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Yesterday on my way home from my sisters house I happened upon a 5 car accident.  I glanced over and kept driving.  About half a block down the street I see what I suspect was the cause of the accident….. walking down the street….


A beautiful blond with big boobs?……NO.


A hunched over elderly gentleman, wearing a blond wig, a red beret, a yellow sweater, red plaid boxer shorts, no pants, white stockings and brown orthopedic shoes…..walking at a brisk pace with a cane. 


I am relatively certain he was the cause of the accident because he also caused me to turn completely around (being nosey) to give him further inspection…..but I did so without rear ending someone…(thank goodness) and you know what?   He doesn’t even live in my building…..


For all the times for me not to have my camera ……hump.






PS.  I love my hair short, but something I had forgotten from when my hair was previously short…….Short hair + hair gel + 6 hours sleep =  crazy morning hair.  (This morning it equaled nothing short of a Mohawk.)…….morning hair pictures will follow….get ready! 


  1. Why would he ruin the outfit with the brown orthopedic shoes?  I hope he had heels waiting for him when he got to his destination.

  2. I do not know what moved you to link my site, but…THANKS!
    I have a great mental picture of this from your post, but – yes PLEASE carry your camera. Too much weird crap happens in your daily life…
    Aside: My GF loves your Space – she went on and on about the dog growling at its leg. I finally got it through the firewall at work…Good Grief! That is the weirdest [expletive deleted] I have ever seen. And I have been around animals since age 5 (Mom was a "dumpee" rescuer).
    Peace (and Happy Easter),

  3. lol@ Mandy………
    David~  You should tell your girlfriend to post!  Hi Davids girlfriend.  You should get to know me cuz he and I wil be riding the short bus to hell together.  (Wanna ride with us?)  🙂
    I had my camera with me every day this week except when I passed the old cross dresser……..go figure………Yeah, believe it or not it seems I get tons of hits to my space for just the videos.  I love that shtuff!  Granny with Big dog makes me laugh every time I watch it.
    Oh and I linked you cuz I think others should read your space!  🙂  Sorry, I forgot to tell ya! 
    U and your girl have a nice Easter too!……….I am going to removed my gun from my house cuz I will have about 30 folks who happen to be related to me (I dont like all of them) and the bratty kids that show up with them at my house…….ugh.l
    Easter Smeaster!

  4. LOL,I know what you mean,but the good thing about gel and short hair,you can wet it,shake it in place and you’r good to go again.

  5. Hello! I know this is kinda off topic but I’d Figured I’d ask.Would you be interested in exchanging links or may be guest writing a blog post or vice-versa?My site addresses a lot of the same topic as yours and I think we could generally benefit form each other.If you are interested feel free to shoot me an email.I look forward to hearing from you!Great Blog by the way!

    • Hi and Thank you! I have not been so active with my blog as of late, however I an still busy with rescue dogs! 🙂

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