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Yesterday morning while I was sipping my morning coffee and watching the news I caught a sound clip of a downtown beating that left one person in critical condition.  I was half way paying attention to the television until I looked up and noticed MY house on the news, surrounded by police tape.  "Hey, that’s OUR house…. on the news!…………(*shouts upstairs) SIERAHhhhhhhhh, do you have your TV on?  Our house is on the freekin news!!" 
Talk about surreal, it was one of the strangest things ever, I jumped straight up and ran out the front door to do a quick inspection for the yellow police tape…..not one bit of it left, no evidence of a struggle, no blood, no broken glass, nothing, nada… appeared to be exactly as it had been the day prior… but evidently much had transpired since I went to bed the evening prior.  Talk about strange….How did I miss all that commotion? 
Where was I during the near fatal beating directly in front of my house, multiple police arriving, yellow police tape being draped across my house, the news crews showing up?……..(Zzzzzzzzz) where were the kids? (ZzzzZzzzz) where were the faithful watch dogs? (ZZZzzzZZzzzz)  Every last one of us slept thru it…..all of it.  Had I not seen it on the news, I would of had no idea any of it actually happened.  (I guess the sound of my fan really does drown out the noise of the street in front of the house.)  Oy!
My bloggers review pack of coffee arrived fresh from Boca Java yesterday.  Poor Acacia was home sick but thank goodness she was here to sign for my package of goodies.  I came home, sat on the couch and started talking to her……..I noticed something unusual…….where is that wonderful smell coming from?  It smells like coffee……..Oh, my box is here (woo-hoo)……..I pulled the package apart and inspected a wonderful array of different coffee flavors, a super cool Bloggers mug and hat.  Ive got to admit that opening the box and me squeezing different packages to smell the aroma of the coffee spurred a coffee sniffing frenzy in my front room………the kids and I were going from package to package squeezing and sniffing………"ummmm, this one smells good…, this one smells good…….." bla bla bla. ~ They all smelled great, I cant wait to try them. 
So tomorrow morning I will be grinding my first Boca Java coffee beans…..I imagine they are going to be wonderful, they smell delicious thru the little hole in the package.
Thank you Boca Java!


  1. How weird is that, kinda scary though too!

  2. I am guessing this has to do with one of your fine new neighbors…
    Acorns rarely fall far from the tree…especially bay bay-corns.
    (P.S. Did your pack take "watchdog" lessons from Ubu? He mainly barks at ghosts. Really.)

  3. Cindy~  It is really scary……..ZzzZZzzzzz…….gesh.
    David~  bay-bay corns!  Ha!  True…….Ubu would be busy in my house…..Jenna says she sees ghosts there, including my Mom whom she never met……Maybe so, the old thing was built in 1915.

  4. Okay, Laura, tell me what to do with my new kitten…I need some help. We got a kitten last Friday. It’s only about 6 weeks old. I fixed him a litter box…B and I set him in the litter box and he seemed to know what it was for. He gets in and out of it fine, but he has since left us ‘presents’ ALL over the house…on the couch…the floor…a throw blanket. Basically, he is using our entire house as his personal lavatory. Do you have any advice?? Help, please! LOL
    Oh, and I’ll come back to comment on the crazy stuff in front of your house…wow!

  5. Scary that something like that happened out front of your house!  I’m glad your family was not involved!  🙂

  6. Wow!  I always sleep with a fan on…I wonder how much I’m missing??
    Enjoy your coffee taste testing!

  7. Your house made the news!  It’s funny that no one noticed all the craziness going on!
    Have you seen the mini-bike riding jackass neighbor today????  Or…is he in the hospital after having been nearly beaten to death by your neighbors for bugging the crap out of them and tormenting their dogs??
    Enjoy your coffee. 

  8. gesh Laura,You slept right through that commotion? My guess is the new nieghbors bringing in that element to your nieghborhood.At any rate I still would guess one way or another they won’t stay long.Watch out for yourself,while this goes on anything could happen.Hope you and yours will be safe.

  9. Mmmmm coffee

  10. Same thing happened to my neighbor! I happened to be home for lunch and saw police, sherrif’s dept, etc vehicles pen some guy down in my neighbor’s yard. When they got home I told them what happened but they thought I was kidding – until they watched the news!
    I got my coffee pack, too! I’ve been snorting coffee for a coupla days now. Mmmmmm……..

  11. I’m like you and Ashlie…I always sleep with a fan on. I never hear anything else…I barely hear my alarm clock in the mornings.

  12. Laura,
    I just wanted to tell u how much I truly love your space!!!  I find your writing about life and your pets and family truly entertaining and look foward to your each and very blog!  Please keep up the good work!  Also, like you I have a tremendous love for animals and hope that you will take a look at my site.  I own 7 cats and 2 dogs, along with a variety of fish.  Please let me know what you think if u ever have the time!  Great blog u have here!

  13. Yep…ours was built in 1904. Hope your weekend was more quiet – not that it seems to matter at your place. ZZZZZZ, indeed!

  14. OK, I’m way behind on comments…:S. Anyway…it must be very surreal hearing Jennifer Blomquist talking about an event in front of your house. ‘Nuff said.

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