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Bad news:


Sierah called me at work the other day and says, “Mom, my car made a loud sound and wont go anywhere, I’m stuck by the library”………so we go thru a series of questions about what the car is doing while she is sitting in her car stranded in traffic and I am at work in front of my computer…..The car will now only go in reverse…..I knew that was bad…..The transmission….. grrrrrr!…..I left work to go get her and back up the car down the street, into the library parking lot and into a parking space……took her home, went pack my mechanics place and asked him to hook it, told him what he was doing and he just shook his head……I said, “Tow it back to my house till I figure out what I’m going to do with it.”  The transmission is shot.  I would of rather taken a shot to my left foot……


I stopped by the car lot where I got it and spoke to him last night, he gave me a number to call, get a quote and call him back…….


The joy doesn’t end there…


While sitting at the dinner table the other night I found out from my children that I had a subpoena served to Acacia and I both at the house earlier that day.  I had no idea what was going on……Everyone saying “I thought you knew” and “Acacia didn’t tell you?”….I am like WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?  SOMEBODY TELL ME!!!……..


Turns out a boy walked up to Acacia in class and said, “Do you like so-n-so?” (said some boy’s name) Acacia said “No”, then the boy said, “Well, do you like this?”……and exposed himself to her…….Nasty b@stard.  I guess the substitute teacher was out of the room, so Acacia got up from the computer went and sat down in another area of the room till the teacher came and then she told her what he had done.  The boy was arrested, was on probation; had violated his probation by doing the act……they took him away, the cops talked to my child and NO ONE FROM THAT D@MN SCHOOL CALLED ME!  Guess they said the hell with parental rights.


I was so livid when the kids told me that I had an anxiety attack and couldn’t find my medication…….the principal was lucky I couldn’t call him till the next day……after I prayed that I find the correct words to say to him with out cursing at him……when I finally spoke to him he didn’t nothing but back peddle…..tell me who should of called me, that he would call me by the end of the day with a full report of what happened…..I told him I would be at work till 5 so I gave him my work number…….I never heard from him till I got home and on my answering machine he had called at 4:45 and left a message that he had tried to call me…….Interesting considering I gave him my work number and told him that I would be there till 5……That @sshole didn’t want to talk to me.  That’s okay, he will soon be talking to my lawyer…..We go to court June 5th….


The Better News:


A couple months ago I would of never believed someone had they told me I would be finding some strange joy in packing a lunch for Stacy every day.  Is this the meaning of domestic bliss?  Lol  Just kidding, but I do find it strange that I love packing his lunch every morning.  This is no run of the mill sandwich and chips lunch leaving my house in the little red and white cooler…… I like to include all kinds of good stuff…….and hopefully enough stuff to sustain a 240lb 6ft 2in guy for the majority of the day.  This morning his lunch contained two turkey sandwiches with lettuce, cheese and mayo, a banana, red grapes, pineapple, sour cream and onion chips, a honey bun, 2 Swiss cake rolls, bottled water and a pop…..and a note telling him I love him….  I guess I would of put more in there, but the lunch box is only so big…….For me PB&J and a banana. 




VSLady Strikes again!


One of the normal activities I have here for my residents is a monthly BINGO game.  I try to purchase stuff for prizes that the residents can all use and then I try to throw in a nicer item for the “big prize.”  Last time this was a small TV from my house. 


Well, this last BINGO game the VSLady came down to play along with about 20 other people.  A short time into the game someone shouts “BINGO!” in the group of folks……what do you know, it’s the VSLady.  They asked her to read back her numbers before she heads up to claim her prize………While reading the numbers back they discovered she had indeed made a mistake, she did not have a bingo…Oh well, no big deal, everyone makes mistakes……so they move on with the game and continue to call numbers out until VSLady again shouts “BINGO”……they again had her read off her numbers again only to discover again she did NOT have a BINGO… …….(5 minutes later replay that whole scene……and in 5 more minutes…….and in 5 more minutes.) 




The VSLady d@mn near started a riot in the community room falsely calling out BINGO about 30 times during the course of the 2 hour long BINGO game. 


Sorry, but that is too funny……wish I could have been there to see the other residents faces on about the 20th false BINGO.


They play BINGO again tonight…….I hope she comes down again……heh.





  1. If I send you lots of money, will you make my lunch?  I usually grab something from the cupboard as I’m running out the door.  I got to work last week and realized I’d grabbed a can of green beans by mistake. DUH!!!

  2. Ouch!  I figured something must be going on when you didn’t blog for a couple of days.  Hang in there.  And yes, it’s the little things we do for our loved ones that really make life enjoyable.

  3. VS Lady is frickin awesome!  How annoying for her fellow Bingo players!  I love it!!!!
    I have to go to court on June 5th too!  Well, actually I just have Jury Duty.  Yeah for me!


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  5. Love the Bingo story! I have a low functioning 6 year old in class who screams Bingo after every number I call out during Math Bingo…every.single.number. LOL
    You do realize your man will weigh about 340 pretty soon if you keep feeding him all that?? LOL

  6. I was gonna tell you how the lunch bit made my cavities hurt, or empathize with you on the car issues, or tell you the prom pics were great (and what a nice house!), or even complain about my own Sierra getting old enough to run into similar "scholastic" issues…but then you rewarded your "blog groupie" with a little slice of heaven!
    Acting President of the VSL Fan Club,

  7. Sorry about the transmission.  Doesn’t that figure?
    I’m jealous.  I want to make lunch and leave love notes for someone.  The boyfriend doesn’t care for that kind of stuff.  Sigh.

  8. Dang – who’da thought that shot transmissions, nasty people, lunch packing, and a soup lady faking Bingo’s would all roll up onto one(or several…:-) ) days? Life is random. I think Apple used that phrase for their introduction of the iPod shuffle. Yep, they did. I am good.

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