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The strangest thing….


I had an Amish guy in my house today. 


How random is that? 


Amish people are everywhere in my part of the country so it’s not like I never see them, but I guess I generally don’t see them so up close and personal…. and definitely not in my house. 


I have got to admit that I have always been fascinated by the Amish, how they live, the fact they live without electricity and most of the daily stuff that we take for granted…….still driving around horse and buggies…almost like a moving image from our past…..there is something about them that is so fascinating to me. 


Our culture keeps moving ahead at record pace and the Amish still keep doing what they have done for centuries.  I cant imagine what it is like to live their life…….I worked on the horse farm with Amish men and woman and the women are some of the hardest working people I have ever worked with.  The men are often the best craftsmen…..the women just never stop working…..even young girls…….cooking, cleaning, sweating to beat heck draped in all of those clothes….and they never stop.  Work, work, work.


In my neck of the woods, the Amish are the BEST contractors and laborers you can hire.  They build the best furniture and I know this one Amish dude who makes the most beautiful leather dog collars.  I have always admired people who work with their hands, so maybe that is part of my fascination…..I don’t know for sure……but they do interest me.


It is uncommon for me to see Amish people in my daily life here in Indiana but I would say its considered normal to head outside of town and see horses attached to hitching posts at the stores and being careful to slow down to pass the buggies as they slowly move down the roads……..but it is NOT every day I have an Amish guy in my house.  (A kind of cute one to boot.)


John (the Amish guy) and his partner (a black dude) came to my house to give me a bid on some contractual work.  We had to walk my entire house from basement to attic and discuss what they other contractor had done wrong and how it should be done…correctly.  The entire time the Amish guy is making great conversation with me, asking me about the dogs, the house, all sorts of other random stuff……it really surprised me.  He even spoke without the accent that most of the Amish have here……not sure what type of accent it would be considered, but maybe it is something similar to a Dutch type accent…..Not John…He spoke perfectly clear to me….no noticeable accent.


Then when we were finished and ready to head upstairs, the Amish guy says…… “Were outta here”……. like a…..well….a “brotha.”


I couldn’t help but laugh…… was the strangest thing……there we all stood, an old black guy, a middle aged white woman and a young Amish guy……and the Amish guy spouts off “Were outta here” in a way that Chris Tucker would say it.  It was the funniest thing and a perfectly random way to end a perfectly random meeting……


Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke doesn’t it?…….Hey….Did ya hear the one about the Black dude, the white lady and the Amish guy?……bla bla bla.




Only me….Oy.




  1. Greetings from Shanghai.

  2. great laugh to start my morning!  thanks for stopping by my place…come on back anytime.

  3. hiya from South Africa – ta for stopping on my blog and leaving your mark! Your a good writer I enjoyed your entry! have a good oneMisfit!

  4. How cute is the Amish guy?  That’s just funny!
    I did a paper on the Amish in college.  25 pages of bullshit about how the Amish have made themselves a part of the cyberspace world or some crap like that.  It’s one of the only classes I remember the crazy name of, "Islam and Cyberspace."  It’s not what I registered for…but it’s the class I ended up in.  They changed the class.  Lucky me.  The bonus…my little bro found my paper on a disk and was able to use it for one of his college courses.  🙂
    I know…random share.

  5. hi there,
    thanks very much for your comment to me on my homeschool question.  very interesting to hear about all these different school experiences!
    have a good day!

  6. luv the new pics miss laura…….
    I have decided when I leave this  world and pass on to the great beyond…I wanna come back as a dog…and live at Laura’s house……
    have  a happy weekend!

  7. Hey Laura-
    My neighbors are amish, across the street and next door!  The ones across the street are just great.  I’ve written about Marlin (he’s the one that always tells me when my animals have escaped.)  They help me out so much, he has a sawmill so I get free sawdust, slabwood for heating, and he probably saved my animals lives.  I feel bad because I want to do nice things for them but I don’t know much about the Amish and what would be appropriate.  I made them brownis and a card after he caught my horse.  Only thing I don’t like about the amish is their disrespect for their animals, I saw one of Marlins many children hitting their lab, Prince, with a wiffle ball bat.  I wanted to march right over there and hit her with it but I didn’t think that would be a good way to introduce myself….lol.

  8. Ha. That’s a great story. I think random stuff is the most fun.
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Further over in the Ozarks, we have Mennonites…kinda modern Amish…in the summer you can find them at craft sales selling their furniture and wooden carvings. I don’t know how they stand it…working in the 110 degree Arkansas heat wearing flannel and carving wood. I would fall over dead. They are hard working people.

  10. Hi Laura-
    What he’s speaking is actually a form of German- My grandmother was
    Pennsylvannia Dutch which is kind of an offshoot of the Amish. They aren’t Dutch at all but German. Where the Dutch came from is the german word for german which is "deutsch" and we Americans
    couldn’t prounounce it and called it Dutch.  That’s what they always told me when I was little. I used to love to hear my grandmother speak on the phone to people when I was little . It was an Amercanized form of German.
    I bet that was really funny tho- You have the funniest encounters!!

  11. HOLY CRAP!  Did you have to share that boob story with me?  I mean, really?  How gross would it be to turn the corner one day while out and about and find yourself amist over 3000 women breast feeding together?  That’s just too much boob I tell ya! 

  12. Greetings from Downunder!

  13. Okay, I feel challenged –
    An Amish guy, a black guy, and a white woman walk into a bar…
    Actually, the woman ducks and the "brotha" falls backwards hard enough to see stars. He’s the only one that smacks his head.
    The Quaker bends over and says:
    "Dammmmmmmmmnnnnnnn. You got knocked the F**K out!"
    Back to the drawing board?

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