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The twins


It is nothing short of amazing to watch your children grow…..turn into young adults right before your eyes….. and even though it is something that is always happening and evolving, some things periodically happen that bring that reality (that they are growing up) straight to the surface….The twins made me take a long look at them this weekend when they both felt passionately enough about something, to partake in a peaceful protest/ march downtown and walk for 2 hours in the rain…… the protest was in regard to the immigration legislation pending in Congress.  They were also a part of a walk out at school Friday in regard to the same subject.  (With my permission of coarse)  The school they go to is one of the most diverse schools in the nation and the entire population of minorities in the school is not the minority, but the majority…..minorities make up over half of the student body.  My children have many; many close Hispanic friends and have came to their own conclusion in regard to this legislation.  I can only hope that they spend the rest of their lives fighting for the things in life that they feel passionately about……….  One of the many things in life that helps to build great character. 




The new car


Sierah does love the car and there is no question she will take great care of it.  (It is now complete with new floor mats and a couple of cucumber melon air fresheners.)  She took great care of my Jeep while she drove it, so I am not nervous about that.  I am nervous though when she is gone…..not so much worried about her or her actions, but worried about all the crazy people in this world she could come in contact with when out there…..I trust her……its the zillions of nut jobs out there that scare me.



The new computer


Over the weekend I set up my new computer and downloaded my new camera software, etc.  I had a ball playing with all the stuff on my computer, downloading photos, and learning the new photo programs that I have installed and…… I did quickly become addicted to Spider Solitaire…The only problem is…I just was not able to connect to the Internet due to the fact my phone line was way too short……today I will find time to slip down to the Dollar Store and buy a 25 ft phone cord.  THEN I will finally be able to download some of these photos onto my BLOG that I have been taking with my new camera.  I will be back on line at home!  WOO HOO. 






The big guy has found a new home……This is bitter sweet for me.  Hard because I am so attached to him, but sweet because I know he went to a great home where he will be one of two Danes who are very loved and spoiled……Placing dogs is the hardest part of rescue for me and it always has been.  It’s often hard to find an ideal home and even harder to deal with letting them go……either case you have to do what is best for the dog, find the best home and send them on… so you can continue doing what you do.  If you keep them all, you cant continue to rescue.


Everyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows how hard it was for me to capture him and earn his trust…..all those weeks of feeding him in the woods, building a shelter for him in the middle of a tornado…worrying I would find him frozen, curled up in a ball….  I feel in love with him long before I got him home……..He became attached to me like white on rice once i got him home…. I miss him already…..I just know this is for the best.    I have to keep reminding myself that…


Stellar is heavy on my heart today.  I will write more about this when I can put it in a better prospective.  Right now, it isn’t so easy…….


I miss ya big guy…




  1. Bittersweet is right.  You’ve done so much for him and shown him so much love…I think he’s a lucky boy.   I’m sure you found a great home for him and it’s great that they have another Dane.  Will you be able to see him once in a while?  People like you give me hope that this world can be kind and caring regarding our animal friends. 

  2. Aw, Stellar will be great in the long run.  And it’s thanks to you for getting him to the point that he can be as well off as he is.  Since he can’t say it himself, let me.  Thanks for taking such good care of him.

  3. How sad.  It is for the best though.  He’ll be happy and spoiled!
    Congrats on the new car in the household!  I’m sure your daughter is super excited about it!  SUPER excited! 
    Wait…your blog it titled "her Jeep" but you no longer have a Jeep!  🙂

  4. Oooh, so sad to hear about Stellar, but I understand. If it wasn’t for you, who knows what would have happened to him. Can’t wait to see those new pics!

  5. OMG, I am so surporised that you adopted Stellar out!  I know you wouldn’t send him anywhere that wasn’t the best, but I totally thought he suckered you right in to keeping him! LOL  Good for you though that you were able to make such a hard decision.  It takes strenght to follow though on something that difficult.  I am however anxious to hear how it all went down.

  6. I’m sorry but happy at the same time for Stellar.  I know it must be hard giving him up after all you have been through with him.  Good luck will you be able to visit him?

  7. he needed a dane friend
    im happy you found one for him
    he will be just fine..i know it
    and so will you

  8. Laura,
     I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you were doing the best for Stellar but I know it hurt you very much.  You are such a loving and strong person.  I don’t know how you do it. 
    Hope it doesn’t hurt too long!

  9. I’m sorry that you no longer have Stellar.  I thought that he would have stayed with you since he was so attached to you, and may not be that way with someone else. I hope it works out for him.  He needs a loving home.

  10. ~Stellar~
      It is hard to explain how I feel about placing him….It hurts…..but I love that big dog and I am  happy that I was able to save him after all of that time…feeding him, etc…., but I think I knew all along that he would need to be placed.  For me to keep him here would of been selfish on my part.  His new home is ideal and he will be living with a loving family in a 2 dog household.  The other dog is a rescue Dane.  I just pray they work out well together because the family is perfect for him……The couple is ideal and I know he is going to be spoiled there like he was here……he will even be able to sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad at night……(Not many people allow that with a dog so big) 
    I am also able to see and visit with him ,etc.  He is not far away (20 min) so once he is settled in I will pay him a visit.  They also promised that if they cant keep him for any reason, he will return to me…..
    He went to a great home….he will be loved and spoiled like here and he has a big play mate like himself. 
    I will miss him…..

  11. You are so strong woman,I couldn’t do it,If I save them I have to keep them forever,but I havn’t faced saving as many at one time as you do,My heart is with you during this time of transition for stellar

  12. The twins are passionate and caring because they have a great role model (as I’m sure all your kids demonstrate).  They are lucky to have you. 
    So glad Sierah is enjoying her new car.  I hate to say it, but you are right to be worried about all the weirdos out in the world.  I’m a cop.  I know.  But I’m sure Sierah is smart.  Just keep educating her and I’m sure she will do just fine.
    I want to say that it’s sad that Stellar has left your house (and it is sad), but like you said, it is best for him and you now are able to rescue another dog that really needs you.  You’re an amazing woman Laura.  Not everyone can do what you do.  I really admire you in so many ways.  Keep smiling!

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