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That train that hit me, drug me down the tracks a couple miles. 


Since I last blogged I have returned to the Doctor 3 times, had 3 breathing treatments, two different antibiotics, a new found inhaler that I have to use 4 times a day, a steroid inhaler, cough medicine and an oral steroid…….The little thing that they attach to the end of my finger says I am not getting enough oxygen in my blood (causing among other things severe exhaustion) and the Doctor says I am not moving enough air thru my lungs.  (I could have told her that for free)  My right lung feels like I have a brick in there……moving air isn’t so easy with a brick in your lung.  Hack!  Hack!


The interesting thing is I am have never had asthma… current diagnosis is Asthmatic Bronchitis.  I will find out tomorrow after I get the results of my X-Ray, if it is actually pneumonia.  I would be surprised if it isn’t.  The Doctor kept me off work for a week, and I will return tomorrow……. Joy.


Not working is so strange for me and it is really hard for me to then stay my @ss in bed when I DO stay at home……Each time I could muster up enough strength to do a little something, I then required a 3 hour nap to recuperate.  I have been a home for a week and was unable to do anything productive in my house.  (Like painting or spring cleaning…ugh)


Honestly, the really scary thing in all of this……not being able to breath…..something we all take for granted.  For me breathing is normally like my heart beating….. it is something that is just happening but I am blissfully unaware… body just does it.


Now, every breath I take, I am aware of…… is a crazy feeling to feel you are unable to fill your lungs with air.  Scary.  I even had a couple dreams of being suffocated……(It could be the asthma, but then again it could have been Charlie Tuna sleeping on my face………I may never know…..)


Yesterday it was a sunny 45 degrees out so I decided to go to my favorite park for a stroll with Bear.  I know walking at the park doesn’t seem ideal considering my condition, but I felt I was rotting away inside my germ infested house…..I needed a change of scenery.  Off to the park we went.


The park was eerily quiet and the trees standing tall and leafless appeared almost like bones…The woods take on a whole new life in the winter….Foster Park is beautiful, it is a large park that has a 4 mile section of walkway that I normally walk, that goes around a beautiful 18 hole golf coarse bordered on one side by a river and about half the way around bordered by big beautiful estates…… I love to look at and dream about those beautiful houses as I walk.……it is a beautiful, scenic walk I always enjoy. 


I do love walking my dogs and just getting out of the house…… so in the Spring, Summer and Fall I am at the park at least 4 or 5 times a week…..I guess you cold say that I am there often enough that normally by mid summer, faces of other people who frequent the park and dogs who accompany them become familiar ….


The park is full of dog walkers, joggers, roller bladders, bicyclist….you name it because the path around the park is part of 15 miles of what we call the “River Greenway.”  I like to go early in the morning when it is quiet…….No one to bother me.…..


As I was walking, about half way around….. an older gentleman walked up to me from behind.  Normally people don’t pass me walking because I generally keep a nice pace or duck into the woods and opt for the more quiet paths that run along the river…… but yesterday I was strolling along the greenway slowly.  (Trying not to concentrate on my breathing, or should I say my inability to do so.)    Bear had become interested in some wood peckers that seemed rather unhappy with him at the bottom of their tree…….I was standing there laughing at Bear as he was up on his back feet trying to investigate the chatter…….I stopped so he could further investigate.


There I stand, holding a sack of dog poo, and my dog is standing up on his hind feet looking like he was doing some sort of circus poodle routine…….the older man who walked up strikes up a conversation with me…..Not unusual because the walkers in the park are notoriously friendly.  It is strange if you pass anyone who doesn’t smile and say hello……I readily engaged him in conversation. 


"Beautiful day isnt it?"……..


My first observations of the guy included a well groomed head full of gray hair, all black upper scale “outdoorsy” type clothing, a black Titleist Golf hat and a walking stick that he swung like a golf club the entire time he talked to me…….Without question, he was old enough to be my Father.


He immediately starting shooting lots of questions at me and at first I must of seemed puzzled …… then it finally became obvious he was going to ask me out when he asked if I live alone……..I guess he was rooting around for a husband or boyfriend, wanting to know where I lived, how old were my kids, what I did for a living.  Hell, I felt like I was on a speed date, there in the park holding a bag of dog poo, my fearless watch dog still engaged in the wood peckers who never stopped clucking at him……Bear never even glanced back at the stranger……I honestly have no idea how this old guy asked me so many questions in such a short amount of time………but he did.


He was handsome in an “Older man kind of way”, charming, yet far too pushy for me and had salesman written all over him….. he even asked if I was looking for any part time work……….”No”.  As I quickly brought our conversation to an end, but not before he invited me over to drink a couple beers with him at his apartment……..”Oh thank you but I don’t really drink that much….. it was nice meeting you…..I really must get going now, take care.”  He still pursued a few more questions while he swung that stick like it was a 9 iron…….I kept it brief.  He was someone who didn’t take no for an answer, but that is what he got out of me… thanks Daddy-O.


I am standing there thinking…….an old man just asked me out…… somebody’s Grandpa, a man who without question had children older than me……….


I should be flattered right?  Wrong……there was just something so wrong about it in so many ways……I mean I have never been asked out by someone who appeared to be almost twice my age. 


Not sure if it spoke more of him, or more of me…….but I couldn’t help but think to myself all the rest of the way around the park, “How old DO I look?…….Maybe letting my gray hair come in was a bad decision….. Oh these old lady New Balance Walking shoes I just bought……I told Sierah they looked like old lady shoes……….ugh!!”……..







  1. Glad to see your smiling face back again!  I missed you!
    Surely you’ve heard all about the older man/ younger woman thing!!!
    Don’t put yourself down!
    Personally, I don’t go for it either tho. You can do so much better!!
    Take care of yourself! 
    What would Bear have done with the wood peckers if he had caught one?

  2. Geez Laura…
    I was really getting worried…
    Im glad your feeling better but sorry to hear how sick you have been…
    and remember…Just cuz your feeling better doesnt mean you can do like 9 million things….get rest..ok…and stop hanging around the park
    trying to pick up gramps….heheh that was just too damn funny

  3. So gald you’re back!  Hope you feel back to normal soon. 

  4. Very nice Space. If you don’t mind, I will add your link. Ubu may want to visit someday, and I know my girlfriend will…
    Keep up the good work!
    Chief Bag Opener,
    (formerly known as the "Cat Whisperer" – even funnier since I am allergic to them)

  5. Glad to see you back!!  I have asthma and know exactly what you’re talking about, sometimes it’s difficul to talk.  Then you have people asking you questions and you can’t get enough air in to breathe, let alone talk. 
    I think that man was probably trying to get himself a beautiful young chick…and a cute dog to go with her.
    Take care of you!!

  6. I am so sorry you have been sooo sick,we  have missed you.      Gee stalked by  an old man,thee must be careful these days.Well I hope you feel better fast,had pneumonia once,Not fun I assure you.Get lots of rest,and we look forward to hearing from you more often.

  7. He sounds spooky to me…

  8. Glad to see that you are back & about, even though it’s not at a 100 percent. You be careful in those parks, to many perverts hang out in them! Anyhoo, take care.

  9. You met the Grand Daddy-o Pimpmeister Plus.

  10. Laura — I don’t think this guy was exactly looking for a "long term" relationship – if you get my drift.  I sure hope you didn’t answer too many questions for him – like your real name and where you live.

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