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As you all know, my building is full of interesting and strangely unique people. Many of whom like to partake in a little extra curricular activities such as drinking and….well……… God only knows what else….I almost shutter to think.


This particular guy, “Mr. D” (Mr. Drunk-all-the-darn-time) will have this weeks high honor (cough) bestowed upon him…..he receives the “Big Dumb Kid of the week award”.  I decided he would win this week’s award after our brief conversation in my office this afternoon.


It went as follows:


Mr. D knocks on my door and I could tell by just looking at him that he was “feeling no pain.” (Past a 6 pack and working on a 12 pack maybe) I pop open my security door and it takes him a moment to gather his drunk self up enough to actually get thru the door (You simply push it to open …it’s not rocket science) He swaggers into my office (smelling like a brewery) and tosses an envelope that he has in his hand, onto my desk and says:


Mr. D: “What’s this suppose to be for?” In a snide tone of voice…


Me: “What is this for?” I ask …As I glance at the opened envelope and money order inside..


Mr. D: “Yeah, what is that? Like he is annoyed by my question and didn’t want to repeat himself.


Me: I raise my eyebrows, take a long look at him and say…..“ It would appear to be your rent payment.”


Mr. D: “My RENT payment?” ….As he jerks his head backwards like WTF?


Me: “Seems you mailed it to yourself.” (Trying not to laugh at Mr. D, who has instantly became Mr.Humble- bumble, whom not only marched into my office with a nasty attitude but now has also made a fool out of himself because now he and I both know he has mailed his rent payment to himself….. instead of to the housing authority…..Can you say duh!)


Mr. D “I mailed it to myself?” With one eye squinted halfway shut and his lip curled up…..Like he just cant believe he did that.



I nod…..and try not to smile.



** crickets chirp **



As he stands there swaying back and forth staring at the envelope he had addressed two days before….(Who knows maybe he was searching for something to say to me)……Not sure but he was silent for a long time…I kept working…….


In a last ditch effort to try to hang onto some sort of dignity, he throws the other item of mail (a post card for some singles dating Internet site) in his hand onto my desk too and says, “Well, what’s this?”…… 


**  eye roll ** 


I chuckle to myself and say….”Better ask the mailman on that one Mr. D”…..


~ Heh!  Sorry, but that is some funny stuff.~



Okay……now the icing on the cake for the end of my day. 


I have been having my house remodeled now for almost 12 months……not that I am having lots of work done, but the contractors are slower than molasses up hill I swear.  ugh


Last night I decided to turn on my new outdoor spigot I had installed and give it its first trial run.  I wanted to fill this giant water thing outside that I had purchased for the dogs….had my new hose and nozzle attached……went to the basement to turn the water onto the outside, I hear water go thru the pipe (It’s working!…good sound) run upstairs see water coming out like it should be (Yes! Great!…I don’t have to haul buckets of water out anymore to water my plants all summer….woo hoo)…….then I notice it……


~ STEAM ~……rolling out the end of the hose……….


Steam?  I said, “Is that HOT #$%* water?”…….  I couldn’t be……….


It WAS!……….grrr.



My “Big dumb kid” contractor ran hot water to my outdoor spigot. 






There you have it folks……the icing on my cake!  It might take him another 12 months just to get it right…….




  1. Yikes.  Sounds like a close second for the big-dumb-kid award.
    Let’s try to find an upside… Got a tub to put outside?  It could be your hot-tub!

  2. OMG! I work with some of the same type people, and I just about split a stitch on Mr. D! I love it when they try to keep their dignity and don’t realize it’s already a done deal. I like the previous commentors idea of a hot tub. It may be a while before the idiot gets it fixed! I’m currently waiting for the plumber to come back to fix an outside spigot, and have only been waiting 5 days!
    Good luck!

  3. Have been reading your blog for awhile, just love it.  You have a beautiful family.  Your links are great, as are the books you recommend!  Am a dog-person as well, could not make it without "my girls" who are 2 rescued mixes, but are now queen and princess…and nice enough to let me live with them!  Keep up the great work!  

  4. I always wanted the hose to have hot water coming out of it when I was a kid. 

    • QUiEt_OcEA-чч-水少十画
    • Posted April 6, 2006 at 7:12 am
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    ur space is fabulous, i like it ^6^ ur dogs r cute as well
    have a nice day

  5. OMG,Such incompitance.You must be "Steamed",LOLHope you get it fixwd in time to water flowers.

  6. I love it!  He mailed it to himself..HA!  Great new pictures too.  Aren’t you glad your life isn’t boring?  Have a good day!

  7. You poor thing!  I’d be frustrated too!  Has it REALLY taken them THAT long??  My hubby is in construction and he says the guy must be a quack who’s trying to get all the $$$ he can out of you!  That comes from another contractor…so it might hold SOME truth!!  🙂

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