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Sierah’s basketball team won their game this weekend (Now 3 and 0) but her school’s football team lost at Semi-State.  I sure hate that, but at least they made it that far.  Taryn road the fan bus to the game and didn’t return until 1:00AM Saturday morning…….she had fun and I sent her dressed like it was going to be sub zero outside.  Arms sticking almost straight out in my goose down coat with all the stuff she had on under it…oh, and a blanket…..I guess some kid that just had on a thin jacket used the blanket.


From the paper on Sierah’s game:



South Side










South Side: Katie Ball 0 0-0 0, Zaquanna Braden 4 5-6 13, Demetria Eley 4 2-12 10, Sha`la Jackson 7 2-4 16, Marcyea Mingo 2 6-8 11, Sierah ****** 1 2-2 4, Normalyn Smith 2 3-4 9, team 0 0-0 0. Totals 20 20-36 63.



Stellar has proved to be a big baby.  He carries around the stuffed polar bear non-stop.  He had it so full of drool and stinky stuff that I decided to wash it last night.  He wined the entire time it was washing and drying…..He leans on you when he stands next to you and he wants you to touch him all the time.

He has now been introduced to Murphy, Cheyenne, Tonka and Franny.  Only the two boys left.  Once we get that taken care of, we can leave them all out together.  Stellar seems fine with all of them. 

I took lots of photos of him with a 35 mm camera so I will get them developed within the next few days.  He looks so cute curled up on the couch with is “Woobie.”  (That’s what we call Murphy’s stuffed animal, so that is what Stellar’s is called too.) 

He is eating really well but wants someone with him when he eats.  He follows me everywhere.  When I drove away this morning he was standing in the doorway looking at me.  I will return home in 3 hours and I pray he is okay during that time.  He will have free roam of the house so I hope that eases his tension.  I think he is going to have separation anxiety. 

He is so darn big.  When standing next to my table or counter, he is eye level with them.  Even the stove.  We have to keep stuff pushed back and tell him no…..he almost had a chicken leg last night…….he stands in the kitchen and drools when you cook, licking his chops.

He loved his big bone, the stuffed bear, the fake stuffed bone that squeaks and the Kong with peanut butter, but was not interested in the ball.  He is still frightened outside and will not go further than about 10 feet into the yard.  I can’t imagine how the poor guy felt in those woods all that time.  He is such a big ole baby.  He is really doing well.  Much better than any expectations I could of ever had for him.

A 3 legged cat:

Over the summer this 3 legged cat kept appearing at my house.  Not unusual because I leave food out since I started feeding black cat long ago…..even when he moved into the house because there are so many neighborhood strays.  The 3 legged cat did look healthier than most of the others and has always had a good body weight.  Just the missing leg.  I assumed he was someone’s cat, just out roaming.

The kids think he belongs to the Frat house behind us, but I just think he has lived in a small patch of trees right next door.  Those boys have always had a dog and have always taken really good care of it; I just don’t think they would let this cat roam if it did belong to them.

I am going to ask them tonight after work because the cat now is wanting in my house.  I know “Him Black Cat” would not have it and I am not sure about the dogs……but I did set up a little shelter for him on my porch.  He is super friendly and really vocal.  Looks in my window and meows to come inside.  He tries to slip in the house every time we come in or out.  I guess he decided the porch will do for now. 

Bach Flower Remedies:

Check out:     This is not the best place, for the best understanding of the remedies, but it will give you an idea.  They do work, for people and dogs.  The best way to administer it is a few drops under the tongue but you can ad it to water or rub it into the skin.  The bottles will range in price from $6 to $16 depending on where you get them.  Most large Pet chains are starting to carry them.  If not, ordering on line is easy enough….lots of places have it. 

I would say, if you have a dog frightened by storms or that has separation anxiety or any other phobia the “Rescue Remedy” would be of help to them and you both.  It is all natural and non-habit forming.

