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I love my morning coffee and it would be accurate to say that if I don’t get my morning coffee I can be rather crabby…..lets just say it messes up my whole day……BUT…..I seldom drink more than 1, maybe 2 cups a day.  Light weight I know…


This morning I left the house rather quickly so I didn’t have a chance to turn on my percolator.  (Yes, I use a percolator and not a Mr. Coffee)  This morning I opted for McDonalds for breakfast, along with my meal I got their “New Bold Coffee.”  (I guess rather than the old burnt stuff)……Their coffee always seemed burnt to me….ew.  Anyways….I got back to work, put in all my fixins’ and…..


I’m not impressed.


But I was impressed the last couple times I got coffee from their competition….Arby’s.  Not sure if they have changed their coffee nationally but I do know locally it may have been changed due to the Starbucks that went in about ½ a mile away.  Not only is the coffee great but they will also put the creamers and sugars in for you, etc.  I was impressed.  Good stuff.




Yesterday I received a psychiatric evaluation of a resident that I wished I had never seen.  I am not sure why he signed releases to have it sent to me, but he did.  He may have actually wanted them to sign something getting him out of doing community service…I don’t know..…and they sent me that….. * shutters to think about it…eww…..



Today Tricia and I will be re-inspecting some poor housekeepers.  Yes it is nasty, but I somehow find it interesting that people can actually live like that.  One lady followed us around two weeks ago telling us basically everything wrong in her apartment was our (the housing authority’s) fault.  She was so nasty that she has a zillion mouse turds on the top of her kitchen counter and didn’t seem to think a thing about it.  The first thing I ask the residents when I come in is, “Do you have any insect or mice infestation?”  I ask this because we use Orkin for any pests and it is free of charge to the residents.  They can have them come as much as they want…….She said she had mice really bad, had roaches but got rid of them.  I said, “Did you call in a work order?”…..She says, “No.”  (Okay, so now we know YOU are the problem.)


I go thru the apartments taking photos and telling Tricia what to write (items I note are in need or repair or damaged) and poor Tricia was so flustered by how nasty the ladies apartment was, it seemed she could hardly write.  When I got back to work and was ready to write out my report, look at Tricia’s notes and download my photos…..I had a good laugh at Tricia’s notes.  (In regard to this woman’s housekeeping)  Let’s just say they were honest, but couldn’t be included in my report……


A week from today we will be at our most troubled property, along with every Manager and every big wig, all the way up to the Executive Director doing a unit to unit inspection looking for pest infestations……eww.  Looking inside all 150 units.


Maybe I can be sick that day.




  1. Crazy residents, mouse poop… you sure put up with a lot, I don’t know if I could handle all that. Good for you though! It takes special people to do that kind of job! CHEERS TO YOU!

  2. Eeww,A part of your job I don’t think I could do.LOL

  3. I bet you WILL be sick if you go in that day!  Can’t say I wish it were me!  🙂

  4. I love all of the new pictures!!  Tonka looks like he’s smiling in one of them, and why not?  He’s got a lot to smile about!  Hope you’re having a great week!

  5. See??
    It’s the young stupid guys that rationalize a couch being on the roof as a good idea!  So bizarre!
    It will be up there till it starts to rain really hard….then someone will be smart enough to realize that a couch soaking up water on the roof is probably not a good idea and they will push it off and it will sit on the ground up-side-down until it dries out and they have time to remove it.
    It really is a vicious cycle. 

  6. Love the new pics!
    I don’t understand people that can live in conditions like you described.


  8. I LOVE your pictures Laura!!  Everyone animals and children look so happy!
    Concerning the people or savages at your apartment complex-
    If they aren’t handicapped then they are plain LAZY!!!!  Drives me crazy!!  I quess they wanted you to come in there and clean it up for them too-
    The government should send out some motivational speakers to make them take more pride in themselves. Just because you don’t have alot of money doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself.
    I don’t know if that would work or not. I know it’s a bad problem.
    Good luck!!!
    Denise   (give Bear a kiss -he looks like my dog!!)

  9. I just wanted to know that I really enjoyed your blog.  I read the entire thing today.  I have to say I laughed and cried alot.  I’m so glad that Stellar found a forever home.  Reading about him made me want to take him home with me.  You are a wonderful person, a great mom, and a lifesaver to all our animal friends.  Thank you, I will check back often.  Congrats on getting your own home too, I just bought my first last September, it’s a great feeling isn’t it. 

  10. All I have to say about McDonald’s is best summed up in "Super Size Me." Check it out. But first, be sure you’ve had everything from the Golden Arches that you wanted to try…

  11. Sorry for all the comments, but I almost forgot:
    Happy National Pooper Scooper Week!

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