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I hate that feeling that I have when thinking about the aftermath of the hurricane…….the feeling that we as a Nation failed our fellow citizens.  Failed them miserably.
How is it that the news crews could drive straight in to New Orleans and find people to video tape (suffering, waiting on help) but we (our military, the National Guard, anyone) were unable to go in to rescue them.  It is simply unfathomable and inexcusable to me. 
I read in our local paper where several bus drivers from my city went down south to try help in the evacuation effort.  They were given the run around, told to go from city to city and eventually had to return without being able to help anyone at all.  I simply do not understand.  How could this happen in the United States?  It seems we are always the first ones to jump up and try to save someone else’s ass, but in our country’s own tremendous time of need, we are unable to rescue our own people.   Yes, rescue our own people; not "refugees."  I seriously dislike that word attached to these victims of this storm.  It seems by using that term we are somehow disconnecting ourselves from them.  Webster’s definition of a refugee is: 
 "One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution."

Yes, they are in need of refuge……from a storm.  Not any of the other things we generally associate with the word refugee.  They are United States Citizens.

I am ashamed and horrified by the lack of action our political leaders took during this disaster.   While they were waiting, having meetings and busy pointing fingers at each other, people who were in desperate need, were waiting on help.  Many of whom died waiting on help that never arrived. 

The hurricane alone didn’t kill all of those people who lost their lives……the lack of action from our government, in the days following, took the lives of many of whom actually survived the storm. 

The buck has to stop somewhere on this one, and I only hope that the appropriate people are out of a job when the bureaucratic dust settles on this tragedy. 




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