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I am convinced my dog bear has the ability to take away my migraines.   I am aware this notion is going to make many people balk at even the idea, but I swear I truly believe it.


I have been plagued by migraines most of my adult life. About 3 or 4 times a year I get one that renders me unable to function in any capacity until it passes.  I go into my room, shut off any light or light source, let every kid in my house know to be QUIET, take my medicine and try to sleep it off…  I don’t want to see, smell or hear anything… feels as if my head is splitting in two, I can feel where my hairs on top of my head connect to my scalp, I am unable to walk, talk or focus…….If I catch the symptoms quick enough, my medicine helps a lot, but if not…..I am in for trouble.  So when I start seeing splotches I try to get my tail home.


Last year at about this time I had a migraine start at work, I had no medicine with me so by the time I got home, I was already really sick.  I had to stop several times while driving home due to the pain, but I eventually made it….driving with one eye open, one eye squinted shut and one hand on top of my head….one on the wheel.  I was having the worst migraine of my life.  I got myself upstairs and rooted thru my medicine cabinet unsuccessfully trying to find my migraine medicine from the Doctor…..I couldn’t find it so I slowly made my way down the hall to my room and onto the bed…….I had tried to shut all of the dogs out of the room so they couldn’t jump up on the bed but somehow Bear remained in the room with me. 


When I got into the bed I laid down in somewhat of a contorted position……I will lay any way that seems to ease my pain…..Bear jumped up on the bed, I peeked thru one of my tightly squinted eyes to look at him……..he came directly up to me, sniffed me for the longest time then turned around a couple times and laid directly onto my hand that I had pushed out in front of me, to prop my body up. 


Not completely unusual, but it did strike ME as unusual because Bear doesn’t sleep in the bed with me.  He has always preferred the cool floor.  Him being even up on the bed was rare.  He was quiet and had laid down, so I didn’t mind


When I woke a few hours later, I noticed Bear was in the same position so I pulled my hand out from under him…….3 hours had passed……and the pain in my head was completely gone with no medicine.  I couldn’t believe it.


I guess many people would call it coincidence……and maybe the first time I would of agreed with them, but it has happened 3 more times. 


Each experience was a bit different, but Bear was always consistent in his presence and each time he had to lay next to me touching me and prior to him laying down he spent a lot of time sniffing me.  The last time it happened he curled himself up behind me, so we were back to back and I felt a huge amount of heat and energy between us……at least it seemed so to me.  His body felt was so warm in fact he felt like a heating pad.


I cant say I can explain what he does, but I swear somehow that dog has the ability to take away my migraines……


I do believe that some animals and people have a healing power to them.  Can’t say I can’t explain it, but I do believe it.


I still cant believe he spent 6 months living at the shelter before I adopted him…….I always tell him…..”Sorry it took me so long to find you buddy, but I am so glad you waited on me……I love you Berry-Blue-Berry.”


I love that dog!




  1. AAAWWW… that is great that you have him. Yea.. dogs sense lots of things, and I don’t think you are crazy for it.Btw… Mask was a fantastic movie!

  2. I don’t think you are crazy and as a fellow migraine sufferer, all i can say is " whatever works for you, run with it." Maybe its all those lazy people you have to deal with all day that give you the migrain.take care

  3. Since you are an animal lover, I thought you would be the best person to ask.I am allergic to cats but my daughter has been begging for one for so long. I would love to give her one but do not want to have to take pills everyday.My allergy causes puffy, runny eyes, itchy face and runny sneezy question is this, "are there any types of cats, other than the $600 hypo-allergenic cat that we can get that won’t affect me too much. I don’t want the hairless cat either.

  4. aww, bear! maybe bear just comforts and relaxes you so it eases the tension. animals are the best thing out there. Next time I’m not feeling well, I’m gonna call Bear.

  5. I firmly believe that animals have the power to heal. Maybe it’s because he loves you so much, and we all know what love can do. Just wanted to let you know that I love reading about you and your kids (furry and fuzzy ones too). I wish that I could take in more animals, but living in an apartment prohibits it. But I do carry food and water in my car for any strays that I see, and I give all the love to them that I can.Hope you don’t have another headache for a long, long time.

