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I noticed a “Little old cat lady” at the store the other day.  She was at the check out counter and had nearly all cat stuff……big bags of dry food, cases of canned food, cat toys and various other cat products and nearly nothing for herself.  Some part of me wanted to stop her and ask her about her cats but I was too busy tending my own bags, paying for my groceries etc.  I stood a few isles away and grinned at her as I imagined multiple felines welcoming her at her door as she returned home, purring and loving on her as she greeted them in one of those little voices only little old ladies have……”Hello my little babies….look what mummy has brought home for you……..” all the while cats twist in and out of her legs…..


My kids tell me all the time that when I grow old I will surely become “a little old cat lady”…….I find this observation interesting because I obviously have more dogs than cats (with only one part time cat living at my house…..)  Right now, without question, the dogs rule……although I do feed numerous outdoor feral cats.  (But we are not counting them right now)


Maybe it is just because the phrase “Little old dog woman” hasn’t been coined yet……not sure, but in all honesty I think they may be right…I do love cats too.


In my lifetime, the few cats that graced me with their presence all chose me.  There is a true honor in having a cat that has choose you……The are certainly picky creatures and if they don’t like you….no amount of bribery, treats, tuna, nothing, will MAKE them like you………If they like you, they like you…..if they don’t, they don’t. 


Cats are extremely cool creatures and they have something so special about them.  That special quality not only binds owner and cat together but also it somehow also seems to bind all cat lovers together too. 


I love dogs and cats both and can’t say I am a “dog” or “cat” person, but I certainly appreciate many things about both.


I love walking at the park or a day at the Lake with my dogs……those are glorious things to me that I enjoy immensely, but there is nothing like a cat who loves you, rubbing his face in your chin while he lays on your chest and purrs.  What’s not to love about that?…….


The jury is still deliberating…… but I guess this makes me a dog AND cat person…….


I imagine by the time I grow old, they will just call me “That crazy old lady!”
So be it!


  1. why is it I can leave a comment on my freekin space but no one elses?  My freekin profile info isnt right when I am on someone elses page………Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh   MSN YOU B@STARDSssssSSSsssssssssssssssS!

  2. Very interesting blog. It’s something truly special when a cat chooses you, as opposed to a dog’s love everybody stance. i will be that little old lady too, and i will be happy with it no doubt!

  3. Well, I love cat ladies!@  My old neighbor used to be an old cat lady and she was just terrific. I think I’ll be a dog lady though….My future hubby does not care for cats very much…he is a bit allergic. Dogs it is!

  4. We must be twins separated at birth of some such thing.  If you want a good laugh about just how simalar we are,  go to my archives and read my entry from October 6.

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