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I was on a few poor housekeeping inspections today with my buddy Tricia and you know what is just so nasty to me??……..When you leave someone’s house, that you have been in for a short period of time…then you SMELL like the house, cigarettes, fried chicken, garlic, trash……..whatever the smell is in their apartment, it is now stuck on you once you exit the apartment. 


There is NO getting the smell off till you get home and shower…….so if you do inspections mid day, you have this lingering smell the rest of the day.  It is just so nasty.  Heaven forbid you actually have somewhere to go after work… might as well forget it.  No going anywhere without a shower…. you stink.  Period.


One guy that we entered his apartment, and it is STILL nasty after my repeat visits…….didn’t seem to comprehend that he needed to keep the apartment clean for more than just the normal inspections.  (twice a year)  He was amazed that we actually wanted him to KEEP it clean all the time.  I mean; he was in total disbelief.  He says…“What do you want me to do….. Clean?”  ….(Imagine that.)


The other guy was in his car when we arrived.  Once we entered the apartment, he cut butt.  He drove off down the street somewhere and turned ghost…..guess he didn’t want to hear my lecture about his cigarette butts all over the house and the open bags of trash just piled up in the kitchen again…….the guy puts cigarette butts out on top of the TV. 


I mean, who does that?…..


He puts them out just anywhere…it is so bizarre….his entire apartment is a straight fire hazard and I am writing him up as such first thing in the morning. 


The last time I was there he had an entire large coffee can filled with cigarette butts and multiple bags of trash open in the kitchen……I made him throw it all out while I stood there.  He didn’t understand all the fuss.  I remember him walking out the door shaking his head in disbelief…..(I mean, you are a grown man and some woman who works at your apartment complex has to show up and tell you to take out 6 bags of trash from your apartment that are stinking to high heaven……)  Come on.


I worked an hour over this morning and a half hour over this afternoon……I was exhausted and was more than ready to come home…(and shower)…I downloaded about half of the photos that were taken today and called it a day.  I left without getting the notices out.  I guess that can wait for tomorrow.





Sierah did really well on her SAT’s.  I can’t remember the score, but I do remember the part that said she scored higher than 56% of graduating seniors.  (Not bad for a Junior.)


Taryn won her tennis match tonight and scored most of the points…….Good job baby…..I’m sorry, but tennis is so boring……I’ll be glad when basketball starts back up again.


Oh, and Devon……. at dinner he announced his new career choice that he has chosen for when he grows up…..


* Drum roll please * 


He wants to be ”A hustler.”  I think his exact statement was, “I’m going to go to college for about two years, then when it gets too hard… I’m going to drop out and become a hustler.” 


(Last week he wanted to join the Army and marry a Chinese lady.)


Cant wait to see what next week brings…….





  1. OMG!  Your son is hilarious!  How does a kid come up with those things??  It’s so bizarre!  I love it!
    What’s with the tenants in those apartments?  I am so smell sensitive.  I would have to wear a  mask to enter come of those apartments!  And, I don’t know if I could handle smelling like one of those gross places!  Ew!  I can’t believe some people are just so completely adverse to cleaning.  It’s beyond me. 

  2. I just can’t understand how people can live like that!  One of my neighbors was moving (sneaking) out of her apartment and I knew she had cats.  She had locked the cats in the apartment and was going to just leave them…I "talked her into" leaving her key with me so I could take care of the cat and her kittens.  When I went in to the apartment there was poop all over the place…a broken TV…food on the walls, etc.  As I was standing there I felt something on my legs, FLEAS!!  It was so infested, I had never seen anything like it.  I’ll never forget it.  I’m very surprised that she didn’t call the police on me as I had to use threats and such to get her key…oh well.  I’m not afraid to go into bitch mode for an animal.

  3. LMFAO @ Devon’s career choice!!  I have a suggestion for the smelliness that you deal with after the inspections…BODYSPRAY!!  Assuming you’re not allergic to perfume or anything, it works like MAGIC!!  I used to smoke and now the smell of it (as well as some other smells) really gets to me, so I always keep bodyspray on hand.  It TRULY DOES WORK!!  (My favorite is Calgon’s Morning Glory.)  🙂

  4. Bring a spare change of clothes in case of mid-day inspections or invest in a vat of Febreeze. 
    LOL @ Devon’s sense of humor.  He is kidding right lol 😛

  5. When I taught high school special ed all my kids had to fill out ‘dream sheets’. These were questionnaires made to help them decide what they wanted to do when they grew up. It asked questions about your interests…your work goals…how you will achieve your goals and so on. Most of my kids wanted to be factory workers…mechanics, etc. One boy, however, wanted to be a porn star. ALL his answers related to how he would go about acting in porno movies for a living and WHY he was qualified to be in those movies. He was such a perv.
    Your son is a hoot! I love him!

  6. Filthy people baffle me. Especially the filthy people, like you speak of, who think you’re the weirdo. It never ceases to amaze me how people find my cleaning so irritating. I’m like…you’re the sicko you freak! not me! And it makes me worry that they take care of their body with the same enthusiasm that they sweep their floors. gross.

  7. Mandy~  Devon is funny and does come up with crazy stuff….nearly every day.  Yes, there is a few of those people who are completely adverse to cleaning…….house or person.
    Teri~  I had a rescue dog years agp (a min-pin) that someone thought they would throw a big bag of food down and let the dog just live in the apartment…….guess they forgot about water…….someone heard him barking and I ended up with the lil guy…..the house was left the same way……ugh….some people.
    Alicia~  I will give Calgons Morning Glory a try……Victoria Secrets Love spell does not do the trick…….(not for the really stinky stink.)
    Mannys Mom~  not kidding…….lol……it does change from week to week though…….I will keep you posted.  😛
    Kelly~  I am sorry, but that is just too funny.  I laughed out loud.  Heh.
    Cheeto~  I think in the morning I will post a photo for you guys to see…..filthy isnt even the right word for a few of the people….ugh.  PU.

  8. Maybe it’s time for a discussion on what kind of retirement plans are offered to Hustlers… If "hustler" means what I think it does, ’round here, pension plans are either "3 hots and a cot" (jail) or a "nice comfortable resting place" (a grave). Unfortunately, many take the "early options" (the same, but WAY before age 65).

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