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Sierah said to me yesterday, “You know Mom we couldn’t send Stellar to live somewhere else, even if we wanted to now.”  As Stellar was draped across my body, looking at me with the big goo goo eyes.


Considering his totally frightened demeanor when I was first trying to capture him, he has turned into a total love sponge, attached to me with a vengeance…. like no other dog in the house.  He not only wants to be with me at all times, but he has to constantly be touching me. 


Even when we ride in the car he rests his head behind my back.  He sort of wedges his big head between my back and the car seat.  He bays if he can’t ride in the car with me when I leave the house, and he is so darn loud I can hear him all the way to the street.  This gives me a horrible guilty conscious every time I leave him……If I give him his bone filled with peanut butter while I am at home (and he knows I am staying at home) he is happy as a lark and runs off to lick the peanut butter out of the bone…….if I give it to him in the morning when he knows I am going to leave, he immediately drops it out of his mouth and gives me a disgusted look like, “I cant believe you just tried that old lame peanut butter in the bone trick with me.”


When I sit on the couch he has to sit next to me with us legs over my legs and he normally rests his head on my body too.  If I make the poor choice of sitting in the chair, he dances around in front of me trying to figure out how we are both going to fit into the chair together….normally he does his song and dance until I finally get up and sit on the couch. I guess it is hard for me not to indulge his every whim………how could I not after all he went through?


As you all know he sleeps with me, along with two or three other dogs…….but Stellar has to be touching me at all times.  He is happiest if he can feel the weight of one of my arms draped over him.


Sadly he still has nightmares about something from his past that haunts him.  When the dream wakes him he always looks over at me and then rests his head on my body somewhere…… almost feels like, “If I can touch her, I know I wont loose her….”  It is somehow sweet and sad at the same time.


In retrospect, it is almost hard for me to remember the frightened, starving dog in the woods.  He has changed so drastically since he came to live at my house.  He has learned so much.  (We are still working on the “all stuff I can reach on the counter belongs in my tummy…….but he is doing great!)


I still have no idea what brought him to the wooded area, or what caused him to be so frightened of humans that he wouldn’t allow me to touch him even after feeding him for 4 weeks, but he has certainly done a 360 since he woke up in my basement that day. (Can you imagine what he thought that day?  Where the h*ll am I and how did I get here??)


Everything has turned  out great and he fit right in………


I couldn’t of wished for a better outcome all those months ago……..


I love my big ole’ lucky cow-dog!




  1. How wonderful that he is doing so well! Isn’t it nice to be loved so unconditionally? You both are very lucky.

  2. I’m so glad you are back…I’m sure there are days that you must think of your blog like another child or critter that just needs attention. But we are all so glad you express yourself! I love Stellar updates because he reminds me of my dog Tuffy (vets best estimate -Westie/Schnauzer cross). Tuffy was a year old when I found him, he’d been running wild for who knows how long. He died two years ago at 15 and I miss him still, he was just the best. He loved other animals and had to put up with many other dogs and cats coming and going and never minded. They always seemed to know that the right corner of the bed was his and not to try and take it. He was like Stellar in that he always had to be touching me. Take care!

  3. I love reading your blog. I tear up every time I see a picture of your Rottie. My should be ex husband had one who he thought should live on concrete out doors so he wouldn’t mess up the grass. Well that didn’t fly with me. He lived in the house with me. When he got cancer, I stayed up for a week with him sleeping on the floor (very little) and making him steak and feeding him beer and muscle relaxers. I just had to see if there was any treatment that would work. Which some of this is probably wrong, but it seemed to help him. I have cried on and off for a year. We have a charcoal pencil sketch of him. His name was "Bud" and he was so smart.I have Jack Russell mix and I have a Rescue dog that came from a Welsh Corgie organization. I’m pretty sure that if this dog has anything to do with Welsh Corgie, it must of just been walking by. Everytime I go to Mexico someone asked me if I got here there! It cracks me up! My should be ex doesn’t allow dogs to sleep in our bed, so he sleeps on the couch and I sleep with the two dogs in bed with me and sometimes the cat. That plan worked out real well for him didn’t it.Take care!Shelly

