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My friend Kim and I are going to try again today to catch the Dane.  We are running out of time.  It is 20 degrees here today and it feels like 6 degrees with the wind chill.  Way too cold for a short-coated dog to sustain long.


Kim got a different medicine from a Vet yesterday called ACE, and we are going to give it a try.  I pray it works. 


I went to feed him this morning and I was so worried he wouldn’t emerge from the woods, but he did…..standing there shaking.  I thought I would cry looking at him.  I told him that he would be coming home with me later!    I fed him only a can of canned food, no dry food….so the sedative can work quickly when we give it to him.  We will give it to him in about half a can of food, maybe less. 


I got my basement ready for him.  I got a dog bed ready, a Great Dane size crate so he can go in there and feel secure and his food bowls.  I think the basement will be the best place for him to make the transition….he will be able to hear and smell us, but still have a distance between us.  My basement is dry and warm and also has natural lighting from 4 windows. 


I ordered the “BACH flower rescue remedy” to help him stay calm.  (It does work)  I just pray we can catch him this morning.  If she is able to, she will also bring a catch pole.  I just hope the medicine knocks him all the way out.  I think that will be easier.


Lets hope for the best….




  1. I used ace for my last dog….and I can tell you did work…he was afraid of thunderstorms and the vet gave it to me…and it knocked him out for I hope it has the same affect on Stellar..Got my fingers crossed and have said my prayers…..

  2. Good luck, Laura! I’m sending good vibes your way! I hope you catch him.Hugs.

  3. Good Luck!!! I hope and pray that you catch him. Please let us know what’s going on as soon as possible!!Thank you for caring so much.

  4. Lots of prayer coming your way…come on Stellar cooperate.Keep us informed: ) Chris

  5. I can’t wait to hear!

  6. I feel as anxious about this as you must be! I’m really hoping everything works out tonight… I don’t know what "BACH flower rescue remedy" is, so I’m off to Google.Stay strong.

  7. May this dog find love and peace at your home tonight. Please update us when you can.

  8. Good luck! Let us know when you catch him. Kelly

  9. I’m wishing and hoping you are able to get Stellar tonight. My thoughts are with you! ~Kate

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