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They are overloading me again at work…….I have to help out at the other apartment complex again and help another manager do the equivalent of 3 months worth of her work she neglected to do…… in about two or three weeks.

The #1 rule in good management is basically, you don’t punish the people who are doing their job by making them do someone else’s job, without punishing the other person for not doing their job. Something like that…….you get the idea right?…. It happens here a lot. I am always caught up, maybe even working ahead often times and I am always called upon to help get someone else out of a bind. I don’t mind helping, but it does grow old after a while……Maybe it’s time to ask for that raise! Yeah, right.


S is for Sucker (me)…

Oh, I did do the exact opposite of what I said I was going to do last week.


I bought the kid (Sierah) a car.

I guess none of this darn car shopping went as planned……. I sold my Jeep way quicker than I thought I would so as soon as it was gone, we were down to one car.*** BAM***  Not good with 6 people, all of whom have to be at different places at different times…….

I have been unable to find what I wanted, so I went out last night in search of something else for her….with the money I received from the sell of the Jeep. (So, it was like I didn’t spend that much money really……..just used the Jeep money.)

I went past the guy Rick I know’s car lot at lunch……..driving along, eating my Taco Smell (I mean Bell) and I was going to pull in to talk to him but he had a sign up saying he was at the auction and would return later.


He returned alright, with about 3 cars I was interested in…….


And ONE that Sierah was really interested in. Of course the nicest, most expensive one out of the 3……but it was also the one I liked so….. We test drove it, checked everything and I decided it was the most dependable and drove perfect…….it would be a good car for her. 

Sierah let out a giant Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh when I told Rick I was going to buy it. She said. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Really? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!"    Jumping up and down in the parking lot shrieking from pure ~first~car ~bliss……..



So needless to say, we returned home last night in two vehicles. I was driving the dorky Mom Van and Sierah was driving a white Intrepid with this huge grin on her face. (Matter of fact she was smiling so big I think her teeth might have dried out.)


Happy new car kiddo……I love U.




PS…Sorry for the bad photo, it was taken at 6:00AM in the rain…..Oy!



  1. Looks like my car, might be the same year.  I’ve been very happy with it, granted it is getting up there in years, but I still love it and try to take good care of it.  I feel very safe in it.  Did you drive it too?  Hope you both enjoy it.

  2. You are such a good mom and I know Sierah is a good kid!!!
    Is Sierah going to share her car with the others?  Looks like a really nice car-  My 16 year old is going to be needing one shortly too-
    I hope she takes care of it- You probably won’t be seeing her for awhile-

  3. So whats next?sell the dorky mom van and buy yourself the hot jeep you really want.Sounds like a plan to me.Congrats to Sierra,She is a lucky girl,hope she gives you kisses everyday for a month for that one.LOL

  4. I hope Sierah knows just how lucky she is to have a mom like you (I’m sure she does).  When I got my first car (wasn’t until I was a junior in college) I had to pay for it myself.  Good luck to her (to always stay safe) and good luck to you (to not worry yourself into an ulcer when she’s driving around without you!).

  5. Sierah’s got to be in heaven!  Perfect timing to have scored a car now that Spring is here.  🙂
    Thanks for the update a few blogs back re: Russell.  *shudder* Sorry I asked about him!  WTF!  You can do waaaay better, anyway. 😉
    p.s. You partake in Taco Hell – err, Taco Bell, too?!

  6. AWE you’re such a softie 😉

  7. Sierah should be really happy with the Intrepid.  Nice ride!
    And now, take it from a former employee.  It’s "Toxic Hell."

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