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I got tagged……..I’m gonna get you Lisa!  <while I start plotting my revenge.> :o)


7 Things That I Hate or that Scare Me:

1.  I’m scared of the unknown.

2.  I hate prejudice people.

3.  I hate being sick. <I don’t have time for it…>

4.  The fear of growing old alone scares me.

5.  I hate Spiders.

6.  I hate stupid people.  <world is full of em>

7.  I hate having wet feet.  <I seriously dislike this>


7 things I like/love:

1.  I love my children.

2.  I like camping.

3.  I love dog shows. <I don’t show dogs any more but I love going>

4.  I love to read non-fiction books.  <I read all the time>

5.  I like clean sheets on my bed.  <the smell of Downey>

6.  I like spending time with my dogs.  <I love my mutts>

7.  I love driving in a Jeep with the top off on a hot summer night.  <nothing else like it>


7 Random Facts about me:

1.  Born, raised, schooled in the same town.

2.  I have met many famous people.  <Eddie Murphy is an asshole.>

3.  My right foot and right boob are larger than their counterparts.

4.  I use to want to do stand up comedy.

5.  I use to race street legal racecars.

6.  I have no tattoos but want one in memory of my Mom.

7.  I am the go to person for pet questions and professional letter writing help at my job.


7 Things I’d like to do before I die:

1.  Enjoy my children’s, children.

2.  Get lots of money and do really nice things for people I love.

3.  Open an animal related business.   

4.   Pay my house off.

5.   Move to a small farm and open an animal rescue.

6.   Write a book.

7.   Buy an RV and travel my ass off.


7 Things I Can Do:

1.   Multi task.

2.   Show a dog.

3.   Detail a car.

4.   Swim like a fish.

5.   Answer plant questions.

6.   Jump over a fence on a horse.

7.   Great impressions. <So I’ve been told.>


7 Things I Won’t or Can’t do:

1.   Stay up late.

2.   Go to the movies and not want popcorn. <I always do>

3.   I can’t do jumping jacks.  <Well, I can but my boobs are too big>

4.   Wear a bikini.  <My stretch marks look like a road map…North, East, South and West.> 

5.   I wont limit myself.  <I like options>

6.   I cant be late anywhere.  <always early.>

7.   I wont be without animals. <I love em>


7 Things I say most:

1.  “Someone come down here and do some dishes!”

2.  “Who used the last of the toilet paper and didn’t put some back in here?”

3.  “Who’s mess is this in the bathroom?”

4.   “Wanna go outside?”  <to the dogs>

5.   “You turd.”  <to random people…and the kids>

6.   “Dinner’s ready”

7.   “What can I do for you today?”  <To my clients at work>


7 Celeb Crushes

1.   Mathhew McConaughey (He is so sexy.)…can someone get me HIM for X-mas?

2.   Hayden Christenson (Star Wars Episode II)  Young, but beautiful.

3.   Will Smith (I love his body)

4.   Josh Lucas (The guy in Sweet Home Alabama)

5.   Snoopy  (My first love)

6.   Robert Redford (A very sexy older man)

7.   Harrison Ford (around the time of Raiders of the Lost Arc)


7 People I tagged to do this quiz (or this should say – 7 potential friends or enemies because I forwarded this quiz)


NONE:  7 of you guys tag yourself!  :o)


  1. Sorry Nerdbomber, I just had to do it because Molly is too nice…I’m glad I got you to confess the boob/foot issue though…see dontchya feel better now?

  2. Its okay Dingle berry, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I know this as well as the next Nerdbomber! :o)I am so glad the whole boob/foot this is out in the open now! ~phew~ feeling much better. ;o)~lauraCan I tag somebody now???? Darleneeeeeeeeeeeeee you’re it! Mandy too!

  3. OOOHHH girl, you’re brave to tag Darlene…I was too chicken…heehee

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