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We found out yesterday that we are expecting about 500-600 people here in our city to be housed from Hurricane Katrina.  The news media this morning seems to be playing down the numbers.  They say we may get more or less people, they simply don’t know for sure.  Either way….I have come up with an idea. 
I decided to organize a data base of people willing to help these new people settle into our community or at least temporarily try to ease some of their tension.  The mayor and other city leaders have asked people to open their homes to people whom have been displaced. 
 I, like many other people, are either unable (due to already having a full house) or are simply scared to have a stranger move into their house.  I decided that maybe I could organize people who are willing to help the hurricane victims get integrated into the community in different ways; take them out to eat, drive them around to help them put in job applications, bring their family to their house for dinner, take them out to the movies along with their own family……..maybe try to group people together who have children of the same age so they can do age appropriate stuff with the kids.  Anything is better than nothing!
It’s just an idea and I am waiting to hear back from someone from the shelter and/or Mayor’s Office to see if they feel this idea is feasible.  My friend told me this morning, "Make the first call and all the rest will fall into place"……The first call has been made so……now we’ll wait and see what happens. 

‘Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after."
William Shakespeare


  1. I followed your site from Kenny’s and it is pretty cool. I love how you have you animals listed…sounds like something I would do!

  2. That sounds like a really good idea and an excellent thing for you to do to help and get involved. My first question would be though: How are you going to "advertise" in the community to get the volunteers involved? Also, you might want to think about setting it up in a way that your volunteers are committed to a specific activity for a specific time because I could see how people would initially want to be part of something like that but then have a hard time following through. Just a thought…but I hope it works out and will be interested in hearing how it all turns out.I also wanted to say that I’ve seen you name come up on a number of blogs that I’ve been following lately too and I have a lot of respect for much of what you have to say and think that you are woman who really represents herself with class! I enjoy visiting your site.Lisa

  3. Bravo for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to do SOMETHING, even if you don’t know exactly what or how it will be.

  4. Lisa and JP~~~So far so good……I have had a few calls back, but I am still waiting to help. We will see what happens. Someone from FEMA is at workplace to see if we can help house people. (Looks like we may be able to) GDT~~ Thanks for the visit….I love those crazy dogs of mine! U are 2 cute! (Male visitors~~ visit her site, she is beautiful!)Laura

  5. Great idea! Do you use messenger? If so send me an IM I would like to chat with ya sometime. I would love to help in whatever way I could. I didn’t know Ft Wayne was taking anybody. Great idea (y)Richard

  6. Mtn_BikerI sent you an email via your hotmail add listed on your space! ;o) Laura

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