 A good book:

This morning I was thinking of a book…well, two books you guys should read.  I know my blog friends who have followed Stellar’s story would love these books.  They are called “Found Dogs” and “Second Chances” by Elise Lufkin .  I would recommend anyone reading them….They are short stories, with beautiful back and white photos of each dog who is written about and they are both an easy read.  I have checked them both out over and over from my library.  (Please check them out and read them, I promise you will love them…..)  If you read those and love them, then check out “Dog is my co-pilot” printed by the publishers of BARK magazine.  (Another favorite of mine.)

Once you read them, let me know what you think!



  1. Hi Laura!I just this morning read the past few entries.. I took off Friday to get much needed errands/shopping done, and I don’t get on the computer at home. It’s a piece of junk and freezes up most of the time.It brought tears to my eyes when I read the stories about Stellar. I knew you would bring him home, it was just a matter of time. I am so proud of you and your family for taking care of him. He’s so blessed!I hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving week!

  2. This is great. I’m glad he’s adapting so quickly to you, the other animals and the kids. Are you going to keep him for good? Or are you just trying to get him healtier before giving him to a shelter?You are doing an amazing job. I can’t wait to see some pics of him.-Mare

  3. I’m loving these updates on Stellar. What a cutie pie he is. I’m glad your other animals are accepting him so well. So… do I see another cat in your household soon?! I’m betting on it. ;)Did you happen to see the PBS special last night on the Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue? It was heartbreaking. I’m glad they were able to help those that they could, though.Have a great day!

  4. Leah~ Dont feel bad, my home computer is toast. Thank you about Stellar……I wasnt so sure that I was going to be able to get him. I am just glad I did. I went home to check on him today and he was asleep on the couch…no potty accidents….he was trotting around, polar bear in his mouth wagging his tail……I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!Mare~ Him staying for good….. I know it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, but I cant imagine him leaving……no one else would understand what he has been thru……He is such a big baby. I love him already.Beverly~ "Him Black Cat" wouldn’t allow another cat, but if he is still hanging around after "Him" passes…..I am sure he will move himself in. Till then, I will continue to feed him. I am also going to put a small dog house out there with bedding inside for him.I didnt see that special. I imagine I would of cried. I cried one day just watching the news and saw a golden retriever swimming for a boat full of firemen and they had to leave him behind…..There is a rescue here who has went down and got about 200 animals from down there, I volunteered to help her but by the time they got back to me, I was going to care for Stellar twice a day……Laura

  5. Great for Stellar…I had faith…And I can’t imagine Stellar having a better home than yours.Keep us updated and I think a pic would be great.Have a Happy Thanksgiving: ) Chris

  6. I caught up and am so glad you were able to get Stellar and I am so happy he is adjusting so well. Now I want a dog! I may have to go check out the pound to see what cats and dogs they have available to adopt. ~Kate

  7. laurayour family & you have such BIG HEARTS!! it’s great to hear the wonderful updates on stellar…….& your talented kids of course too :)have a great week!dori

  8. I was wondering if your were going to be able to keep him….I was almost afraid to ask…..Im glad someone else did..god bless you! I just cant imagine all those animals and now a Great Dane!! It must be just a trip to sit back and watch them all. And I can just imagine Stellar in the midst of it all ..The big lug with a stuffed animal hanging out of his mouth!.you are just too funny Laura. You would really make one heck of a reality Televison show! All I can say is the world is lucky to have you…Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Now to voice another group thought—-We want pictures of Stellar!

  10. That’s fantastic! It’s wonderful that he’s making himself at home. The confidence will come little by little. It would be neat to know his story, and find out just how he ended up in the woods. He is one lucky pup!Have a great day!

  11. Oh, and ditto on the request for pics!

  12. Lauara, I think what you are doing for these animals is great. I do not believe in buying animals, I think every animal should be adopted from a shelter or rescue organization. They are lucky to have been brought in by you. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work. There should be more people like you, the world would be a much better place 🙂 God bless you and your family.Thank you.