  6. I don’t think you’re crazy, I know some animals have the innate sense to heal. Not all mind you, but some. I have two cats I call Reiki cats. Whenever I do Reiki on my daughter or anyone in my home, they always join and will actually pick a spot to "work on" (with the individuals permission of course). The individuals that are accepting of this always comment on the amount of energy they feel running from the cats. I have a friend that had a dog that would want to do the same thing. Animals are just…such beautiful things.

  7. I’m in love with Bear too. Reminds me of my Roxie who is a Bordie Collie/Chow mix. She takes care of me. If I cry she runs to me immediately with concern on her face and starts to lick me and comfort me. When I had my first surgery, she didn’t leave my side. I was out of it alot and they told me she laid by me all the time. I have tendinitis in my elbow and sometimes she gets to licking it and I swear it makes it feel better. It’s probably just the heat. She’s a licker. Can get a little gross. I have to tell her to stop sometimes. I know she’s just telling me she loves me but she gets carried away. It’s something about those Border Collies, they are supposed to be the smartest dogs (documented) but I just adore mine to death. Thanks for sharing your story. They do have cancer smelling dogs out there. Have you read those stories?Take care Laura-Fondly, Denise

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  8. I love dogs! They understand things that sometimes humans just don’t. And cats – I got a lovely little kitten for christmas – she is the cutest thing!

  9. I haven’t ever been fortunate enough to experience that, but I’m open to it, and definitely think it’s possible. When I get bad headaches (not migranes) I pinch my toes b/c I read that with Acupuncture that is a pressure point that helps to relieve headaches. I know pinching isn’t the same as Acupuncture, and it doesn’t rid me completely of my headaches, but it really does help. Maybe the hand has similar pressure points for headaches, and Bear laying on your hand helps. Still, he must have an incredible ability to sense you need his help. I’m glad you have Bear to help with the migranes. My sister always had the most debilitating migranes ever. I wished she had had a Bear to help her.I just took a look at your photo album to refresh my memory of what Bear looks like, and he is so beautiful! Another one with gorgeous eyes. 🙂 Have a great weekend Laura Moore!

  10. Laura,It’s funny you have this entry b/c I was just reading on MSN this week sometime about a dog that sniffed out her owners breast cancer. Hey, wilder things have happened. I do believe that animals can smell the changes within the body. *But only the special ones know what to do about it!*Tamie

  11. Laura,It’s funny you have this entry b/c I was just reading on MSN this week sometime about a dog that sniffed out her owners breast cancer. Hey, wilder things have happened. I do believe that animals can smell the changes within the body. *But only the special ones know what to do about it!*Tamie

  12. I used to get horrible migraines as well until I started taking Topamax…That really helped out a lot. When I’m real sick my little boston terrier just lays with me…She doesn’t take the pain or ickiness out of being sick, but it is so comforting that she loves me so unconditionally. I just think it is so sweet what you say to Bear about taking so long to find him in the shelter. You are such an amazing person! =)

  13. Animals diffently have a healing power. They also know when you are sad, crying etc. my dogs hate when i cry. The puppy howls. One of my cats always curls up in my lap it seems when I need a little sympathy. My nephew has been saved many times due to his dog. He has seizures and his dog is trained to help with this. Hope you feel better.LoriAnn

  14. Isnt this ironic…..Cuz I had a migraine last night too…..I never had them till 4 years ago…..Anyway..heres what kind of healing I got from my mutt….nothing….I even lied on the couch with him and tried to get him to rub the back of my head with his know..kinda coaxing him along …nothing.. a limp paw …….there should be some kind of pay back for all the rubbings he gets right?…nothing….he was very dis-interested… healing properties here miss laura….just one selfish mutt…but i love him just the same!

