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Friday afternoon Tricia and I inspected 6 poor housekeeping apartments, did one move out inspection and ran to the lawyers to get the paper work for an apartment of ours that we were seeking immediate possession on, due to a drug bust…..we had a busy afternoon.


I knew what type of day I had planned when I woke up so I drug myself into work 1 ½ hours early……..I didn’t leave the office till almost 7 PM…….over twelve hours after I first clocked in. 


Doing the poor housekeeping inspections is difficult in many different ways… you have to deal with all kinds of nasty crap, walk thru stuff you don’t want to, be exposed to the slinkiest smells, touch stuff you would rather not touch, invade someone else’s territory, listen to lists of excuses of why someone cant clean or how it is our fault that their house isn’t clean……..but mainly it is mentally taxing for me. 


Taxing because; there you are… walking thru filth and horrible conditions….and you cant help but imagining the poor kids who are victims of a Mother’s laziness.  They are current victims, but unless they learn elsewhere else how to clean properly and the importance of how a house should be kept……they will grow up and live the exact same way.  Children DO learn what they live.


We went into one ladies apartment……she had only two beds and there were four bedrooms, one of the two beds was dipped so far down in the middle, it nearly touched the floor.  (The other bed was hers.)  I asked her how many children she had and where everyone slept… made my heart sink thinking of a child coming home from school, going to his or her room and there not even being a bed in their room just to sit down on…Let alone not having a bed to sleep on at night. 


She rattled off a drill that sounded like something she would of relayed to a CPS caseworker.  I have no intentions of calling CPS…..I would much rather try to get her some beds.  (First thing on my list for Monday morning…calling social service agencies to see if I can get beds…..5 of them.)  But what part of this Mother could allow her children to go without freakin’ beds.  (GRRR!)


Another lady wasn’t home when we did her inspection but she hightailed it straight down to the office when she got home and noticed the note we left letting her know we had been inside her apartment. 


Her apartment was horrible…..she had more dirty clothes than I can begin to tell you… all over the apartment.  Every closet in the house had at least 4 foot tall piles of dirty clothes just stacked on the floor……..piles of dirty clothes everywhere else too, trash strewn about the apartment, chicken bones on the floor… name it…it was in there.  She claimed it was all because she JUST got a washer that day. (surelady, good excuse) I explained it was her responsibility to keep her apartment clean whether she had a washer or not.  (Can you say laundry mat or wash them out in the tub??  Grr…)


The next lady was so dirty that she had open, dirty diapers laying on the floor in the bathroom…….I don’t need to say any more.  She was simply nasty.  When I saw the first one on the floor………I said, “Oh, that’s what that smell was….”  *  eye roll  * Nasty @ss.


Icing on the cake was a move out inspection we did on a guy who I had previously done two housekeeping inspections on.  I think he moved for that very reason…Hell, I am GLAD he moved…..he was beyond nasty.  I had to stand in a grown man’s apartment and take photos of years worth of dried throw up on two bedroom walls where he must of laid in the bed and just threw up over the side……it was caked on the walls and carpet and was one of the nastiest sites I think I have ever seen since becoming an apartment manager a few years ago.  His refrigerator had a brown liquid in the bottom drawers that had mold growing and floating on it.  When I was standing there with the door open, trying to get the drawers open with my shoe so I wouldn’t have to touch anything….I nearly threw up just from the smell alone. 


By the end of the day I felt like most of the life had been sucked out of me and smells beyond imagine were stuck on me……I was spent, I came home, showered (scrubbed and disinfected my entire body down from head to toe)… got in my jammies and got in bed…….at 8:00 PM.  (It was still light outside…but I was in the bed exhausted.) 


I slept 11 hours last night……I never do that, but I guess my body was in need of some R and R.


Today I took my sister out to breakfast as usual, went shopping, bought a mower from a garage sale, visited with my cousin, mowed the grass, did yard work, met Tania for Chinese food for lunch, went to two greenhouses buying plants, planted plants and went out for Mexican for dinner with my buddy Laura.


So I spent the majority of my day eating and buying stuff……..Heaven….after the previous day.



Today was much better than yesterday but I still plan on sleeping another 11 hours tonight….I’m STILL tired.






  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how someone lives that way…much less thinks its ok.  GROSS!
    It sounds like your weekend was much better!!
    I have always been fascinated with the Amish.  The author Beverly Lewis has several sets of books out regarding them.  My favorite is the "Abram’s Daughters" set.
    Have a great day!

  2. And I thought my Job Sucked……… I feel for you!!!  I just want to take you away and find you a new JOB!!!
    Have a great week,

  3. This sounds so very very disgusting.  I am worried that you might tough something or inhale something that is very unhealthy for you.  Do you usually wear rubber gloves or surgery gloves or something and a face mask?  You are at risk here and need to take care of yourself.

  4. Ew.
    I cannot fathom a human being choosing to live in that kind of filth.  It’s not like they are living on the street…they choose to maintain their homes that way.  It’s beyond me. 
    I’m sorry you have to see it.
    And, smell it!
    I think I would have an anxiety attack.  I am VERY smell sensitive, so I would gag constantly.  And, I am an anal retentive, clean freak, germ-a-phobe.  Ick.

  5. I have said it before ,I could so not do your job.I am glad to hear you are going to help those kids get beds to sleep in.Unfortunately as I have seen too many times these peaple don’t appreciate the charity peaple give them,so I am sure she won’t be moved to change her habits.You are so sweet to help out any way.I guess there are the precious few who take what help is given and do try to pull themselves up.I only hope your efforts help in this case.

  6. You poor thing!  It’s a shame you are constantly having to go into those filthy homes.  It can’t help but make you depressed. And the other poster had a point. You need to watch your health!!!
    You’re too special!
    What would you’re kids- 2 legged and 4 do without you!
    Hope they do something special for you for Mother’s Day!
    Like get you a gift certificate to a spa with a lot of nice smelling things!!!

  7. I could never do your job!  Glad you had a much better day afterwards!

  8. Eeewwww, sounds like another fun day that you had.  Hope you got a Margarita with that Mexican dinner, sounds like you needed one!
    Take care,

  9. I’m not surprised you’re tired after a day like that!!!  And, just how many kdis did that woman have?  What was her excuse for not having FREAKIN’ BEDS for them?  This truly made me want to bawl…I have tears in my eyes as I type this comment…what do you DO in these situations??
    HUGS!!  🙂

  10. Oh, my God. Sure, I’m lazy, but I at least get motivated to clean when it gets dirty. If their motivation is that far gone…….they need some serious help  – financially and mentally. Nuff said.

  11. You have one of the biggest hearts…
    I hope you are able to find beds for that family.  I wonder if the mom is just too proud to ask for help or scared that if she does, someone might come and take her kids away.  It breaks my heart knowing there are so many kids out there like this family .. who have so little and are either too proud or too scared to ask for help… *sigh*
    Please be careful in those poor housekeeping inspections.  It doesn’t sound like they are very nice places to have to look around.. I dont’ know how people can live like that .. with the smell .. and mess. 
    I’m glad that things started to pick up for you, though .. I hope the times like those are far & few between, but I’m guessing they aren’t.

  12. I suddenly feel marginally better about my "station" in life…

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