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Phrases from my day today:



“Mom, can I get $380 for a bus trip to Washington?”  (Jenna…..who obviously has forgotten I am BROKE as h@ll!”)


“Mom, Acacia missed the bus and no one knows where she is.”  (Sierah… striking the fear of God in me.)


“Mom, I think someone broke into the house today.”  (Devon…. striking the fear of God in me for the second time in 30 minutes.)   *makes note to self*  I might need a drink after I leave work.


“Hey, can you run down the street and get me something to eat?”  (From a new resident , who must have mistook me for someone other than his apartment manager.)


“I might be able to get your taxes done one day next week.”  (From the man who does my taxes every year, and has already had all of my stuff for over a week now…….HEY!  I WANT MY MONEY!)


Drum roll please for the Icing on the cake……


“Laura, can you bring over Joe-blow’s file?  The auditors need it.”  (Angie in accounting)  Oh joy… AUDIT.       ugh


And finally….


“Lets go get something to eat before the game.” (My friend Laura)   I say…..”Thats the best thing I’ve heard all day……I think I’ll have a margarita too, it’s been a long day…..”


  1. Geez, I don’t know how you do it! I really do admire you. I know how it is though, after paying $574.00 in tickets from my youngest and having a $539.00 cell phone bill thanks to him, he still has the nerve to ask me for money so he can go have fun tonight! Kid’s, but what we would do without them!

  2. I actually had to borrow $15 from Alayssa to last me until payday (today) talk about a turn about. Mmm, margaritas…have one for me, double shot.

  3. Domino’s had one too many already. Do margaritas come in double shots? I know espressos do… 😉
    This had me in tears, Laura. I’m sorry to laugh at your angst, but cheer up. That drink should do the trick. If not, go stuff your face in one of your furry family members. They don’t ask for near as much as people.

  4.   Heh…someday they will understand about that money stuff….speaking of which….how’d prom dress shopping go?  Do we get a picture?

  5. I think we all have days like that…mine was last Friday.  I’ve had vertigo since September (HMOs stand for hellish medical options) and at the end of January I fell on my walkway.  My foot kept hurting worse and worse and turned really green last Thursday so I went to the doc who took one look and said, "that’s fractured".  I ended up in a cast and on crutches (at 44).  The doc kept telling me, kids learn to walk on these really fast…didja notice doc, I’m not a kid?  I go to night school on a very hilly campus and unless I want to break something else, I can’t go to school for 2 weeks.  My work won’t allow me to park in a handicapped spot without the proper placard from DMV which takes 4 – 6 weeks to get, I’m supposed to be off the crutches in 2 weeks.  My profs are making noises about having to drop me and such…if this weren’t my life, I wouldn’t believe it.

  6. Cinscorner~  I had a big cell phone bill this month thanks to Ms. Sierah and that may be what I blog about today……grrr
    Anita~  Ask Alayssa if I can borrow $15 too!  🙂
    Kelly~  You are right about the furry ones!  I had to laugh at myself that day……
    Pallas~  Prom dress shopping went well……I guess….I will spend about $300 bucks on a dress Sierah will wear for about 3 hours….Its a $100 an hour dress…..  I will take a photo when we go to order it.
    Tanya~  Wow……I had vertigo once…ugh…..that is bad stuff.  I hope you are okay.

  7. Thanks, Laura. Since you do lots of volunteer stuff, do you know about the organization that "recycles" prom dresses and evening clothes for girls who can’t afford dresses for the prom? I read something about it but can’t remember what it was called or where I saw it. I have a lot of "special occasion" things that I’d like to donate if anyone can get the contact info for the group. Thanks!

  8. Tanya,
          I think you are talking about The Princess Project.  Great idea! Let me know if you do it….

  9. Thanks for the dog link!  I did adopt a dog!  We had him for all of two weeks!  My current dog was NOT nice to him, so we gave him back to the owner so she could find him a better home.  We thought our dog wanted more companionship, but apparently not in the house!  He is a total brat!  We got him neutered…so maybe in another year we can try again when he is older and doesn’t care so much.  Or, it could be worse!  Who knows!  My dog is WAY too protective of me.  It’s cute!  I guess he loves being a spoiled only child! 

  10. Oh, I just looked at the link again!  Too cute!  Maybe we need to find Toby a girlfriend?  Or just a less stubborn dog to be his friend!  (the English Bulldog we had was super stubborn!) We will have to be sure to have him meet potential room mates next time!  A dog in Indiana would not be easy for him to meet and approve of!  🙂

  11. That was it! I signed up for their newsletter and will get the dresses/purses/wraps bundled up for them. Thanks, Laura!

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