  15. Awww…I think dogs are smarter than we give them credit for. Maybe he’s lying against a pressure point when he snuggles up to you? I need to borrow him for my tension headaches. =)Kelly

  16. Great story. I’m so sorry you live with migraines, but I definitely know what you’re going through. I sure could’ve used my own migraine dog last week. I was no good to anybody for a full 24 hours. Blech!Have a great weekend!Honor

  17. Question for you????How did you get the individual pictures in your family area?I want to do that.But can’t figure it out.LA

  18. I do believe he’s taking your headaches away, I think some animals can do that. You know they say people with animals live much longer than people without. I know alot of it is for emotional health, but I believe it’s physical health also. I have always believed my cats purr against me made me feel physically better, and I believed my cats know exactly when I feel bad and what to do to make me better. God blessed us with our babies.

  19. Oh I don’t think you are crazy, far from it. I have no doubt that, just like some people, some animals have the power to heal. Being a fellow migraine sufferer .. I’ve had mine on/off since I was 13 yrs old .. I say "thank God for Bear!". hugs to the both of you!Molly

  20. I totally believe it luv! There is a huge amount about these beautiful creatures taht we don’t understand yet. Someone just commented on my space the other day:Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Perhaps thats applicable here too 🙂

  21. I believe it because I had a similar experience when I was sick in 2001 for a month I slept 15 to 20 hours a day….my dogs laid in bed with me and never needed to go out or anything…..they just remand quite no matter how long it was….they normally go out every few hours…..I often tell people God used those dogs to bring healing to me.At that time I had 3 of them, all Maltese… today I have 8… most rescued from puppy mills in Lancaster Pa. and other horrible life conditions. I rescued them and then they rescued me! Remember Dog is… God spelled backwards 🙂 God bless you great website!

  22. I’m from the school of If It Works, Do It And All Skeptics Be Damned.When Ken lays next to me and sniffs me, it makes my headaches go away, too. ;-)Hang in there, girlfriend.Kelly

  23. Hey there. Just checking on ya. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  24. Hi Laura,I enjoy your site so much, that I added you to my site’s list of "BLOGs 2 C".Take care,Leah

  25. Question—-does the three-legged cat have a name yet?

  26. Hey all! I am still alive…….just been sick, missed work yesterday and then today spent most of my day helping someone else get caught up…..ugh.Oh, the 3 legged cat……I call him Charlie Tuna! I love that cat…..!!me

  27. Actually, he may have "taken" your migraine. I’ve had them since I was 3 years old, so believe me, I’ve tried everything! I had one dog that could take mine. The theory is, they can sense them and rev up their body heat enough to change some of your circulation, thus "breaking" the spasms in your arteries in your head. Biofeedback works on the same principal. They try to teach you to heat up your hands to break that spasm. Some dogs just have that talent! Good dog to choose!! Also, If you’ll put pressure on the web between your thumb and your hand (the right spot will be tender when you find it), it can make the headache go away, too. Same principle, just using reflexology.Just my opinion, and you know what they say about that!!!

  28. I think dogs can sense when something is wrong…I know it sound weird…but when Cliff was little before he would show any symptoms I could tell he was sick by the way the dog acted… but how do you tell a doctor…? "I think Cliff is coming down with something because the dog is laying across his back again"…I think they would have put me in the nut house.That dog was Razz…he and Cliff had that special bond…Razz has since passed but he spent a wonderful 17 years with us. : ) Chris

  29. Hi Laura:No fair getting sick! When your blog was featured in December I started reading and got addicted to checking in with you and your brood. Hope you feel better soon!

  30. Miss you, hope things are back to normal soon

  31. hi i was reading your story about your migraniines 3yr. ago i have a brain tumber i had the same symptom u have but it toke the dr. about 4yr. to fine it i work at my job for 15yr. had to stop working becaue my migranines was so bad i lose a lot of wight i was about 90lb one day i got up and could not walk or talk i sleep for a week my hus. toke me to the hosp. and did a catscan and fine the brain tumber the dr. said i was going to die because it was so big it was growing send birth the dr. said i was going to die or not wake up or be a veg. for the rest of my life but i made it i lose about one yr. of memory and my spell is not good but that all so plz go get check out if u woul like to talk more just let me know have a good day 

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