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Most of Stellar’s ghosts are leaving him, he is no longer fearful in the yard without me, he will now go everywhere in the entire yard, he runs and plays with the other dogs (He loves to chase Oreo around) and when cars pass he only stops what he is doing and looks…….no longer tail tucking and running back to the house.  He genuinely seems happy now.  I was in the basement last night doing laundry, he followed me down of coarse and while I stood there and watched him eating I noticed something great…….Stellar has mussels again.  He has gained a ton of weight, I wont know exactly how much till his vet visit on Saturday, but finally his body has enough mass to once again create mussel……that is wonderful.  All of his sores near his feet have healed, most of his fur around his collar had fallen out and that is almost all of the way back in and his fur feels like silk.  He has an incredibly soft coat……if you have ever felt the soft coat of a greyhound, it is something like that.  The only signs he still shows of his life in the woods are the frost bitten tips of his ears and his incredibly ruff foot pads. 


I even took him this weekend to meet Santa at Pet Smart.  (A fund raiser for a local Greyhound Club)  He was a bit nervous at first but he settled down quickly and took two great photos with Santa.  The in house trainer stopped me and asked me about him because she has Dane’s too.  I told her his story and she said he was remarkably settled for the ordeal he had been thru.  I had tons of people stop and want to pet him and talk to him and he did wonderfully.


Last night when we went to sleep, well I was actually in bed reading and occasionally looking out the window at the snow coming down, he decided to lay across me……directly over my legs and I swear he was so heavy I could not move.  I kept trying to get him to lie next to me, but he wanted to be right on top of me.  When I finally got him next to me, he wouldn’t leave me alone, nudging me, putting his snout in my hair and sniffing, putting his foot on my book, acting silly……Finally he went to sleep with his head on my pillow and my arm wrapped around him.  He is such a big baby.  Every once in a while he would open one eye to look at me and I could hear his tail hitting the bed as he wagged it.  Him being happy, made me happy.  I am such a sucker for that big dog.


Life is good! 




  1. I think Stellar is in love….makes me miss our lab, Hershall, when I read your Stellar stories…: ) Chris

  2. I love that dog – even though I only "know" him through your blog! I’m so happy for him, and for you, too. 🙂

  3. There is nothing in the world like an over-grown lap dog!

  4. I keep forgetting to ask you if you’ve ever checked out the "Pet Peeves" blog! It was an MSN sponsored space but the Vet that writes it has kept it up and it’s fascinating.

  5. ok…once again I am going to cry!this story of Stellar just amazes me…I just knew he would be a good dog….and if I want anything for christmas..its to see that picture of stellar and santa!! He must have been so proud to be hanging out with you and getting all that attention! Looking forward to seeing that pic!

  6. oh I’m so glad he is doing well with you! Our darling greyhound/lab cross was abused. Just about every dog my family has had since I was a little one, where pound dogs. Our dog, Sammy, had to be taught how to go to the bathroom outside (instead of in the basement), how to curl up next to us on the sofa (which he does now with no encouragement at all! LOL), how to catch a ball, play outside (instead of run in circles) … he is such a love and so very good with kids (all kids – very protective and watchful of them). All it takes some times is a little love .. it can change around an animals life .. even a person’s for that fact. It’s a documented fact that a pet can help length the life of an elderly person … and there are some cases showing the healing power of animals with those who are sick.. you’re a great person for doing what you are doing!hugs,Molly

  7. You make me miss Honey, my boxer. She would not let me sleep…always nudging me and licking my nose to get me to wake up and play with her. I let my ex have her in the divorce because I was moving into an apartment…I still miss her.Kelly

  8. I love the story of Steller and think what you are doing is great! I have 4 dogs and a cat. One of my dogs, a Yorkie, was a PuppyMill Rescue. He was still a puppy when the mill got raided, seven months, but he’d seen some horrors in those mere months. At 2 now he still cowers if you go to pet him in a certain way and he had never felt grass on his feet before, so he is still a little timid outdoors. It took forever for him to trust us, but he does now and it’s a wonderful feeling.Vanita

  9. Chris~ I think he is in love too! :o)Beverly~ Thank you!The wired1~ How true…..yes I have checked out that site more than a few times, I love it!Diane~ I will make sure you see that pictureMolly~ Thank you….so many of the rescue dogs we helped over the years didn’t know how to play, that always broke my heart. Tonka to this day wont chase the ball, but will chase whoever is chasing the ball, she also plays with a bucket when excited, but never played with toys, etc.Kelly~ Stellar got me at midnight last night, seems he had to go potty and wanted a midnight snack….Vanita~ Thank you and I love lil Yorkies and they are all too often subject to puppy mills due to their compact size….it is so rewarding when you gain a dogs trust who trusted no one previously. It is a wonderful feeling.Laura

  10. Happy to hear about your dog :)I just read your previous post, gives me rage when people treat animals poorly. My boyfriend and I are both allergic to cats/dogs, hence the parrots. I was browsing a parrot site the other day and saw a man’s letter questioning what’s needed to own a parrot, he has a small shop and wanted the bird to be at the shop day in/ day out- even weekends, just alone in it’s cage – most likely figured it would be interesting to get people to the store. The parrot site person was so mad and in disbelief that this person thought a bird would be happy in a cage, with strangers poking at it all day, then alone all weekend long with no interaction. Scary to think of how many pets are in lonely/bad situations – grrrr!

  11. Hi Laura!I would LOVE to see a picture of a dog with Santa. Where have I been that I didn’t know this was possible? How could I not know? Please don’t tell Lola on me. She’ll think I’m a terrible owner (though she truly owns me) and then I’ll have to buy her extra treats for Christmas.This was really sweet!Kelly

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    Laura,I remember you visited my blog after I wrote on Mocha Momma’s blog… about dogs, I think it was.Anyways, I feel good that you are on MSN spaces… way to go!Mark

  12. God bless you for taking in this wonderful dog. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you. I wish you the best holiday for you, your family, and your pets. You are one in a million.

  13. WOW…how wonderful you are to have the time and patience to show this dog what love is. I have no understanding or sympathy for people who abuse animals. I adopted my 2 dogs from the SPCA when they were puppies- Oliver, 4, Black Lab/Rottie AKA 112lb lapdog and Simon, 5, Lab/Basset AKA Woody Allen (He is so neurotic but I love him to pieces) They are the joy of my life and they definitely rule the house! I am a such a sucker for a stray dogs! God bless you and all that you do for you babies.

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