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I guess at certain things I could be considered…..well…… indecisive. 


Furniture shopping for example……it has recently proven to be extremely difficult for me….. I looked all weekend and when I finally find a couch that I absolutely love…..turns out the stinkin’ thing might be to gi-normous to actually fit in my living room.


I have measured, re-measured even dreamed about the couch, loveseat and wedge (to complete a giant sectional)……whet to Lowes and picked out new wall color, spoke to the designer, sales lady, consulted with my first born child and I am still confused…….this decision might have to come down to something really technical like putting all of my choices on a dart board, a blindfold over my eyes and me throwing a couple darts…….whatever works.  I am in need of some help.


I mean the couch, loveseat; wedge combination is beautiful, but huge.  It measures 12 x 11 and even thought that doesn’t sound really big, it IS!  My living room is 38 feet long, but on each end there is something I have to work around… entire end of my living room contains a wall to wall fireplace and the other end has a set of stairs……I need to make the couch/loveseat thing work somewhere in between……ugh. 


Maybe I will go without the loveseat and wedge and go with the couch, oversized chair/ chase lounge thing and accent chair for by the fireplace………decisions, decisions… is making my head hurt just thinking about it.


In preparation of my new furniture I decided to do some spring cleaning and throw out a couple of things…….a few of the large items that got tossed included my “Oh too tired broke down” love seat and my “bought it from my cousin for $50” entertainment system that I have hated since the day it was drug into my house…….throwing those items out was invigorating…….Ahhhhh…out with the old and in with the new kind of feeling…….if I can ever decide……the “in with the new” part will eventually happen.


Normally I would give away my old furniture, but the loveseat was in such bad shape I just couldn’t…….. Devon use to go to sleep on the love seat and stick his feet between the cushions, well eventually he wore a little hole in the part that holds up the cushions, that hold became a rip and eventually when you sat on the love seat you would tip inside because the cushions got swallowed up by the springs………this was also Murphy’s favorite hiding spot for all of his collected treasures….balls, bones, remotes, milk jug tops, socks and other various small things he felt the need to hide from the other dogs.  Any missing item from the house was likely to turn up in the bottom of the “loveseat black hole.”…..  Murphy will now have to find a new hiding place, sorry guy.  Try Sierah’s room, she’ll never know……



  1. Good luck on your quest! I have a weird shaped livingroom too and know how it is to fit things or arragne it to look decent. Hope it works out for you!

  2. omg I love this! lmao! I love that my dogs aren’t hte only couch destroying creatures!  I also would have given my old couch to charity, but there were more springs than there was couch by the time they’d finished with it! lol

  3. Hi Laura:

    I went through spring cleaning a bit early too! As for your furniture dilemma try this…

    For $5 it can really help you decide if what you want is going to fit.

  4. We have a cat and dog that hide their little collected treasures behind the gi-normous entertainment center. UUGHHH!!!  I found quite a stash when I had to move it to paint a few months ago.  Good luck with your decisions.

  5. Boy… renovations seem to be in the air!!! Along with indecisiveness!!! I’m "redoing" my house also.. and can’t reach the middle ground between NEEDING it, WANTING it and HOW LONG BEFORE THE DOGS DESTROY IT!! … hang in there!! Whatever decision you make will turn out to be the right one… (( even if you have to knock down a wall to make your dream couch fit!!! )) 😉

  6. Well…speaking on behalf of Stellar…I’d go for the chase….It would be a perfect fit…
    No honestly…I told myself next time I do the furniture thing…no more loveseat…its really just 2 chairs…and thats what im gonna get next time..a couch and 2 chairs…it kills me that the damn half a couch also known by the alias… like 50 bucks cheaper than the couch…whats that all about? Good luck!!!!

  7. Laura dear-
    I saw this on tv once- I thougtht the lady was kind of anal when she did this but now I think it was a wonderful idea.
    She made full size paper cutouts of her furniture. You would have to get the dimensions of the furniture that you wanted and then she got big sheets of paper to transfer the dimensions onto. This way she could move the pretend furniture around all she wanted to without actually buying it first. The paper just looked like paper you would wrap boxes in. It could be anything of course. Just make it something easy that you don’t have to do a lot of taping and cutting.
    Just an idea!! Do you have cable TV? If you do, watch HGTV- They have lots of decorating shows . Have fun!!!!

  8. I know what you mean,the new couch and tables arrived today and with the new tiffany style lamps have given a fresh new look to our living room.The decisions might be tough but the end result will be sooooo worth it.

  9. The floorplan idea certainly isn’t a bad, nor is the skipping the loveseat and just going with the chair thing. But then there is always just moving things away from the wall and putting it more center.  Don’t why we assume furniture has to be flush against a wall. That could make a difference in placement, especially when it comes to the stairs.
    I guess adding MORE suggestions doesn’t really make your decision making process easier either. But you’re a smart cookie, you’ll figure it out..eventually.
    By Grace

  10. I used to have a sofa that had a black hole…it ate my friend’s engagement ring.  It took us hours to get it out…we finally resorted to cutting the fabric on the bottom….
    What I really love now is the sleep sofa in one of the family rooms…although people are not supposed to be eating in any other room other than the KITCHEN….I always manage to find candy  wrappers or the snack itself when I go to pull the bed out…
    Obviously…someone is breaking into my house solely to leave snacks in the sleep sofa…because all my kids SWEAR it isn’t them….
    Imagine that…

  11. Have you seen this, Laura? Happy Friday!
    The Animal Rescue Site

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  12. Pictures! Pictures! We want photos! 😉

  13. Sorry laura,but i havn’t seen any of these lists on your blog,besides,we havn’t heard from you all weekend and I am getting worried,so your homework,7 things you cannot do,(this may take you a while as you can do anything)7 movies you watch again and again,7 books you read again and again,(you have a head start here)and 7 reasons you blog.Look forward to seeing you again

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