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What a crazy couple of days.  I was blessed to have 5 days off in a row.  I needed them……I cant say I got much done, but I sure needed the rest.


After spending 5 days in the house with 7 dogs I have come to the realization that Stellar will need to be re-homed.  I made this decision after my friend Juan came over Thanks Giving Day and Stellar got right up on the couch next to him and laid his head on his lap.  This made me realize Stellar will adapt to a new house, I just have to find the right home.  A home where he will continue to be spoiled and the people will understand his eccentricities attached to his past.  He likes to be on the furniture, he sleeps in the bed with me at night, he doesn’t like to be behind a closed door unless someone is with him, he doesn’t like the crate, he is scared outside by himself, he wants me close to him when he eats and he is learning that all food on the counter does not belong to him. (Even though he can reach it all) He is an incredibly smart dog, loving and totally house trained.  His only issue is toy possession issues with dogs……not humans.  The kids and I can all take away food, toys or chew toys but if the dogs come near him he growls.  (We are working on it, but that is a rather simple issue) 


He is gaining weight like crazy, will sit for a treat and has made no attempt to jump my fence.  Although he does put his feet up there and stand up and wine when I take the trash out to the alley.  (I was a bit concerned about that due to his size.)  I am going to list him on my friend Kim’s rescue web page and see what happens.  I have already had a few people inquire about him, but neither was right……if the right one never comes along, he will remain with us.


“Him Black Cat” isn’t doing well….he has refused food for a couple days and he has reverted to laying on the heater all of the time. (Not getting up in any of his favorite windows, baskets or napping spots)  I know he has already outlived the Vet’s expectations by a year…..but I am not ready for him to go.  I cried like a baby last night thinking about having him put to sleep.  Even though we have only had a few years with him, he has made a huge impact on my life. 


Ironically the 3 legged cat that has been around since summer decided he was going to take up residency on our front porch about a week ago.  Meowing loudly to come in every time we pass by the window.  Going from the front door to the back when we came or left.  Sierah told me Wednesday night that he woke her up meowing so loudly. 


Finally Thanksgiving evening I decided to bring him in.  I put all of the dogs up, checked to see where “Him Black Cat” was sleeping (so not to upset him) and snuck him upstairs to the twins room.  There I had a bowl of food and water and a litter box.  Here I got a closer look at the 3 legged cat…….She is a he, rather plain looking tiger cat, missing a back leg and who has been neutered and de-clawed in all 4 paws.  (I am against de-clawing)  It is a miracle this cat survived outside that period of time.  He is totally defenseless and it was so wrong for someone to put him out.  This without question was someone’s cat due to all of the work that has been done to him.  No missing reports have been filed with Animal Care and Control or the ASPCA.  I really didn’t expect there to be because he has been lurking around the house for months. 


I did see the neighbor girl and ask her if she knew who’s cat it was and she said “No” but it’s real friendly.  (That he is)  I think the outdoor cat food I have been leaving out was primarily being eaten by the 3 legged cat because since he has been in the house, the food has not been touched.  I do randomly see other cats eating it, but I have not refilled the bowl in 5 days……previously I was filling it twice a day.


Life at my house is crazy as normal…….I think I need another 5 days off.




  1. Hi Laura,I am so sorry to hear about Him Black Cat… I hope he is doing better. Give him pat for me.Good luck finding a home for Stellar. I’m sure you will. I love reading about what’s new in your life. Have a good one!

  2. Oh, how I wish I were in a situation to take Stellar. Unfortunately, my back yard can barely house my 55lb dog, much less a 130lb one! And I’m sorry Him Black Cat isn’t acting like himself. I hope he’s just a bit under the weather and will perk up soon. Good luck on finding Stellar the (next) best home for him. Are individuals able to post animals on I peruse this site weekly for a second dog. Take care and I hope your week starts off uneventfully. ~leslie

  3. I too am very sorry to hear about Him Black Cat.I can’t say I blame you about Stellar. It is hard and exspensive to have animals. I hope you have good luck finding him a home where he gets as much as he does from you. (I know after all of your hard work, you wouldn’t settle for less.)

  4. Im sorry about him…maybe just a funk..perhaps he will pick up…Its so hard to let go…no matter how much you know from day one that they wont be around for ever…it still hurts.I pray you find Stellar a good home. Somebody will surely love the big lug…he deserves it. Im sure it was a difficult decision but one im sure you have thought a great deal about….Good luck and I’ll be praying for him and him cat…

  5. I’ll read any entry entitled "Three Legged Cat" LOLThanks for encouraging me on my blog. I was wondering if it was boring everyone to tears… Now I don’t know quite how I’ll finish. Hope Stellar finds a home as lovely as yours!Kelly

  6. I don’t know where you’re at, but have you heard of ? It’s a low cost pet adoption and sales site.

  7. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I stopped by… :)Our spaces have the same background!Have a good day! ~B 😉

  8. I’m so sorry that "Him Black Cat" isn’t feeling well. I really do hope it’s just a temporary thing. I’ll be thinking of him, and hoping the best. He holds a special place in my heart (even though I’ve never seen/"met" him) b/c he reminds me so much of my Benny. There are so many similarities between the two.I’m glad Stellar has been opening up to other people. That must ease your mind a bit. I know it will be hard to re-home him. And I’m glad you’re going to be picky about his new caregivers – never doubted you would be anything less.I cannot believe someone had declawed all 4 paws of the 3 legged cat! Why would a Vet even agree to that? I am against declawing, too. Sometimes I wish I thought differently when my 2 kitts claw my furniture, but I could never have it done. I’m glad he found you. I hope you can keep him inside, and I hope "Him Black Cat" will accept the little guy. Take care!

  9. Thanks everyone. I sure hate to send Stellar to a new home, but I will be picky…..if I cant find a good one, he will remain with me. Stellar will be listed on Petfinder via Kim’s site. I have to get some better photos… others didnt turn out… :(~ Not sure what is going on with "Him Black Cat" but he even turned his nose up to tune juice. (His fav)The 3 legged cat has taken to the girls room just fine and has shown no interest in going back out…..Laura

  10. I love that you love animals! How awesome of you to give a home to all those wonderful pets! I hope you find a fabulous home for Stellar! I can’t wait to see pictures! I wish I could have more animals where I live!

  11. LOL at my previous comment : "I cannot believe someone had declawed all 4 paws of the 3 legged cat!"I MEANT I can’t believe a Vet would declaw the back paws in addition to the front, but (hopefully) you knew that! *Beverly steps up to receive the ignoramus comment of the year* BTW, is he missing the front or back leg?

  12. Beverly, You and I said the same thing……duh 2 both of us. I cant believe a Vet did that either…..maybe it was done prior to the leg…..who knows. He still goes thru the motion of scratching, like the leg is on….poor thing…..He is missing his back right leg, but gets around really well. I think so anyways. :o)Laura

  13. I hope Stellar finds his place in this world…wether it be with you or another loving family…after what he has been thru he deserves it. I wish I had a big enough yard for him…I would snatch him up in a minute.I am wishing real hard that we both can have 5 days off….: ) Chris

  14. I have a 3 legged cat too. We found her limping as a stray and the vet had to remove her leg. This was about two months ago. She has become a welcome addition to our home. We too have five kids with four dogs and six cats. They are a lot of work! Take care……….

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