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Due to the fact I am being pulled in so many directions today i am unable to BLOG, BUT I did want to take a moment to brag on two of my children who outdid themselves this week!


FIRST!~  Ms Taryn told me yesterday that she has the highest A in Biology class and the teacher is asking her to take honors Biology next semester!  Way to go Taryn.  I know being a Freshman in such a big school has to be hard in so many ways…….I am proud of you for not only keeping it together but for going above and beyond!


SECONDLY~ Ms. Sierah was voted (By her Science teacher) the "Science Rising Star".  She had the highest test score this week in Micro Biology and Zoology.  Sierah I am proud of you for all you do!


Way to go ladies!


I love you!



  1. Yea for Ms. Yaryn and Ms. SierahMy Anna was named Brave of the Month in math. Later Chris

  2. Hurray for you and for them. Keep praising them for all they do. When i was younger, i never received praise for my A’s – only negativity for anything less. I praise my daughter everday for all she does. You are allowed to be a proud mommy!!!

  3. Who-Rah! Girls Rule! I think I lost my blog unclogger. –LOL– thought you would get a chuckle out of that one!Be Great and don’t work so dang hard! -Kate

  4. Wow! You must be so proud! CONGRATULATIONS…Vicky

  5. I love it when schools recognize kids for their good work…my school seems to think it’s too big to do that. As I’ve said before…your kids are the best!Kelly

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