her!
    Oh, how cute!!!
    p.s. yeah, I miss you!  🙂  hahaha

  8. Wow…she looks great!  I only wish I looked half that good for my prom!

  9. Sierah is so beautiful!!  I love the colors in the dress!!  What beautiful pictures!
    p.s. Thanks for linking me… I just noticed!

  10. Your daughter is beautiful…dress is gorgeous!  Looks like a tropical dream.  Little girl is looking all grown up!  Hope she had a great time.  Thanks for sharing the photos! 

  11. That dress is gorgeous and your daughter looked stunning!!  I hope she had a great prom!

  12. Oh and I can’t believe how her date’s tux matches so perfectly.  They
    look great together. 

  13. BEAUTIFUL dress. I’ll bet she had a great time.

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