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I actually took a double take at the calendar today to verify if indeed it was or was not a full moon.  It’s not……sure seems like it is.


This has been a strange day….a day full of strange random stuff.


Generally the beginning of the month means that the majority of the people in my building get their check.  This often includes them running off to the liquor store, drinking and acting up so I end up dealing with lots of problems (more than normal) the first 3 days of the month…..


Today is the first, so I always expect the unexpected…..As I glance down a my watch and wonder how long it will take for the first police officer to arrive. 


From the moment I got here this morning I had issue after issue……strange things happening, strange phone calls, etc.  Just as I was ready to leave, I had one last resident who came in to speak to me before I left for lunch says…….


“Can you make me a copy?  I will pay you a quarter.”  I said, “No problem, they are only 10 cents.  She says, “Is 121 bigger than 203?”  I said, “Apartments?….No.”  She said, “See what happens when you listen to resident managers, I see the police, they say she just lives here, pass by, this should just about cover it for life line, they don’t know where I come from.  Hey, I got to go kid, I gotta get some toilet paper.”


*  total silence  *  …………WTF?


I smile, act like I know what she just said and wave bye.  *as I sit there  with that stuck on stupid look on my face….* 


I decide I have had enough. Time to leave to pick up Tricia for lunch.  We had to go see theeeee prom dress Sierah picked out.


On the way my gas light lit up, so I had to pull into the gas station……bad idea


At the gas station was a man sitting on the curb, directly outside of the entry to the building and he was making sounds at people as they passed.  I thought to myself, was that a pirate noise he just made? 


The guy pushes out an “Argggggggg” at some random guy walking into the building.  The guy glanced over, looked a bit puzzled, shook his head and passed him by.  I chucked to myself…..that was a pirate noise. 


I try to slip past him, but as someone came out of the door rushing in my direction I had to step aside….directly in front of the pirate sounding guy. 


I then get the “Arrggh” and he then points down to my freshly painted pink toenails…(thanks Jenna)….I stand, looking at him with a blank stare…..*raise my eyebrows*……..and again I get another “ARGGGG!”  This time louder and with more meaning…….again he points at my toes.


I smile and say, “You like my pink toenails?”  The pirate sounding guy replies, “ARGGGH!”, smiles and raises one eyebrow.  At that same time he does what appears to be a salute with a cigarette between his middle fingers. 


I said, “You need a light?”  He replys, “Argh!” and nods his head.  I said, “Sorry man I don’t smoke……that shit will kill ya.”


He says “ARGGGGh” and points back down to my toenails……..I say, “Well alrighty then, been nice talking to ya.” In the perkiest voice I can muster up.


He replied……..”ARrrrrrrrrrGH.” and looked at me with one eye squinted shut, banishing one tooth from his raised upper lip.  This guy could have been a poster child for what happens when you dont brush your teeth……He may have had 3 teeth total…maybe 4 if two half’s count as one.


Then he lifts of his 2 liter of Mountain Dew and says a final “ARGH.”




Only me….


As I drive off, I cant help but wonder what lunch will bring………that or the next full moon.    It’s always something……


  1. Oh girl, that sounds like some stuff that wouldhappen to me! How funny!!!

  2. hahahahaha! atleast random days make things interesting!!! ARRRGH!!!  Hahaha! 
    I read the WTF story three times, thinking I was missing something. lol great post!

  3. You needed the toilet paper person to translate for the pirate guy…
    I was thinking today was a full moon…my kids were WILD.

  4. Kelly!  Good idea!  How ya been kid?
    Manny’s Mom~  Yeah, it started off kind of normal, but took a turn somewhere…….that woman IS crazy.
    Cheeto~  Keep the crazys there with you would ya……gesh.  LOL….that does sound like something that happens to you.

  5. LOL that’s too funny.

  6. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for all the good reads lately. I check everyday to see what’s new in your life. Can you post a picture of THE dress? I am very curious! Please give the pups and kitties kisses for me.

  7. I think it has just been a strange week for everyone. You held up good though because I would have been cracking up at both the toilet paper lady & the pirate! Hope the rest of the week goes good for ya!

  8. I just have to tell you that discovering your blog has truly been a blessing. You have a beautiful family, animals included, and your personaility has me drawn to your blog daily. Your life accounts that you grace us readers with have touched me so deeply. I really look forward to reading each and every one of your blogs. You have a natural talent for writing and expressing yourself, ( I should know since my nose is always in a book).

  9. "aarrrrgh" 
    totally normal. 
    i guess it’s better to be a pirate than a chicken or tiger or some other animal…at least he is human.
    he needs a patch.  you should get him one. 

  10. i thought that maybe you would find this interesting, if you haven’t seen it already…

  11. Oh my goodness!  Arrggghhhh. LOL
    what next, indeed!
    I really was thinking it had to be a full moon.  There is just too much wierdness going on around everyone.
    hmmm.. or someone slipped something into our drinking water. lol
    hope your day got better,

  12. Adrenna~  That was a crazy day….Is your little profile pic a cat? 
    Ollie~  You are welcome! 🙂  I will be sure to post a pic  of the dress for you guys.  Prom is not till May, but the dress will be ordered next week.  The shop owner said Sierah looked beautiful in it…..
    Cindy~  At times, I have to laugh……the crazy stuff that happens in this building every day……phew
    Manman~  THank you SO much but YOU are the one with the talent for writing!  🙂
    Mandy~  Totally normal…….so is having a couch on your roof!  Ha!  I’m not giving him MY patch, he has to get his own…… :oP
    Mannys Mom~  I love that story!  I printed it to take to the girls game tonight……Sierah’s 6 points just wont do. :o)~    I have never seen 113 points scored by an entire team…!
    Molly~You may be on to something…….it might be the water….. lol

  13. Laura- I just had one of your days. I walked into the post office and the lady in front of me goes.  "Oh dear, you’re limping".
    I told her that was ok, that I have had two knee replacements and a hip replacement. She goes on to tell me glucosamine works wonders on joints. I tell her that I don’t  have any joints to works wonders on any more.  She then tells me that she uses it on her horses. 
    I tell her that I tried all of this stuff before.  She tells me at least I can walk and am not in a wheelchair. I tell her, yes I am thankful for that.
    Then when I leave she tells me, God Bless, I am a Blessing.  I know she meant well but I had never seen her before in my life. Thank goodness I am not touchy about being gimpy. 🙂 I guess it’s because I’m still pretty young.  Denise

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