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Friday I stopped by my house to check on Stellar twice.  The second time he was much more with it for sure, and he seemed much more unsure about me being close to him. I warmed a blanket in the dryer and laid it on him to help keep him warm.  I noticed this time he had eaten a little bit of food.  I talked to him for about 10 minutes then went back to work.


By the time I got home from work he was still lying down, but had his upper body more upright.  He cowered down when I came near him or looked away when I offered him food from my hand.  He was so scared and confused, wide awake and looking around my basement like, “Where the h*ll am I?”….looking up with his head tipped sideways when the dogs toe nails would click on the hard wood floors above him. 


I sat down there for hours, as I had the days prior and then finally while I was reading (out loud) to him, he started grooming himself and then when he rested his head, he let out this big sigh.  I yawned and then he yawned…..I laughed out loud and I thought he wagged his tail.  I kept reading……He just looked at me with those big baby blues.


I eventually fell asleep down there and when I woke up his had rested his head right next to mine, when I woke up, he did too and stood up…..he towered over me standing and he was still wobbly.  I helped him steady himself and he went to get a drink of water. 


He is still rail thin and it is painfully obvious when you are so close to him and feel his bones.  My Vet said Saturday that he is almost at half his body weight right now.  He should weigh between 170 and 200lbs.


Saturday morning was a turning point for Stellar…..When I was petting him, and would stop….. he would then nudge my hand for me to keep petting him….he began to follow me around the basement as I did laundry, etc…. he also decided he wanted to get up and meet all of the kids as they came down to see him……I had Sierah buy him some treats from the store and when she gave him one I said, “ask him to sit.”  He sat as requested.  Obviously he had had some training at one point.


He was pacing around the basement and I said, “Ya wanna go outside?”  I could tell he knew that too….the only problem was between him and the outside were about 10 open stairs.  (He finally mastered them after me trying to lift him twice, us placing his feet on the stairs for him and 1 adult and 4 kids helping him……)  Outside he relived himself for so long he actually had to put his foot back down.  (I swear he went pee for about 5 minutes)  He is housetrained……knows sit and is not only friendly, he is a love sponge.  A big baby.


This WAS someone’s dog once…….what happened?  How did he end up there?  I may never know. 


I do know that once he mastered the stairs he didn’t want to be in the basement….he wanted to be upstairs, so upstairs he went……straight up another flight of stairs, to my room and jumped right in the middle of my bed. 


I have only introduced him to “Him Black Cat” and “Murphy” and they are okay…..the other dogs will soon follow.  So far, so good.  He has shown no real signs of dog aggression, just interest in the other dogs.


He is a good dog, today stretched out on the couch head lying on Jenna’s lap.  It is hard to believe that just a few days ago he was running from me in the woods and gulping down his food like it was his last meal.  He isn’t even doing that any more.  He eats normally.  I just keep food down for him all of the time.


Today I saw the first signs of him wanting to play…..he got Taryn’s stuffed Polar Bear and has carried it all over the house.  When I threw it for him, he galloped to get it….tail wagging.


He is scared outside especially in the dark.  I cant imagine how he felt in those woods.  He ran back to the basement and the first sign of another human’s voice.  He comes back when I tell him it is okay.


His heart is already mending though…..he once knew love and being a house dog….and it has all came back to him rather quickly.  He has attached himself to the kids and me even faster.  He slept with Taryn last night and now wines if put in the basement for a “Dog change around.” 


Today we bought him big bones and toys and he is for sure on the road to being a spoiled house dog again……..He got a new beautiful red collar and leash and will have a matching red coat to keep him warm while outside. 


He is happy when we return home, wagging his tail and jumping around….he is such a different dog than I watched standing in the woods shaking a few days ago and that wouldnt let me near him for weeks.  It’s hard to believe it is the same dog.  I hate to imagine what happened to him to make him so scared.  I just know, nothing like that will ever happened to him again.


I am so happy an he is doing so well…….he is truly a gentle soul.




