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Call me strange but certain words are just funny to me……..rutabaga, kanooter, spork…dork.  (I have a list) I cant help it.  Some words just make me laugh hearing them.  "Dork" happens to be one of them.
This term happens to be what I affectionately call Sierah’s boyfriend (he reciprocates by calling me dork too) and interestingly enough my little brother Mario also called me a dork yesterday.  (Big head sucka!)  I quickly called HIM a dingle-berry, and laughed out loud when I typed it!  🙂
I am one of those people who I just attach a random, strange (or funny) name to people.  If someone is talking allot they get called, "Lips."  My friend Calvin is affectionately known as "big head", (I use this name allot with my kids! They got em honest!) My friend Tania is "Tanyanator"( like the Terminator), Tania’s friend is referred to as "Joan-bacca" (name is Joanie and looks a little like Chewbacca from Star Wars…..not nice (I know) but funny!.) Sierah is "Chica" or "Superstar" (said the way she said it in the movie Superstar)**Super-starrrrrrrr!** Remember the movie where the girl kissed the tree!  (I love to say it at her basketball games and fling my arms wide open……….as she shakes her head and rolls her eyes), Devon use to be called "Q-Tip" because he was really skinny and had a big head and tiny afro~ looked like a little Q-tip) Acacia is "Mogley"(when at about the age of 4, was coming down the stairs wearing only a "too large" pair of Sierah’s red underwear, hair cut in a bob and Sierah shouted, "Look Mommy, Acacia looks like Mogley" (from the jungle book) It stuck!  ~~~You get the idea right?
When the kids were young they always made me laugh when they called each other random stupid stuff like, "You tomato head."  "You broccoli lip."  "Corn muffin foot."  "Lizard lip" ………call me crazy but they ALWAYS made me laugh when they did this. 
Shoot I even laughed at my own nic-name in College.  My boyfriend called me "BL".  This stood for Bologna lip.  He said my top lip was as thin as a slice of bologna.  Ha!  (…sad, but true and still funny none the less.)  That’s why Sierah shouldn’t get mad when I call Devon’s friend Jose’ "George" because I swear that kid looks like he has a big set of George Washington wooden dentures.  ha!  (When she reads this she is going to say MOM! that’s not nice.)  Hey, at least I wait till he gets out of the car to do it~ plus she calls him "stink boy" cuz those lil stinky shoes of his (they sit outside when he comes over)~~~She actually trys really hard to keep me politically correct, but it is a truly difficult job for one person. 
Thanks for the valiant effort my dear, but I think Mom is a lost cause.  Just try to remember you will always be my**Super-starrrrrrrr!**
Laura  AKA "BL"


  1. "Dingleberry" is currently what my dad calls my daughter! We rotate through nicknames in our family. The other day my co-worker laughed hysterically at me after I pulled out "nerd-bomber" from grade school.

    • RHONDA and SCOTT
    • Posted September 11, 2005 at 2:51 am
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    Words that make ya laugh: F**ktard (from Dar’s space – Paste and Color)and Retread (retard)andbastich & bitchard!Thanks for visiting!~WD

  2. Super-starrrrrrrrrrrrrr!sorry… wanted to say that LOLI have some good ones, but I can’t think of them because my brain is protesting me being awake right now grr lol.Mark the Geek

  3. I like goob!! heheheyou have a great blog here yourself. Thanks for singing my guestbook!mt

  4. Shelby is Goobers because she had a blocked tear duct when she was smaller and always had eye goobers…Jordan (aka Spaulding) is Gump (after Forrest Gump) because he had club feet and casts when he was a baby…we always yell "Run Gump" at his lacrosse games…Brandon is "Brain Swelling Boy" after his little health scare….looks like you’ll be on the short bus straight to hell with me!

  5. Darlene, The short bus straight to hell! lol I think I’m driving it!…… Mtcutie, Thanks for the drive by. I like goob too!Mark, Get some shut eye super-starrrrrrrrr!WD, GOod ones. I like fucktard too!Lisa, Nerd-bomber! I will use that on Devon tonight! :o)You guys are 2 funny! :o)~Laura "BL"

  6. I think so many words are funny! I have no idea why I am so easily entertained?!??! I am also the girl that everyone has a nickname for! I don’t know many people that actually call me Mandy!I can’t believe you saw someone with a metal detector this weekend! See this thing is bigger than I thought! I am shocked that you saw one with the capability to withstand water! Amazing, simply amazing. ~Mandy

  7. Mandy~When I saw the guy so deep in the water and realized what he had I was like WTF??? It is amazing and 2 Funny!Laura ;o)

  8. My son has inspired several nicknames:Melonhead…Chunky Monkey…Goofybutt. For other people, I also like Goobersmooch and Warthog Faced Buffoon (that’s from The Princess Bride). Leave some room on the short bus…I am the special ed. teacher after all.Kelly

  9. A 4 year old once said to me…"You silly goose poop!"whatever.

  10. Kelly~I have a friend who he and I have called eachother mellon head for about 15 years. (his mellon IS larger than mine!) So on the "short bus to hell" we have the special ed teacher, the special ed mom (my son has tourettes) and the nurse! LOL! What’s the world coming to? ;-)Mandy~ That’s funny. 4 year olds are funny! My daughter (Sierah) coach has a son who is about 4 and he has a big crush on Sierah. I spoke to him last week at practice and he got this big grin on his face and said, "Are you Sierah’s Mommy?" I said "Yes, why?" and he said "cuz she smells good" *<with big stars in his eyes>* ……. I think all men are suckers for that Victoria’s Secret Love Spell stuff! :0)Laura

  11. I need to get some of that Victoria’s Secret stuff…I need all the help I can get.Kelly

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