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Well, all dogs have now been introduced and everyone gets along perfectly.  Not one growl, nothing…….just like Stellar has always been there. 


He did wonderfully yesterday in the house while I was at work. (No potty accidents) When I went home for lunch he was really excited to see me.  He actually behaves like a puppy still…jumping around acting silly….of coarse he had the big polar bear in his mouth and that only creates a big goofy look.


At 1:00AM this morning my dogs decided they wanted to go out, so as I was getting up Taryn stuck Stellar in my room so they all went out to go potty.  Once I got them all back in and I got back in the bed Stellar jumped up in the bed with me.  Jenna was already in there, so it was me, Stellar, Jenna and Murphy in my Queen size bed and I think I had the smallest slice of the bed.  He laid on his side and was eventually snoring, sound asleep…..He kept his foot on his bear to keep track of it.


Stellar did snag Taryn’s chicken sandwich off the kitchen counter this morning.  He didn’t know he did anything wrong….he stood right there eating wagging his tail it looking at her like, “Thanks.”  We all have to get use to how tall he is.  He wants to be right in the middle of all the action all the time and when someone goes upstairs, he goes up behind them to see where they went, then he goes back downstairs.  It’s like he has to keep track of everyone.


He is eating….A LOT……and I swear I can visibly see he is gaining weight already.  Maybe him being in a warm house has made a huge difference….burning less energy.  He is now eating whenever he wants to, but I give him a can of food mixed in with his dry food twice a day….other than that he goes downstairs and gets food whenever he wants.  I keep water for him in this large spaghetti pot… was the only thing I had big enough.


This morning I drove thru the Burger King right next to the woods where Stellar once lived……I stared up into the woods.  I am not sure what I expected to see but I still just sat there and looked.  Knowing Stellar is safe and warm in my house, holding his woobie.  Thinking about him just a few days ago living like a wild, frightened animal and the 360-degree change he has made in just a few days is amazing. 


I cant imagine what he is thinking….He is lucky and I am too…




PS……I will have photos by tomorrow or the next day I imagine.  I took them in today.  I cant wait for you guys to see him.  My girlfriend saw him today….she is the one who seen him with me the first day and she said he looks great!!  She said, "I cant see all of his bones…."


  1. Are you going to keep him? 🙂

  2. I don’t have dogs, but I always thought there would be rivalry amongst each other. I’m really glad your other dogs have accepted him so easily. Are you surprised that Stellar wasn’t skittish around them?I said it before, but I’ll say it again: Stellar is such a cutie-pie! I love your descriptions of his behavior. Too cute.

  3. GDT1982~ Yes, he is going to stay with me. Then I will know he will always okay. Plus he is so attached to me; it would break his heart to leave….I don’t want to do that to him.Beverly~ There often is a rivalry amongst dogs, but my old dogs are use to rescue dogs and the new ones all came from shelters…..maybe they just got use to being around lots of new dogs….not sure, but he sure did fit right in. I was surprised he didn’t act scared of them, he seems to be really curious about them…..attached to me though. If you think he is cute now, wait till you see a photo of him with that Bear in his mouth……that IS cute!Laura

  4. Can’t wait to see the pics…Our lab was a big table/count top height dog…122 lbs in his prime.His weakness was bread…I had to move my bread from my lazy suzy to a cabinet above the sink…so for about 12 years Cliff had to ask someone to get the bread down for him. Hershal (our lab) has since passed.If I made chocolate chip cookies someone would have to guard them while they cooled so he wouldn’t eat them..I could leave a steak on the stove and he wouldn’t touch it , just the cookies and bread.I love hearing the Stellar stories…and I am glad he will have a Happy Thanksgiving with a very special family.: ) Chris

  5. I’m so happy you’re going to keep him! Kelly

  6. I am so glad everything has worked out with him!

  7. What a wonderful Thanksgiving for Stellar! I am glad to hear that he is fitting in and doing better. You are a wonderful,warm person for caring about him. I am glad he is staying with you and your family.RD

  8. You are an AMAZING woman. I’m glad you decided to keep him. And you’re right- it’s the only way you’ll know that he is definitely safe.I’m glad they all get along (Makes life so much easier when they do) Can’t wait to see pics!!!

  9. I can’t wait to see pictures! But I must ask, is there enough room in the house for you anymore? 🙂 Sounds like you’re one bigger happy family now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! ~leslie

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura!!Give Stellar a hug for me!Kelly

  11. I love reading stories on Stellar. It is wonderful how you took this dog and rescued him. I’ve rescued a couple in my parents neighborhood. Keep the cute stories of Stellar coming.

  12. Laura,You drove by Burger King and didn’t tell us how much of that food Stellar ate? LOLI’m loving the "woobie" that the dogs have. It’s hilarious and makes me want to watch "Mr. Mom" again. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely!Kelly

  13. Laura, I am one of those nearly 200,000 people who hit on your blog. Or rather, I tried too. My computer can be very slow and I gave up but I did manage to bookmark it. And tonite, Christmas eve, I returned to your blog and read about you and looked at your pics. I am thrilled about how you feel about dogs. I am madly in love with them too. I have rescued a few also. Alas, I am unable to care for them as you do. I care for my elderly mother and we live in an apartment that does not allow pets. Someday I hope to have a house where I can do rescue work. I really enjoyed reading about your family and dogs. I only wish you lived nearby so we could become friends! Keep up the good work. Marisol


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