  1. my heart is melting reading this. I am so happy that you are here to help out animals like him. What a blessing.. and he is so lucky .. and your family – giving him love and hugs and making him feel welcomed.Thank you for being the sweet caring person you are and raising a family the same way.hugsMolly

  2. You are now mom of the year in my book for all living things…it is a wonderful thing you’ve done by taking him in. It is so sad that he was once someone’s pet. I wonder if his owner moved or maybe they died and no one was there to continue taking care of him…poor fella.Kelly

  3. What a transformation!! I am so happy for all of you! I’ve been wondering all weekend how Stellar was doing. Thanks for taking the time to let us all know.*happyhappyhappy*

  4. I could just cry my eyes out reading this…I am so happy that he is ok with you and you all are ok with never know with a rescue what your going to get…..Im happy to hear his tail is wagging..I remember that picture of him…first thing i noticed was his tail down between his legs…give him a big kiss and make sure he knows a million people in blog land are rooting for him!

  5. I’m new to msn spaces and I was reading your blogs. I am also a huge animal lovers and have 3 dogs of my own all rescued. It’s wonderful want you did for Stellar,most people I know don’t understand why I do what I do to help these dogs I find. I’m not listed yet , still waiting.Let me know how it turns out. NANCY

  6. Oh laura,You are just the sweetest thing! Stellar is so lucky to have you as his guardian angel 🙂 I’m glad he is adjusting so well in your home, especially with all the other people and pets. I’m sure things will continue on their rapid ascent. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! *hugs* ~leslie

  7. Hi Laura,I don’t even remember how I came up to your blog, I saw something about dogs and cats and started reading. I just read a little but I am so happy, I want to thank you for existing.Every time I find someone that loves animals and takes good care of them I feel happy. I wish there would be more people like you in the world. I can imagine your house must be similar to mine, though I live in the Canary Islands (Spain), near Africa. But I feel very close to you. I also sleep with a bunch of cats, sometimes I have up to 12 cats around me at night and I can’t move, but when it’s cold it’s great, I don’t need any heating. And I love to hear the sound they make when they pur, it’s so relaxing, it makes feel so good inside.I have more than 40 cats and 2 dogs, all have been found on the street, ill, hurt from an accident or abandoned and I love then so much. I feel so happy at night when I am in bed and I see them all around me, on my bed, in the room, on top of the table, the cupboard, everywhere, I feel so lucky that they accept me and love me. Some of the cats with whom I live have had a bad time before they came to live at my house but now they are all very happy, and they are as thankfull as dogs when you rescue them and save them.I have realized that many people "think" they don’t like cats because they don’t know them really, but as soon as they start getting a bit closer to them, and having more relationship with them they start loving them. Cats are son funny!!! I have such a good time with them and make me laugh so much that they make my life really great.Sometimes they also make me really very sad when something bad happens to them but that is part of life if you love someone.I will send you some pictures of my big family. I also have a daughter (15 years old), her name is Nora and she loves the cats like brothers and sisters, and 2 old dogs: Bocas and Pancho which are very loving also and get on very well with the cats, they sleep together. All the cats also have names and they answer when you call them, but it would be too long to list them all here.I will write to you again soon. Thank you again for existing, I have never seen you, and don’t what you look like but one thing I know: I love you.Part of an Indian poem:"People will forget what you said. People willforget what you did. However, people will never forget how you made them feel".Happy Christmas and a big kiss for you and all your big family.With love, Carol.

  8. I am always happy to see people who love their pets as much as their own family. I live by myself now and I have for roommates a calico cat named Ms. Pretty, a mini Schauzer puppy who is Harley,. and a grand dog next door named Spencer who comes to give Harley a bad time. He is a little Dachshound puppy who has learned to hold his own, his best friend is a ferret. I think that having a big family such as your must be a challenge but it looks like you are on the ball and definitely someone I would like to knowHave a great holidayjan

  9. Merry Christmas Laura and Family , Thank you so very much for sharing. You are a fine person and I must commend you on being a mother, a lover of pets and one darn nice person.I found this on the MSN homepage and when I saw dogs and cats I had to read plus I am going to bookmark this site. I agree with all the previous comments that there isn’t anything left for me to say except I my furkids, Sydney(Australian Shepherd,woof)my rescued kittie Missy and another rescued kittie from our vets just love you soooo much and what you stand for and we need more Laura’s. My website is all about doggies and kitties and their activities from dog sports to kitty antics.We all love you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.Wishing a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR FURKIDSAussie Hugs and Kitty KissesTake Care My Friend

  10. Oh Laura, I forgot to put Suzi’s name after I wrote rescued kitty.Suzi is from our vets office … I’m sorry SuziSeason’s GreetingsAussie Hugs and Kitty KissesSydney, Missy, Suzi and Mom Barb

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