  4. You’ve done an amazing thing by taking him, I wish more people had your heart.It sounds like a touch of separation anxiety to me, with his touching, baying etc. Quite understandable really! Unless it’s causing you problems (and it doesn’t sound toooo bad!), I wouldn’t worry about it. Both my sweeties had separation anxiety when I got them, but we’ve worked together and overcome it, so it can be done if necessary.If you do decide to enlist the help of an animal behaviourist, interview them! Treat it like they’re applying for a job (as I’m pretty sure you’d want someone who used positive reinforcement rather than any harsh methods)I’m probably tlling you all sorts of stuff you already know…. it’s just dog behaviour is my passion :)Hope all goes welldobby

  5. MY daughter and I did our first animal rescue yesterday. Noticed a b/w border collie sitting in a field near the house – not moving – in the same place the next day. After my son pick her up and brought her home – besides being skin and bones – all her paws were raw – nails were down to nubs. Assuming she had been walking for a very long time – Well she was no longer walking when I finally got home. Fed her, bathe her and call the vet. She might be a year old – beautiful face – just breaks your heart to see her like that. She has a long road ahead of her – but I believe she couldn’t have a better field to settle in. "Hallie" welcome to the family. I guess we are alike when it comes to animals. Big Hearts – If we don’t take care of them who will???

  6. You know Laura..Im really glad you brought up that point about nightmares….My pooch is a shelter dog too….and I know his life wasnt good before..but I have never had a dog who has nightmares like him….whimpers and yelps and shakes almost every night..alot of times i just call his name softly a few times and then he stops…but it is so sad…I often wonder what happened to him to make him so frightened…and then I think to myself..Im probably better off not knowing…glad to hear that big ole dog is doing good….even from far away and never meeting him..i love him to pieces!give him a big kiss for me…

  7. that is so sweet! You have a mush on your hands! He sees you as his hero and therefore he is faithful as can be! I LOVE IT!

  8. Stellar is lucky to have you, and it sounds like you are lucky to have him. For so many years I’ve lived in places where I couldn’t have a pet. Finally, in June of 2004 I was able to get 1 cat. I got an eight week old kitten from the cat shelter and she was like Stellar…always with me when I was home. She was very shy at first and it took hours to get her to come out from behind the fridge the first day! But after that, she was ALWAYS in my lap. She would climb up my pant legs while I was doing dishes until I would stop and sit with her. We formed a very close bond even though I only had her for 2 and a half weeks. I woke up one morning and found her dead next to me in bed. I freaked out. It was so horrible. I thought it was something that I did. I thought I crushed her in my sleep. I was devistated. I took her body to the vet and they ended up doing an autopsy since she was so young (and came from a shelter). They found out that she had an intestinal disorder so she wasn’t getting nutrients from her food. I knew she was small, but she was eating and drinking normally, so I didn’t think too much of it. She was scheduled that week for her first check up too. The vet said that they probably wouldn’t have caught it even if they had seen her. I felt a little better, but to this day I still get sad. She was so sweet. My only concelation is that I know her last two and a half weeks were filled with love and not stuck in a cage somewhere. I think she was happy and she didn’t die alone. Her name was Felony and she will always be my cat.My parents were afraid that I would never get another animal again, but when I kept expecting to see her whenever I turned around, I knew I had to get another cat. I needed something to take my mind off of Felony (not to forget her, but to help me get over the loss). I got Spooky a couple of days later and she’s a healthy one year and nine months old! I won’t ever forget Felony, but Spooky and I are quite a team. I’m glad I have her.

  9. Sorry I took up so much space!

  10. It says a lot when an animal that has that much pain and sorrow in it’s history trusts and loves you so much. You’re an amazing woman.

  11. I love reading your blog! This one in particular darn near made me cry! I can only imagine what he would have nightmares about, and maybe you’re better off not knowing. What a wonderful and forgiving dog to be able to trust another human again after he was obviously let down by one in the past. One day I hope I have the financial means to start up a rescue organization, but I know I’d just keep all the doggies and kitties instead of helping them find new homes. You are his hero, and in a way you are mine. =)

  12. I hear my Patches woof and wimper in his sleep, and I too am saddened by the monsters in his sleep, and glad that I can offer him a safe harbor to waken to, to wash away the storm of his days before we adopted him. I’m no miracle worker, god knows, but if I can glom on to any of your amazing way with rescuing dogs, I’m glad I have Patches following me like a shadow. If I can take away any measure of his sadness of his past life, it cannot measure even if multiplied in exponents, the joy he’s brought me and my son, just having him in our home. I love that Stellar has you in his life. Cow-dog he may be, but gosh don’t you just have to love the big galoot?

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