  13. Laura, you’ve touched me and i’m surprised because so many people anymore are so rude&crude online, or so fullof themselves that i didn’t expect more. i saw your picture and thought (judging the book), no, this girl can’t have a brain in her pretty head, but i was wrong and also wrong because you write with such love. if you haven’t gotten the "spirit" of Christmas yet, you will. the problem with givers is that they don’t stop long enough to very well. i hope for every blessing on you and your children, and coming from an non-religious person, that means every earthly blessing in the here&now.i really enjoyed reading about your life. so sad about that little girl and her mom. Merry Christmas, Laura.

  14. Laura,I work nights and have four rescue animals.My first a big lazy dog with no hair on one side as he was thrown from a car onto the pavement at 55 mph-his butt lays on the spare bed but that is Boomer-the King.A sweet little girl named Shelby-Ann,of course unless you touch her butt,then she will rip your face off-she was sexually abused,now she sleeps with me.Then we have the two cats from hell,who’s mother was wild,and was killed and someone took it upon themselves to drop them in a dumpster near my place of employment at 2 degrees with a wind chill of -17.My day ends at about 2am and starts again about six,as the two cats from hell start ripping through the house like it is a race track,they end up in Boomer’s room and stay until they have him barking,only because he is way to lazy to get out of bed,I roll over to jump out of bed only to have bumped Shelby-Ann on the way,now have her growling and jumping out of bed.To the spare room I flea,sputtering to myself,I will have to new fur slippers.Reaching the room everyone runs down the stairs with the speed of light,I stumble on down only to grab the Christmas tree in flight,two dogs on the run and cats in flight,finally by noon they’ve all settled to rest. A day in the life with cats and dogs,makes everyone’s life full of fun all year round,but Christmas is without them would not be found.Merry Christmas to all two or four legged.

  15. p.s.for a pet lover like yourself, i highly recommend reading James Harriott’s books, especially All Creatures . . .; he was a vet in England and his stories are hilarious and gentle. your kids would love ’em, too, especially the one about the farting dog.peace.

  16. Laura:Found your space — love it. I am single (in the middle of a divorce), the mother of a 19-year old beautiful daughter and foster mom to a secondhand llasa aapso, 2 cats, and a small herd of guinea pigs. I rent, so I am at my limit for animals already.I decided to start my own MSN site/blog — so visit me often! I am a work in prgress (me AND my site).Sharon

  17. Laura; Today I took my first peek at a blog……yours! I really enjoyed it! I didn’t choose public today for mine, I’m a cheese weinie at heart I guess, but I’m going to hope I can put together a fraction of what you did. I’m not that internet savy……….yet. LOL Happy holidays to you and your precious family, including the critters. You go girl.Pine

  18. Laura; Today I took my first peek at a blog……yours! I really enjoyed it! I didn’t choose public today for mine, for me it was brave enough to start one. I’m a cheese weinie at heart I guess, but I’m going to hope I can put together a fraction of what you did. I’m not that internet savy……….yet. LOL Happy holidays to you and your precious family, including the critters. You go girl.Pine

  19. Enjoyed reading of your life adventures, and those of the others. Thanks for helping with the dogs, from a fellow rescuer. I’m surprised you haven’t run into the so far. Please visit, you’ll really like all the dog lovers there. I run a rescue for wolfdogs. We always have lots of critters. I write about them also. I also carve stone, Animal Spirit Guides in soapstone, jet, Howlite, alabaster, and Sacred Pipestone, among others. Please feel free to visit the website; the blog which talks more about our battle for clean water ofer the past 3 years, but has lots of nice pics of native wildlife, the water and the dogs. Merry Christmas from Pangaea and All The Loving Wolves.

  20. Hi Laura,You Bear looks almost identical to my rescue dog Brewster who I call ‘Boo Bear’, except Brewster has one undeveloped eye and tail. Do you know what breed mix Bear is? If I get a pic of Brew uploaded somewhere I’ll let ya know – you never know they could be brothers

  21. Hi Cat Girl! Your’re pretty cute! I like your space and.. Please tell your friend (the human one.. Yeah..the girl who take care of this site) she is so, so, so, so, so, so, so beautyfullllllll..I love you 2,Jerry.

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