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I forgot my freekin shoes today……..great.  Just great.  As I type this at my desk at work, I am in my stocking feet……there is something so strange about this….  It snowed……9 inches last night and I didn’t get a chance to buy new boots but remembered I had my old “Barn Boots.”  I am not sure exactly what type of boot they are considered but in school we called the rubber shoes like them “duck shoes”……these are like duck shoes with leather at the top, leather laces……I use to wear them at the stables, hence “barn boots.”  Not warm by any means but they served the purpose this morning while I shoveled to my van, warmed it up, shoveled around the house, up the stairs (so the mail guy delivers my mail.) back around the back of the house, to the back door and a little path for little Murphy so he can go out into the yard and go potty.  (The snow is deeper than he is tall……)  I just cant believe I didn’t fall in them.  The rubber bottoms are hard to bend and really slippery…..phew.


Taryn’s kankle is far worse than I thought.  It is swollen up huge and about 6 inches up there is a huge black bruise, above the swelling, going up her leg and part way around her ankle.  I don’t think I have ever seen a sprain so bad.  I will take her to the Doctor today to get it checked out.  I swear…..that child.


Stellar is beginning to show his silly side.  He loves to get out in the snow and run around with Oreo and Bear but he barks…..loudly.  Not a problem unless I am up letting them out at my normal 4:00AM.  I do not wish to piss off my neighbors….. Really big dogs look goofy when they run…….Ears flapping up and down.  He has also proven to be really, really vocal.  Franny is vocal, but he is more vocal.  He makes this bellowing “OOF” sound and then pokes me with his nose when he wants something, then trots over to whatever it is that he wants.  (He lets me know clearly when hungry, thirsty or has to go potty…….even if he wants something else from the kitchen)  Night before last he kept “OOF”ing me and going into the kitchen…..headed straight for the stove and showed me that he wanted a left over boneless pork chop.  I gave it to him…….he was standing there with a big piece of drool coming out of his mouth, and it was so clear what he wanted, I couldn’t help it.  I cant help but indulge him….I think about all that time he was starving and smelling the Burger King……


This morning he was wound up, jumped up on my bed as I was getting ready for work and he would make this strange mmmmm…..errrrrr sound and then bark at me.  He wanted me to play with him.  He had stolen Murphy’s woobie and wanted me to play with him with it… I did.  Again, I indulge him…


Speaking of woobies…….I get an endless supply of wobbies from the Good Will Store.  Yes, I do shop there and one of my normal items I buy is woobies for Stellar and Murphy.  I happened to find this cute “Gund” bear with hinged arms and legs, a Christmas sweater on, so I decided it could sit on my fireplace mantel.  One of the kids decided he should be in the Christmas tree and put it in the tree……..well, Stellar seen him and politely went over and removed him from the tree…..guess he said that was his woobie.  Didn’t bother anything else….he looked so cute with it……I let him have it.


Well, it is time for me to get some work done……I will start by rescheduling those inspections I had scheduled for today…..aint no way I’m going to do those today…too much *@*! Snow…….they can wait for another day.


Think Spring!




  1. Think Spring? Oh boy. I actually don’t mind the snow, it’s the darn cold that gets me. I think I am about layered out. I had 4 layers on the other day on top, 2 on bottom and a nice pair of wooly socks over my tights, I still was cold. I am thinking about bringing my electric blanket to work, but I haven’t found an extension cord long enough to indulge my moving around. Oh well, it’s a nice thought. ~Kate

  2. Stellar sounds like such a ham! Can’t wait to see pictures of him with his various woobies.

  3. Your stories of Stellar make me miss our lab Hershall.I hate snow…so much I think I am moving south…the husband and kids just don’t know it yet.: ) Chris

  4. Kate~ It is so cold here too……3 below zero wind chil today….brrrrr. Electric blanket to work……sounds like something Sierah would want to do, she is cold all the time.Wired1~ He is a total ham. I took a whole roll of file only to find out I took photos of top of photos… working on some new ones.Chris~ You could always not let them know and move without them……lol…….just kidding. I love the South, just couldnt take the hot hot summer…..I am a wimp.Laurahave a great weekend all…

  5. Hi there! Found you off Larry the Cheetos and I’m positively STOKED to find another dog lover :)Come have a look at my babies sometime (both rescued dogs – too cute!), and seasons greetings!dobby

    • Silliest Schnauzer
    • Posted December 9, 2005 at 10:26 pm
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    LauraIt was very nice reading about your pups… to me, dogs are always pups… and how the big dogs look silly when jumping around.You ever see a little dog get stuck in the snow? Cute as hell, but I always help them out of it… then they get stuck back in it… then I help them out. I love when they do that… Anyways… I will take more of a look later on your blog… thank you for visiting mine!Mark

  6. Laura,Thanks for the lovely words! How nice. If I faint from the shock of this excitement, I’ll have a white chocolate mocha and think of you. ;-)Oops. Just had one! No fainting for me!Kelly

  7. I’ve fallen in love with Stellar from afar. He’s such a character! Looking forward to pics.Only about a 100 days or so until spring… *sigh* Can’t believe I was chanting, "Snow, snow, snow!" last week.Hope the kankle heals quickly. Icy season is not a good time to be gimpy. Take care and stay warm. Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. BTW, every time I see the Magic-markered baby, I bust out laughing. That’s hysterical! Any story behind it?

  9. You’re spoiling that dog! =)I hate the days around here when it’s 95 degrees in the shade…but I’m starting to miss them right now. It’s supposed to get to 43 degrees today though…and maybe 50 tomorrow. Yippee! Kelly

  10. Hey Laura – Hope you’re having a great – albeit freezing – weekend! We "received" (as if it were a gift!) 6" of snow, too! I’m not hating it yet. Still in that "ooh, it’s so pretty" frame of mind. ;)I just read Honor’s comment about the "magic markered baby" photo. It reminded me of my 2 year old niece who drew all over her own face when I was babysitting once. It started out with just one mark, but when she saw I was allowing it, she went all out. I took her into the bathroom afterwards to let her see herself in the mirror. She giggled hysterically at her own image! It was priceless!!

    • Silliest Schnauzer
    • Posted December 12, 2005 at 3:44 pm
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    • Reply don’t know why, but even though this guy had more raw talent than I do, he still didn’t look right doing that. Ha!Anyways… thank you for those kind words on my blog:)Mark

    • Silliest Schnauzer
    • Posted December 12, 2005 at 5:36 pm
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    Laura,I just saw that your son Devon is misunderstood… can you help me understand why? I do not have a single bit of knowledge and I want to know from you so that when I meet people like your son, I can understand.I hope all is well with your family and you!Mark

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