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Almost daily funny, silly, strange, weird or bizarre stuff happens to me at work.  Dar is right; I couldn’t make this stuff up.  I have 100 apartments that I manage and out of those 100, approximately 20 are senior citizens and the majority of the rest are challenged mentally in one way or another……so this combination of people and ME (as their fearless leader/Manager) is potentially hilarious. 


I’m one of those people who find it easy to not only laugh at myself but I also find great pleasure in laughing at and with other people…..I’ve got to say, it makes my day here go by so fast.  If I didn’t laugh, I’d have to cry some days… I laugh…..then I call my friend Tricia who works in the administrative building, and leased up most of the people, and relay to her the stuff they are doing……and we BOTH laugh.  (Then I write about it in my BLOG!….some days)


I was so busy getting caught up on paperwork yesterday that I didn’t get involved in much other stuff other than a short exchange with the Vegetable soup lady.  Remember the lady who said I disconnected her phone (and she had actually unplugged it) and came into my office with what appeared to be a cup of vegetable soup down the front of her shirt……a day later plunked her wig in my hand while I was trying to open her door?…..Well, yesterday she came into my office and asked if I could call her daughter for her.  Conversation between us was as follows:


Me:  “Why can’t you call from your phone in your apartment?” 


VSL (Vegetable Soup Lady) “Someone stole part of my phone…..umm… phone don’t work.” 


Me: “Okay, what’s the number, I’ll call her for you.” 


VSL, “425-000”


Me:  “That’s not enough numbers.”


VSL:  “Yes it is!  425-000 That’s her number.”


Me:  “No it isn’t, I need one more number.”


VSL:  “She doesn’t have another number.”


Me:  “No, I mean the phone number you are telling me needs one more number.”


VSL:  ”She doesn’t have another number, she gave me her phone from home and someone stole part of it from me.  Her work number is the only number she has”


Me:  “Okay, So what part of the phone did they take?”


VSL:  “I don’t know, but they also broke my toilet seat.”


Me:  “Who broke your toilet seat?”


VSL:  “I don’t know, but they also stole part of my phone.”




I seen we were going nowhere fast so I told her I would find the number (In her file) and give her a call……about an hour later when I went to leave VSLady was in the lobby on the couch, head tipped back, wig all the way down over her eyes snoring… loudly….so loud she could of easily been mistaken for someone trying to call the cows home…..I just laughed to myself, waved to the security camera and went out the door…..”Sweet dreams Vegetable Soup Lady”……


[I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up.]




  1. oooh.. are you serious abt the mentally challenged part?  So it’s an apartment complex for low income, mentally challenged individuals.. that would make the stories more understandable.

  2. I couldn’t live with out your blog. You should write "My… Chronicles of Apartment Management…Oy" I would buy the book read it then buy it again to re-read.

  3. NO, you probaly couldn’t!  It gives me GREAT joy to read all about it though!  🙂

  4. You are right, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. If I were in your position though I would by laughing all day long at the stuff you’ve got going on. Hope your day goes by fast dealing with all that!

  5. I understand the whole "laugh or you’ll cry" thing.  In my line of work we police officers will often sit around and hash out our "war stories" with each other because no one else would understand.  And anyone else would probably think we were cruel for saying some of the stuff we say, but it’s only to other cops.  We have to make up jokes in order to be able to process some of the stuff we see, or we would go crazy I’m sure.  You certainly have a LOT of patience!

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