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I can’t help but wonder what my mailman must think of me.  I subscribe to more magazines than I can count, and I am sure he gets sick carrying them in his bag and stuffing them in my box routinely, but in actuality I think that not only the books you read but also the magazines you subscribe to, say so much about a person.  


I have three in particular that I really enjoy.


The first is a dog magazine called, “BARK”.      I cant express it enough, I absolutely love this magazine.  It is like no other dog magazine out there.  I use to subscribe to dog and cat fancy, but they just seemed so commercial and generic to me.  I always thought, why cant someone "get it"……people want a real dog magazine.  Bark "gets it!"  This magazine is totally different……everything about it is is what I have been looking for, for so long and I love it.  I read each magazine that arrives from cover to cover.  If I ever get up enough nerve I will submit something for print for them…….in the mean time, I did send in a photo of Stellar for their “smiling dogs” page.  (Maybe they will use it.)  They also have a BLOG link to their page and there are always interesting topics being discussed.  Looking at this blog, and finding a link to another dog lover’s blog is what made me decide to keep one.  This magazine is by far the best dog magazine out there.


My second magazine I enjoy is called “Mother Earth News”.  It is a magazine geared toward people who are interested in organically grown vegetables, alternative energy and independent living, etc.  I subscribed to this magazine on a whim and I am extremely happy I did so.  I do wish one day to live on a small working farm, I love growing my own food, would love to have a couple chickens for eggs and I have always been interesting in solar heating, etc.  I would say that if anyone reading this is interesting in any of those things, this is the magazine for you.  Well worth the money for the subscription.


My third favorite magazine that the one that fewer people will find interesting is a magazine called “Countryside”  This is basically a homesteading magazine.  It routinely covers home food production, gardening, small-scale livestock, cooking, resource conservation, recycling, frugality, money management, alternative energy, old-time skills, and home business.  The majority of the magazine is written by people who live this life style and write about it for other people to learn…….I KNOW this magazine is not the magazine for everyone, but if you ever considered throwing in the towel for city life and moving to a cabin in the woods, it might be a good read for you. 


I guess what my magazine’s should say about me is that I love dogs and wish to one day move my small herd of kids and animals to a farm……or a cabin in the woods somewhere…..that would be ideal for me. 


In the mean time……..I’ll just keep reading!


  1. Ok, you, what’s with wanting the life I’m wanting. To funny.My parents own 11 acres of property that have water rights, and I have huge dreams of inheiriting it and turning it into a fully internalized, self sufficiant micro farm. Solar and wind energy, some goats, sheep…a pig, some rabbits, chickens etc. I want to be able to live off the land as much as possible. I have this dream of becoming a textile artisan and using the wool and rabbit fur to spin yarn and make beautiful things that rich people spend a lot of money for…Ok, maybe that part is a little bit out there, but what a beautiful dream. *sigh*

  2. I like your goal…I hope you get there. It seems more realistic then mine which is to own a vineyard in Italy, lol!

  3. Anita~ I am right with you on all of that. I think I have met my soul sister! 🙂 Have you seen either of the magazines? I imagine you would like them.Laura

  4. Mannys Mom~ What a beautiful goal that is! Wow!…..Laura

  5. Sheesh you guys! You realize that you’re describing a good chuck of Minnesota? I grew up around people who did a number of the things you’re talking about. Add in swimming and fishing and ice-skating if you’re lucky enough (and have enough resourses) to live on a lake.I’m hoping to retire to one of MN’s lake country areas with enough land for a garden and some horses.But Marty claims he’s afraid of horses. May have to work on that dream…

  6. I’m going to check out Bark magazine…I agree with you about Dog and Cat Fancy…too commercial….Thanks for the tip!

  7. I haven’t checked out the magazines, I’ve actually never heard of them, but I’ll hit the bookstore and see if I can find them. I have loads of Do It Yourself books though so I’m prepared when the time comes. Well…in theory…Maybe. 🙂

  8. My parents were big into "Mother Earth News" and we did it all…complete with canning and heating entirely wood…I am the by-product…you may wanna rethink it!I read "Log Home Living" what does that say about me?

  9. lol you read much classier magazines than i do! I’m a huge fan of trashy gossipy rubbish, with a glass of wine in the sunshine….. utter mindrot. But to make up for it I don’t really read any fiction books, they’re all factual non fiction….  🙂

  10. Dar……..Hey U, I went to your new space to visit, signed up, but didnt look around long enough to see how to post to your new space!  Why did you leaveeeeeeeee?  COme back homeeeeeeeee!!  🙂  Ah Log Homes…..I love them, always wanted one…….I would say you are a great by-product!
    dobby~  I do often read the gossip trash stuff too, but not as often as the other stuff.
    Anita~  You will like the magazines, I promise.  Bark too.
    Megan~  You will love BARK

  11. I love to read Country Living and Country Sampler and those types of magazines.
    Here is a website that I think you will enjoy.  This lady grew up in a very large family in VA but now lives in NYC. She has a farm in the counry  in NY but most importantly she loves to go flea market shopping and has written several books on it which are wonderful.
    Plus, she has a website where she will post pictures of some of her finds.  I really enjoy it.  Her first book about her family is a treasure.
    Check it out.   She loves her garden.

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