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I have been busy as all get out at work…….doing someone else’s work……grrr……don’t get me started.




I seen the most random thing at lunch today and it just struck me so weird.  (People are weird.) 


I am driving home on lunch down a 4 way street, 2 streets East and 2 streets West.  The car ahead of me nails a guy next to us and takes off his mirror.  The guy who gets the mirror taken off, was sitting still when he got hit…. And is driving a Verizon company car.


What’s he do? ….. Nothing. 


He just sits there.  She drove about a block, then pulled over, turned around and looked at him really strange……and drove off.


What was he doing now?……  Still sitting there in traffic doing nothing while people swerve around his mirror on the ground.


How strange is that?  A guy driving a company car, gets his mirror whacked off in traffic and just sits there………La, la, la……


People ARE weird.    


Maybe he is going to go back to work and act like he knows nothing about it……..who knows.


My luck, I’d get to drive the company car NEXT!  ugh.




  1. I’m with you, I would get it next and then get blamed for the missing mirror. Just my luck….

  2. Hey…cool space. You have put a lot of time into it I can tell. Oh……that guy who got hit while in his Verizon vehicle….he was waiting for the police to show up. Yep…he can’t move until the law stops by and fills out an accident report. Company rules ya know!
    Anyway great space…keep up the good work!

  3. It sounds like there was something going on between the two drivers, right? A lovers spat? A company fight?
    I’ll just chalk it up to what you said: people are weird.

  4. Hello, I’ve just caught up on your blog and I swear your days at work are so funny. I can just imagine your drunk tenant just standing there rocking back and forth while silence fills the air. I really don’t know how you can keep your composure. I would be crackin up at all the ‘events’ that happen to you. I am really glad to hear about Stellar’s nice new home. It is so wonderful that he has settled in so nicely and that he is helping out Jesse come out of his/her shell. 🙂

  5. hahaha
    I would just sit there too!  🙂

  6. I bet its the driver’s last day before starting a new job lol!
    PS…I brought over a pocket full of Fruit Loops for your animals.  :o)

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