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Things are going great…..Stacy is coming over tonight right after work, I plan on having  a fire in the fireplace, sip on a drink or two, cook him a big meal and relax……..We both need it.  He worked more hours than I did this week and has been out of town nearly every day.  There is a cold rain falling outside……the fire will be nice.


In our conversation this morning Stacy said…”I’ve got something to say….Last year an important day to the both of us, came and past without us doing what we intended to do…….I still want to do what we should of done last year on that day…..”  (Talking about us getting married.)  He blew me away. 


To be honest, I would marry him today…….but I am just taking things one thing at a time…..this all still seems sort of surreal to me.  (Especially the marriage part.)


Ah~ but I still feel like I am on cloud nine. 


In the mist of all of this change……I have found out that my job will soon be changing too.  They have decided to have fewer property managers, (go from 6 to 3) hire a few assistant managers who will do nothing other than our recertification paperwork and there will be a floating manager who will oversee the property managers…….We will have to bid on the position we want…….I have decided I will bid on the position of the person OVER the managers.  I already cover for them, assist them, continually answer their questions and for the most part I feel like I do that job already…just not getting paid for being their supervisor, so…..hopefully soon I will not only doing it but also getting paid for it!


I just feel like my life is about to take some giant changes and for once in my life I feel totally accepting to the changes…. I am willing to let them take place…and let the pieces fall as they may.


Sometimes change is good…




  1. Wow!  Just read your entry before this one.  I’m happy for ‘ya!  Yippeee!  Hope you get the new position, too.  From your descriptions of your work, they’d be crazy not to promote you.  You definitely give more than you are obligated to.  Aren’t good things supposed to come in threes?  Or is that something else?  I want to believe it’s that – are you hiding another good thing that’s happened?! 😉
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend, girl!

  2. Whoo Hoo!  Sometimes things just align and it feels so good when that happens!

  3. This is the sign of good things to come, I tell ya – it really is! And a fire would be nice. Pretty cold here too.

  4. You are smart to take things one at a time.  I’m still so happy that you are happy.  And good luck getting the new job, I know you will!

  5. Cold? Holy moly. It was 90 degrees here today. I think a fire and some wine count as foreplay!! You go, Girl.
    If the people at work don’t give you the job you bid on they’re crazy, but I bet they will.

  6. You go girl!! You should be a shoe in for the manager of the managers job. I would take the marriage part slow,make sure the problems were worked out fully.but it’s ok to be on cloud 9 in the process,LOLhHave fun this weekend.

  7. you’re right ~ sometimes change IS good!  Best of luck to you on everything.

  8. May the blessings keep coming!

  9. (Don’t forget to keep talking to us little people when you reach the pinnacle Ms. President…)

  10. Change CAN be good…and damn, woman!  You DESERVE a break!!  Stacy sounds too good to be true!  🙂

  11. Yeah! 
    Hope your evening with the boy went fabulous! 
    Good luck on the job opportunity!!!

  12. Hi Lucky In Love…
    Hope you get that supervisor position, I’m sure you are more than capable.

  13. Sooooooooo……………………………how did it go?

  14. Things are GREAT but I have been SooOooOooo busy with work.  I am in training the better part of the week for our new computer system AND my computer is down at home…..ugh~ stupid computers.

  15. Congrats!  Sometimes life throws curve balls adn other times it rains blessings!  I said a prayer for you that you get that new position.  Hope all the pieces are still falling into place.

  16. Oh, I’m so happy for you!! It sounds like things are going great for you…no one deserves it more!

  17. Change is VERY good. VERY. It means you’re growing.

    Come on..what are your real thoughts about what to do with Stacy? Oh, the fun, exciting time you’re having.

  18. It sounds like you are maturing and taking things in stride.  Good for you and I wish you all the luck on your new position (have to be positive regarding such things).
    Also nice to see someone floating on Cloud 9, as it’s a fun place to be.  Enjoy the moment, yet step cautiously into permanent situations.
    Take care / Be Well.
    Hugs,  Mare

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