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I happen not to be a wealth of life knowledge but there are a few things over the years I have come to know…….
  • What it is like to have 5 kids (under 3) and one adult all cry at once.
  • What box macaroni and cheese tastes like made with water instead of milk.  <thanks Jenna>
  • What it feels like to have a round brush rolled up in your extremely long hair and being unable to get it out for about 3 hours.  <Acacia to thank for this one>
  • What it feels like to have 5 dogs sleep in my bed at once.  <those mutts!  Gotta love em!>
  • How hard it is to fit 5 kids, a cooler, tent and camping gear all into a Jeep for a spontaneous camping trip.  <me for this one.>
  • What it is like to drive for an hour (plus) to get all kids dropped off in different places just so I could go to work.  <5 minutes from my house.>
  • That a GI Joe, a bar of soap, a couple wooden alphabet blocks and a baby Nike can easily clog a toilet.  <Devon, the flush master as a baby.>
  • How quickly 4 little girls can jump out of a bathtub if their brother decides to poop in the tub.  <Devon…Would of thought a alligator was in there.>
  • What it feels like to recognize the Administrative Assistant’s voice on the phone when he calls because he calls so often.   <DEVON for sure for this one….>
  • How to remove a bat from my house while 4 girls are running and screaming at the same time. 
  • How much damn candy 5 kids together can get at Halloween time.  <way too much>
  • That burnt pans can mysteriously appear in your recycling bin and no one knows anything about it.  <Ms. Sierah>
  • What it feels like to have your son wear a dress to school.  <a teacher dared he and his friend, Devon is the only sucker who actually wore one.>
  • What burnt cheese toasties taste like and being actually hungry enough to eat one.  <Sierah again.>
  • That a family of 6 can actually be fed every day of the week by cooking in a crock pot!  <Thanks for that crock pot Dawn>
  • That blue Koo-laid can turn a babies poo neon green.  <thanks to my friend who gave that to Taryn>
  • How quickly my 5 year old son will sink to the bottom of a 12 foot pool if pushed in by some little a**hole.  <Cant remember the kids name.>
  • What it feels like to jump into 12 feet of water in all of your clothes and shoes on.  <Thanks to Devon the sinking rock.>
  • How it feels to take care of 5 children with the chicken pox.
  • How it feels to take care of 5 children with the chicken pox and one who gets appendicitis.  <Sierah>
  • How it feels for take care of 5 children with the chicken pox and one with appendicitis AND be 26 years old and have chicken pox myself too!  <Sierah again>
  • Exactly how much of a war zone my house can turn into when 6 women PMS together.  <Devon…..poor, Devon.>
Those are a few of the things that I know…….


  1. I was wondering what daycare had been feeding her when little Mack’s poo was neon-green the other day…

  2. You poor, poor thing…I will never gripe about my ONE kid again. Poop in the tub…that brings back some memories. Kelly

  3. Lisa~ Neon green poo…yup…..Kool-aid, who’d of thunk it!Kelly~ you could always borrow 4 of mine for a couple days, to get a better idea! :o) That poo in the tub was rather funny! Now he just farts on em to get them to move…..boys. Gotta love em.Laura

  4. I’m tired just reading this list – 5 kids….FIVE KIDS! Isn’t there an awards ceremony somewhere waiting for you to make your way to the stage? Let’s see, things I know…umm…thinking….yeah – nothing compares 🙂

  5. LOL okay your too funny!! Wish my family was this laid back at time. We would get along great!…..Chaos is the only way to live!Anyway love your site. Im also a doggy lover. I have a big fuzzy golden retireiver who was a stray and over the years we have had strays "drop" in to our doggy hotel and end up staying. I refuse to pay outragous prices for pets when so many other dogs need homes.Check out my site sometime if you wish…..take care.Kristy

  6. NJaney~ 5 kids = 13 year old twins, 14 year old twins and a 16 year old. :o)kristy~ Thanks for the visit…..come back! 🙂 Keep up the great dog work/hotel ! It makes a really big difference…Laura

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