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Last night was the first night that “Charlie Tuna” (AKA “the three legged cat) decided he was going to sleep with me.     


My normal evening routine includes a shower, getting into my P. J’s, getting into bed and reading for an hour or so until I drift off to sleep…… this time my bedroom door is open…. dogs come and go, but generally they find a spot some where in my room and settle down for the evening…..


Once I get into the bed I read until I fall asleep….. and then when Taryn comes upstairs to go to bed she shuts my light off and shuts the door.  (I doze off early….what can I say….)


At that time, any straggler dogs get sent to my room so they are not meandering around the house at night chewing up the couch or anything or deciding that they cant wait to go out in the morning to use the restroom……..


Well, evidently “Charlie” was asleep in the bedroom with me when the door got shut.  His normal sleeping spot is in the cabinet under the bathroom sink…….next to the tampons and toilet bowl cleaner.   


Not sure if he was pleased with the idea of sleeping with all of the dogs and I…..but Taryn pulled the door shut and he was stuck in there none the less.


At some point last night he decided he wanted to sleep on top of me.  (Literally on top of my body) No matter how many times I moved or rolled over he managed to hang on (despite having no claws and 3 legs) and move along with my body…..never falling off.    I was impressed. 


I laughed out loud thinking that it was kind of like one of those lumberjacks who roll those logs in the water …….I swear I dont know how they do that.  So each time I would move or roll over, he would kind of roll my body/log until I found a spot to rest…….It didn’t matter how I moved around….slow…….left….right, he managed to end up on top of me after every move and he never fell off.


So now not only do I get sandwiched in my bed between by one giant dog on one side and two little dogs on the other side….  like a giant hot dog in a bun….  I now have a log rolling cat running up and down my body at night trying to keep his balance and stay on top……


Now that I think about it……I may have to go sleep on the couch alone tonight……..just to get some rest.  ………..


  1. Definetly know the feeling.  My 13 yr. old tabby has to be on my stomach at night.  Then my  dashchund between me and my husband, plus 2 or 3 cats at my feet.  I do stay nice and warm though!

  2. LOL I have to kick out all but one of my cats if I plan on getting any quality sleep at night.  It’s amazing how much they do disturb you.. even if you don’t realize it. 

  3. Every hot dog needs some topping!!!  I actually have slept on the couch before to get some rest.  It detures the dogs, but not the cats.  Believe me.
    I noticed your new book section…have you read Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog yet?  It is the BEST book I have read yet.  A friend is borrowing my copy now, but if you would like to read it I could send it to you.  I have feeling though you would want your own copy, it is so good/funny/sad/cute.

  4. BTW…I can only comment if I turn my profile info off?!?!? 

  5. My foster kitten Hiccup is like that, has to be right on top of me as much as possible and nose to nose.  Not great since I have her because she’s sick and is sneezing green boogers everywhere. 

  6. Anita~  Hiccup, that is a cute name……..eww @ lil green kitty boogers…….lol
    Tammie~  Glad you found a way to post……many of the changes I do not like, many I do……About the book, I have that on  hold and will read it as soon as it is returned.  Someone else told me about it.  I love dog books and will only list dog books here I have read and love.
    Adreanna~  When he wasnt rolling the log, he was kneeding me on my back….."I love you…wake up Mommy!"
    Ashlie~  13 years old…….awh…..Your bed sounds as busy as mine…..except I have no husband in there……Does a 130 lb great dane count?

  7. Charlie was kneeding your back?
    *Thinking to myself* How can I train a cat to do that…

  8. I just adopted a new cat about a month ago and she does the same thing! I sleep on my stomach so she curls up in a ball and sleeps on my back. I tend to toss from side to side (the way I face while on my stomach) and she never falls off! I don’t know how she does it, but she does.
    At least I know shes not alone lol =)

  9. Swerds~  He also grooms my eyebrows………a multi-talented kitty
    Mare~  Congrats on adopting the cat……….glad to know Charlie is not the long log rolling kitty!

  10. lol…….type O there………."Gland to know Charlie is not the lone log rolling kitty

  11. Being the proud Momma of a chocolate lab who thinks he’s a lap dog(all 73 lbs of him) and a brittany who thinks our select comfort bed belongs to him(he just allows us to share it)and my fathers Chiuquaqua who is visiting while he’s away in rehab and thinks she’s the boss of them both (she managed to keep the lap dog intimidated enough he slept on the floor for once),I can really picture you in that bed( fighting to roll at all )with cat on top of you.LMAO

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