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My dog Bear has an insatiable sweet tooth.  Of coarse all of the dogs give me their undivided attention if I am eating something but Bear loves sweets…ice cream in particular…… 


The first time I actually let him try ice cream was a day I was returning from the shelter that he came from…. I had taken a vanload of donations for them to thank them for my wonderful doggies.  The shelter is about an hour drive from my house; I had spent hours there and was starving when I left…..  So I decided to stop at McDonalds and get a burger, fries and a cone…..He was begging for food so I gave him a fry and he dropped it…..I gave him some of my hamburger but he ate it while looking straight at my cone… I got some of the ice cream off of my cone with my finger and let him lick it off….he loved it.  Stood straight up, tail wagging.  (That’s it Mommy!…that’s what I want, not those stinking fries.)


I seldom give him anything sweet but in the Spring time when my favorite ice cream place Zesto’s opens…. and we have to drive right past their on our way home from our weekend walks at Foster Park.  I would always stop and get a small twist cone for myself… and a cup of water for Bear… he would drink his water then fixate himself on my cone.


Now he whines and whimpers and stomps his front feet, licking his chops wanting some ice cream if I have some.  (He can hardly contain himself)  He seriously loves it……so now when I go to Zesto’s after our long walks I get me a medium twist cone for me and a vanilla “baby cone” for Bear.  He gets so excited he barks before I can get sat down.


I hold mine in one hand trying to lick it before it melts down my arm and hold his in the other hand while he diligently licks all of the ice cream and then polishes off the cone.


Old people at Zesto’s eating ice cream, think that is the cutest thing ever!


Bear… the ice cream loving dog.



I love that crazy dog of mine.




  1. All of my pets growing up have loved ice cream in general and soft-serve in particular.  With one exception.  Sophie-kitten (now 6 years old and a whopping 19 pounds but still our little Sophie-kitten) will only eat warm, melted soft serve. 
    Have you seen those "ice cream sundaes" for dogs?  Safer, healthier ice cream for our fuzzy friends!

  2. I do the same thing with Rufus (my cocker spaniel baby)
    There is an ice cream place by me that actually has "doggie cones" on the menu. Its a cone (but I think its some sort of dog treat, not a real cone) and they put either some choc or vanilla ice cream in it for them.
    Its really a good idea actually and he LOVES them. =)

  3. Bear is a dog after my own heart. My pit-mix Stella (who’s now passed) had an absolute thing for Häagen-Dazs ; specifically Special Edition Bailey’s Irish Cream. She’d settle for others but Bailey’s was her favorite.

  4. HiLow!!!
    My Name is Heather.  I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your Blog. I  Look forward to your updates daily!!!  Justthought you would like to know that you have a random fan out here!!!
    Love and Candy Bars,

  5. Talk about odd animal traits.  I have a rabbit with a huge sweet tooth as well.  I came down with pnemonia two days after I adopted him, and about all I could keep down were popsicles.  Strawberry are my favorite.  He hopped up on my bed with me and got all sniffy, so I let him try a bite.  He freaked.  Started twitching and squeaking, and climbing all over me trying to tackle the hand holding the popsicle.  He still appears every time I open the freezer.  Then around haloween, he got into the candy corn and zipped around the house all night.  Gummy bears, even Shock Tarts, if I have something sweet and turn my back or attention away for a second, he goes for it.  Sneaky little bugger, but he’s as cute as can be.

  6. I can just picture it.  He must be so cute! 
    I used to think it was only dogs that begged for people food, but my cat is horrible!!  I can’t eat anything without "help".  Have you ever heard of a cat that likes sandwiches and chips?  It’s weird.  Sometimes I have to put her in her crate just so I can eat in peace!
    Enjoy your ice cream!

  7. OMG,I don’t know whose dogs are more spoiled,yours or mine? I confess to buying pete and toby a cheeseburger to share from time to time,and we let them lick the shake cups out after we’re done.They love yogurt too.I always share my fruit and yogurt cups,they look at me and salivate till I am finished.LOL

  8. Great story, as I’m sure all fur baby owners have gone thru this.  Mine line up when I have a bowl of ice cream, which makes me feel quite guilty for not giving them one spoonful to every one of mine, LOL.
    Very nice Space you have going here and your doggers and kitty are beyond cute!!!!  Nice visiting you.  I’ll be back.  Take care.
    Hugs,  Mare

  9. Ubu the wonder dog…
    Garlic potatoes with cheese and broccoli – still laying on floor (though he will eat ANY vegetables).
    Open a jar of Peanut Butter? Get a mop! Dog at FULL ATTENTION with long, gross runners of drool on both sides.
    Yogurt (not frozen – regular dairy variety) – SAME REACTION!
    It’s hard (and weird) being a canine in a mostly vegetarian household. Watch for a "Rear View" column coming soon dealing with a bad fall I had from trying to steer the dog around spilled…chocolate ice cream! Go figure!
    Acting President of the VSL Fan Club,

  10. Your dogs are spoiled!  I love it!  Now I don’t feel so bad for sharing pop-tarts and such with my dog!  I’m not the only one out there that gives in to the dog!  Mostly…I just want to get his drooling, drippy mouth away from my lap!  It’s disgusting…can’t he swallow while he is salivating? 
    Your comment you left me was frickin awesome!  Are you smoking a little something today?!??!  🙂  Loved it!
    Foot corn IS funny.
    I never had bleeding toes.  All those years…no blood.  Weird.  I suppose I would have taken the bleeding over the shattering.  🙂
    Alright!  Have fun inspecting strange people’s icky apartments today!
    OO  <— two boobs, not hugs.

  11. That is SO cool…I must say I have never heard of that before!!  🙂

  12. I have never given mine a cone of their own, I bet that IS a sight to see them eat one though. Might just have to try that this summer, Bear does love those PAWS ice ream treats so I bet he would really love the real thing.
    Take care,

  13. those are WAY better boobs!

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