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I have had a melt down of sorts plus just been plain old busy.  This weekend contained two performances at half times for Jenna and Taryn, Devon having his buddy Matt stay the night and Sierah’s 17th birthday.


I think back to 17 years ago today and my life had taken the biggest change it had or will ever have taken.  I became a Mother.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.   I love being a Mother more than anything in the world.  These last 17 years, have been the most rewarding in my life!


Watching Taryn and Jenna perform made me cry.  The group of girls as a whole was much better than I expected and watching Jenna try to maneuver past being so shy surely brought the tears.  She has been painfully shy her entire life.  She has an angelic singing voice but refuses to sing in front of anyone due to her shyness.  I remember once at a parent teacher conference she broke out into tears when the teacher called her into the room.  While performing yesterday she was grinning and had her face tipped kind of to the side and down a bit…to avoid eye contact with anyone I guess.  (What ever works, right?)  Taryn is more of a showman but dancing has never been her forte.  (A tad bit lacking in the rhythm department…but stepping for her seemed natural.)  I was proud of them both.


Ms. Sierah turned 17 yesterday.  I started her day off with me fulfilling a request of her.  Breakfast out alone with Mom.  We had a nice time and then did a little shopping.  She had to work the majority of the day then as soon as she got home, she went out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa and then out for the evening with friends. 


Her biggest surprise came from the boyfriend…Marcus the dork!  J  He persuaded his Aunt Tricia to drive about 5 hours to bring him home to surprise Sierah. (I CAN keep a secret Tricia) When they got him in town Sierah was at work.  She evidently was working at the register at the front of the store.  He came up behind her and said “psssssst!”  She turned around and there he was, handed her a rose and said “Happy Birthday!”  ………..When she told me I said, “Awh, Did you cry?”  She said, “No, but I was so overwhelmed my eyes watered.”  I said, “Baby, I think that constitutes crying happy tears…!”  Thank you Marcus for making her happy on her birthday.  The roses are beautiful.  I guess we will keep you!  :o)~


I bought her a couple small items and gave her a card telling her that I would be giving her the Jeep.  (NOT to be outdone by the dork!  J)  Just kidding Marcus you know I love U!  (I may never see her again after the title is transferred into her name!) 


I spent Friday in a whirlwind at work behind that mess I spoke about last week.  I am standing to my convictions even if that means I have to update my resume.  I am not sure what will come of all of this, but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.  I will not be drug thru the gray area.  While the incident is fresh in my mind I will be writing it all down…I may need to refer to it at a later date.


I did decide to cut my hair.  I had it done on my day off.  They cut 12 inches off, so now it is to my shoulders in long layers.  My children seemed most shocked.  I showed up at basketball practice and Sierah kept saying, “Mom, Mom Mom…..OMG!”  To me, I am just glad it is shorter….!  Maybe even going shorter the next time! 


I hate it but it is now officially time for me to retire my flip flops for the year.  (Although I do still continue to wear them around the house)  It has gotten so damn cold and wet all of a sudden. (The thought of turning my heat on makes me shutter…..) I have to admit though; the colors of the trees this year have been extraordinary.  Today will include a walk at the park with Bear.


It is time for me to go home, make a fire in the fireplace and cook the kids breakfast…maybe I will get to spend a little bit of time today with the Birthday girl….”Oh no, I forgot the Marcus is in town…cancel those plans…maybe next week, after he goes home!” 


Have a good one! 




  1. I think it is 30 something here. Yeah I am home. –LOL– Just for a couple of days though.Your entry, was beautiful. I cried. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. YOu are extremely lucky and your girls are as well. I’m closer to my dad than my mother. My birth mom and I get along, but sometimes it’s hard to let someone in and justify they have a right when they haven’t been there for 25 years. Anyway, your blog, so I don’t want to clog it. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend! hugs-Kate

  2. Oh yeah, the boyfriend is a keeper…sorry about the troubles at work. Keep us informed because I really want to know what’s going on. =)Kelly

  3. Hey – I missed you. Glad you’re back. p.s. You are a great mom. 🙂

  4. You were missed…hang tough!I finally broke down and closed my window…heat may follow later in the week….I HATE WINTER!

  5. Boy friend sound like a keeper. I am second fiddle when my daughters boy friend is around. I agree I LOVE being a mother…: ) Chris

  6. awww. how sweet of her boy to do that. yep, a keeper! :-DBeing a parent is pretty darn cool, isn’t it! I some times just sit and watch and am awed by my boys. I love to watch them when they aren’t expecting it .. We’ve had our pellet stove on all weekend – brrrr .. low 40’s .. brrrrrr how many more days until spring?Smiles,~Molly~p.s. – waiting for the pic with the shorter hair!

  7. What a sweet entry!Can’t wait to see pics of your new hair. I took my Mom not too long ago to get her hair cut and they took like 9 inches off! it wasn’t too much later that she went back on her own and got it cut off to right above her shoulders. I am sure that it looks great, and I am also sure that it is a lot less maintenance!

  8. What a busy weekend! Good luck with all the crap at work!!!

  9. I hope my kids grow up to "do me proud" as yours have!I wanted to share a story only you could appreciate…I was trying to get my 2-year-old daughter to tell her Grandma and Papa what she ate for breakfast on Sunday…She blurted out, "I had dingleberries in my cereal!" She actually had raspberries in her Cheerios, but I think her Papa has called her a dingleberry too many times for any other sort of berry to be part of her vocabulary!I hope the situation at work straightens out…

  10. You know, when you mentioned you sat next to someone on a plane and kept in contact it reminded me of someone I had forgotten about. On my very first flight, way back when, to the west coast I sat to an elderly man. Wonderful conversationalist, smiled big, bright blue eyes and a calming laugh. Anyway, when we landed he handed me his number and said if I needed company or anything to call. I did call, and he and I went for dinner. We talked and he told me about how his wife had died and how I reminded him of how she was when she was young and they first met. I kept in contact with him for about 2 years, would see him every time I was near. Finally, he passed away. I didn’t know he had died actually until I received this box in the mail. Here it was a note telling me what an impression I had made on this man from his daughter, also enclosed was the most beautiful diamond ring. Thanks for reminding me of Art. hugs-kate

  11. Kate~ It is really cold here too….brr. You can always clog my blog.Kelly~ He is a keeper! Work…..ugh. I will blog about it this week.Beverly~ Thank U! AwhhDar~ Thanks! 🙂 I see just to the East of you they are getting SNOW. (4 letter word)Chris~ So you too play second fiddle….. :)Molly~ I also love being a parent….but I have my days when I could clack heads together! :)gdt~ I think I may go shorter next time too! It is curled today and flipped up.Mandy~ It was busy, but I live for the weekends! :)Lisa~ Funny story. I laughed out loud when I read it!Kate~ Awh….I love that story!me.

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