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I went home at lunch to check on him and he is still a bit groggy.  He had gotten up, used the rest room and lay back down and curled up. 


I covered him back up and offered him some water and canned food.  He wasn’t interested…..maybe some warm chicken broth tonight will interest him. 


I have a few things to tend to tonight and then I will go down stairs and just be close to him while I read a book.  Just to let him get use to being so close to me. 


I was so worried……our weather was nice for so long, but quickly turned ugly….he wouldn’t of lasted much longer out there.  That I know for sure.  They are calling for a couple inches of snow this week. 


Thanks to all who left a comment……I do appreciate it.  I cant tell you how happy I am to have finally gotten him home.  I feel so relieved….Life is good!




  1. Yea – an update already!! I just took a chance to see if you might have written a bit more, and I was/am pleasantly surprised. 🙂 It’s great that you will be sitting by him tonight as you read your book. How comforting for him. I can’t wait to hear more of his new chapter in life. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Are you going to keep him or are you eventually going to find a home for him with someone else? I imagine right now you haven’t even thought about it…but after all you’ve been through with him, I can’t see you being able to give him up. =)Kelly

  3. Just stopped by to see how Stellars night was….He hasnt had a warm place to sleep for so long he probably wont be himself for days. Laura, I hadnt ever heard of the Bach flower rescue remedy. I saw someother people had inquired about it…Maybe someday you could write about what you know and either your or other peoples experiences with it. My dog has alot of anxieties…other dogs..thunderstorms..seperation anxiety.. etc. I hated giving him the meds from the vet as he was so out of it..and thunderstorms are so unpredictable..the sky would look dark, i would give it to him..and then it would blow over and we wouldnt even get a storm and he was zonked. Im just looking for something that might make him more comfortable. Thanks, Diane

  4. Get some rest soon. You’ll need the energy. I’m sure you’ve been energized, too!What a soul you have, woman. What a soul.Kelly

  5. I just googled Bach Flower Rescue Remedy… Is this the stuff you’re talking about? How do you give it to a dog? you!

  6. Yep, he’s now a family member! It’s good to hear! Good luck with the new "puppy"!

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